Favorable days for haircuts in January 2021

When planning to update your haircut in January 2021, be sure to pay attention to the lunar calendar, which will allow you to determine the most favorable days for visiting a hairdresser. Given the position of the star, you can count on getting the most attractive hairstyle that will delight the fashionista with its beauty for a long time. Today we will tell you more about the features of the influence of the night star in the first month of 2021.

Features of the position of the moon in January 2021 and its impact on the haircut

Even the most skilled hairdresser can be powerless before the influence of the moon. The phase and location of the night star relative to the zodiacal constellation has a significant impact on all areas of human activity. Therefore, before you make an appointment with the master to update your haircut, carefully study the lunar calendar and cross out inappropriate dates from it. After all, curls trimmed on the right day will look as beautiful and attractive as possible. At the same time, the position of the Moon affects not only the hairstyle, but also the state of health in general, as well as financial well-being and success on the personal front.

Waning phase

A haircut made during the waning period will significantly slow down hair growth, which will allow you to maintain the original look of the new hairstyle for a long time. At the same time, you should not significantly shorten the length if you are not sure of your decision.

  • Number 1 is a suitable period for recording to the master. The day will pass under the auspices of Leo, so any manipulation of the hair will strengthen the curls, make sure that they do not fall out and are thicker. If you decide to radically update your appearance, today you can not only cut your hair, but also change the color of your hair, style your curls and even lighten them. Therefore, do not be afraid that outside the window on January 1 – feel free to experiment with hair, the stars say that everything will work out.
  • Number 2 – a haircut will please with the result, but it can negatively affect financial well-being. If you don’t want to lose your job or your wallet full of money, it’s better to postpone going to the hairdresser for a better time.
  • The 3rd is a great day for a haircut. Shortening the length will give the curls additional volume, they will become more lush and beautiful. And what could be better than healthy hair? Of course, a successful and stylish haircut.
  • The 4th is one of the most favorable days for a haircut in January 2021. By going to a beauty salon on this day, you can get not only a beautiful haircut, but also significantly improve your health, get rid of chronic diseases. Favorable will be dyeing hair in a light shade. This will allow you to find new acquaintances, establish business ties, find like-minded people.

  • Number 5 – you can not only go to the hairdresser, but also make a trendy model haircut, because the waning phase helps to slow down hair growth, which will keep the attractiveness of the new hairstyle for a long time. Manipulations with hair will strengthen the curls, give them a healthy look, remove split ends that will not appear again soon.
  • Number 6 – an appointment with the master for today not only guarantees a beautiful haircut, but also success in business and climbing the career ladder. Therefore, do not put off going to the salon. In order not to forget this lucky day, circle it on your calendar.
  • The 7th is a good period for the implementation of care procedures that will allow hair to grow better. But from trimming the tips or perm should be abandoned. Such manipulations will negatively affect the health and beauty of the hair.
  • Number 8 – shortening the curls will adversely affect the psychological state, attract negative energy, and aggravate the depressive state.
  • The 9th is not the right day to go to the master. Shortening curls can lead to a nervous breakdown, problems in the family and health. If you have already signed up for a hairdresser for this day, do not be too lazy to reschedule the appointment for a more favorable period.
  • 10th – an updated hairstyle will allow you to make new acquaintances, and a sharp change in the color of your hair will be the beginning of your financial well-being.
  • The 11th is not the right time to visit a hairdresser. Otherwise, there is a high probability of disagreements in the family, deterioration of relationships with colleagues.
  • The 12th is a neutral period, which is perfect for updating hairstyles. After a haircut, the curls will become healthier and more attractive.
  • 29th – if you want significant changes not only in your hair, but also in life, feel free to go to the master. Shortening your hair on this day will bring good luck in your personal life and career. However, if you are not yet ready for a change, you should move the recording to a clear and calm day.
  • 30th – a haircut made on this day will improve health, attract good luck, and bring positive changes. Don’t delay painting. When choosing a shade, give preference to the one that you associate with the most positive period in your life.
  • 31st – it is better to postpone a visit to the hairdresser for another day. But frequent combing of hair will favorably affect their structure and health, add strength and energy.

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growth phase

A great time to shorten hair lengths for those who want to branch out curls as quickly as possible. During this period, you can safely experiment with different haircuts, cut bangs. Since in case of failure, the hair will grow back quickly.

  • 14th – going to the hairdresser will have a positive impact on financial well-being, as well as improve the structure of the hair. This day is one of the most favorable for haircuts and coloring in January 2021.
  • 15th – Aquarius, under whose control this day will pass, loves bold experiments. Therefore, you can try to realize the most daring idea. A haircut will certainly please you with the result, even if you decide to build something unimaginable on your head.
  • 16th – shortening hair on this day will charge you with vivacity, energy, positive emotions. If you have long dreamed of career growth, dye your curls with natural dye. But it is better to refuse procedures with chemical dyes, as this can adversely affect financial well-being.
  • 17th – do not go to the hairdresser today, as this promises serious health problems.
  • The 18th is a day ruled by Aries. Great time for a stylish hair update. Manipulations with hair will allow you to achieve what you want, to realize long-planned plans.

  • The 19th is not a good day. It is better to postpone the haircut for another time. Otherwise, serious health problems are not ruled out.
  • 20 number – you should not resort to global changes. A radical change in image can cause a lot of problems.
  • Number 21 – you should not cut the curls, as this may not be the best way …

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