Favorable days for manicure in April 2023

Astrologers are sure that the Moon is able to influence not only the emotional state of a person, but also his transformation. That is why ladies, before going to the salon for a new haircut, manicure or beauty treatments, are advised to look into the lunar calendar. He will tell you what period will be suitable for a visit to the master, and when it is worth delaying. In today’s review, we will list the most favorable and unfavorable days for a manicure in April 2023 according to the lunar calendar.

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The most suitable dates for a visit to the nail master: April-2023

April 2023 will be considered a month of great opportunities. However, success does not come just like that – it must be achieved. Set ambitious goals and achieve them with all your might. Effort will be rewarded. Do not forget about environmental friendliness – in order for an achievement to bring moral satisfaction and growth, you need to go towards it honestly. Also in the first half of the month it is worth paying attention to the family. Be with loved ones every free minute – this will make everyone happier. But the end of April is better to devote to work or study in order to complete the most difficult tasks and enter the holiday season with ease.

From general recommendations, let’s move on to listing the most favorable days for a manicure in April 2023.

  • From 01.04. to 02.04. The beginning of the second spring month is a great time to get your hands in order. Moreover, astrologers recommend updating not only the design, but also the shape of the nails. Pay attention to skin care, gently remove the cuticles. The moon is located in the growth phase and a favorable zodiac sign – Leo.

  • From 02.04. to 03.04. The lunar calendar marks these two days as the most favorable for a visit to the manicure master. This is a good time for bold, bright design. Add more color to your life, it will bring you joy after a long winter. The moon is still growing, located in the sign of Virgo.

  • From 14.04. until 15.04. The moon has entered the waning phase, which means that the manicure made these days will keep its shape for a long time. The zodiac sign – Aquarius – is supportive of any nail experiments. So feel free to try something new. Dates are also suitable for more serious procedures, such as wart removal.

  • 22.04. A manicure done on April 22, 2023 will bring you good luck. And not all favorable days can boast of this. However, think carefully about the design. It should be spring-like positive. Use your favorite shades for nail art, this is also good luck. The moon is waxing, the sign is Taurus.

  • From 27.04. to 29.04. Three whole days to put your nails and hands in order. The night luminary has again returned to the sign of Leo, and he, as we have already said, favors fashionistas in their pursuit of beauty. Be sure to try a new design, extensions or novelties for care – all this will be for the benefit and benefit.

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April 6, 2023 – Full Moon. On this day, only light care procedures are allowed, such as peeling or hand massage.

Unfavorable days for a visit to a manicure master: April 2023

Unfavorable dates, which we will name below, imply that you should refrain from visiting a beauty salon. And not without reason. Astrologers note these days an increased likelihood of injury, emotional distress, disappointment.

  • 09.04. An extremely unfavorable day for manicure and pedicure. The moon has entered a waning phase, located in the sign of Scorpio. On this day, both edging manipulations and a banal design update are contraindicated. The plan will not work, there is a risk of injuring the cuticles.

  • From 16.04. to 17.04. The night luminary is still in its waning phase. Zodiac sign – Pisces. These days are not suitable for nail care. And first of all, it is worth abandoning new funds – the likelihood of allergies is high. If you do a manicure, then the most natural, gentle, easy to understand.

  • 23.04. Astrologers recommend refraining from building up and changing forms on this day. Nails will be brittle, uneven, quickly lose their aesthetic appeal. Bright colors of varnishes are also prohibited – there is a high probability of making the wrong choice and spoiling the image. Moon in Gemini.

  • From 25.04. to 26.04. The phase of the moon is growing. Zodiac sign – Cancer. The lunar manicure calendar for April 2023 marks these days as not the most favorable for a visit to the salon. First of all, refuse to process the cuticles – it will be painful and traumatic. You shouldn’t cut your nails either, it’s better to wait.

April 20, 2023 – New Moon. The most inappropriate day for a visit to the manicure master. The best thing to do is stay at home and do simple things.

What days can I still sign up for the master?

05.04. The day before the Full Moon is also quite suitable for a visit to the manicurist. Take care of the health and strengthening of nails, moisturize the skin of the hands. A transparent top will look perfect as a cover. But from building up and catchy design should be abandoned. The moon is waxing, in the sign of Libra.

From 10.04. to 11.04. The zodiac sign Sagittarius will favor fashionistas who want to experiment in nail art. Try a new design, and it is quite possible that it will bring positive changes to your life. But do not change the length of the nails. It is better to leave the usual, with it you will feel more confident.

From 12.04. to 13.04. Spring 2023 is in full swing. A great time to emphasize femininity. To do this, choose the appropriate shades. The pastel palette will be a win-win option. But you should definitely refuse excessive brightness. The Moon is waning, in Capricorn.

30.04. The last day of April is generally a good time to put your nails in order. Moreover, there are long holidays ahead. But do not increase too much length – this is not practical. It is better to give preference to neat nails of short and medium length. Be slow when removing cuticles.

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We told you which days for manicure in April 2023 are the most favorable for women. Choose them if you want your hands and nails to always look perfect.

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