Favorable lunar days for hair cutting: hairstyle calendar

In the old days, cutting hair was taken very seriously. It was believed that the life force of a person is contained in the hair. We tried to coordinate all the manipulations with the hair according to the moon, knowing that it has a special, magical influence.

Hair is an energy conduit that connects a person with divine energy. Those whose braid was thicker and longer were considered noble and blessed by nature. And sparse and thin hair was an indicator of weak will and changeable character.

Our ancestors believed that a correctly chosen lunar day for a haircut can not only transform a person outwardly, but also have a beneficial effect on health, as well as on fate, correcting it in the right direction.

It is not recommended to cut your own hair! Each person has his own energy field, protection. Cutting off your curls, you lose, thereby, vitality and good luck. After such a procedure, you can even get sick.

Shearing, of course, should be a specialist. It is desirable that contact and sympathy be established with the hairdresser. Also, for the correct energy exchange, the benevolent attitude of the two parties involved in the process is important. The result will be a quality haircut and good health.

In our time, “lunar” traditions are also preserved. What you need to know before visiting the hairdresser?

Moon phases

  • In the new moon there is an accumulation of energy, its formation. It is better to refrain from any actions with hair and wait for the growing moon.
  • On the growing moon, you need to cut your hair so that your hair grows faster, becomes thicker and less split. It is also recommended to dye your hair and nourish it with useful masks.
  • On the full moon, a haircut will bring energy discharge. Since the accumulated energy asks for an outlet. Hair after a haircut during this period comes to life and keeps its shape for a long time.
  • The waning moon helps to cope with problems such as severe hair loss and dandruff. A haircut will treat the hair roots, as well as the scalp. The moon will slow hair growth. A great option for those who need to keep their haircut longer.

All procedures with hair must be coordinated with lunar days and the moon in the signs of the zodiac.


Favorable lunar days

The most favorable lunar days for cutting hair are:

  • 5 lunar day. The moon is growing. Energy is transformed, passing from the outer world into the inner. Cutting off hair increases the spiritual growth of a person and improves fate. Coloring will help strengthen relationships.
  • 8 lunar day. The symbol of the day, Phoenix, will help to get rid of the burden of problems. Haircut will improve health and quality of life.
  • 11 lunar day. A haircut will strengthen the spirit. It will give courage and a subtle understanding of reality. Coloring will lead to respect in society.
  • 12 lunar day. It is only recommended to dye your hair if you want good luck in your financial situation.
  • 13 lunar day. On this day, a haircut is very well suited for healing and rejuvenating the body as a whole.
  • 17 lunar day. The full moon is great for a haircut. Favorably dye your hair in bright red or red tones. Henna is perfect. Relationships improve.
  • 21 lunar days. Suitable radical haircut from mega long to very short hair. Cutting hair improves health and well-being.
  • 22 lunar day. For those who want to get better, this day is for you. Haircut will increase weight and health.
  • 27 lunar day. Haircut and coloring will give an excellent result. They will attract happiness and the right people into your life. Hair growth will slow down, but they will shine with beauty and health.
  • 29 lunar day. On this difficult day, oddly enough, a haircut is a good fit. Bad people and circumstances will be cut off. A haircut will save you from problems. Hair coloring is contraindicated.

Moon in the signs of the zodiac, tips on the moon

The best signs for hairstyles: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn.

Neutral: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Unfavorable signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

  • Moon in Aries.

Suitable for dramatic changes in the image. The fiery moon disposes for coloring in bright colors. A haircut will help to calm the impulsive nature a little, relieve tension.

  • Moon in Taurus.

The perfect time to go to the hairdresser. A haircut will bring financial well-being. In addition to the combination with the waning moon! Hair will become thicker and less split. It is good to paint with natural shades. The paint will saturate the hair well, the color will turn out deep and saturated. It is good to make natural masks to strengthen hair.


  • Moon in Gemini.

A haircut falling on the moon in an air sign gives fluffiness to the hair. It is not recommended to cut curly hair, it will become more naughty. This moon is suitable for those who want to get volume and some negligence in the image. It is better not to experiment with coloring. There is a possibility of deterioration in the quality of hair with their subsequent loss.

  • Moon in Cancer.

If you are considering a haircut during this period, then the moon in a water sign will help slow down hair growth. They straighten and the volume disappears. If you expect a different effect, it is better to transfer the haircut to another lunar day. This period is suitable for coloring. Especially for lightening hair and painting over gray hair.

  • Moon in Leo.

One of the best periods for any hair action! Haircut and hair coloring will bring amazing results. Hair will be poured with strength, there will be less split ends and volume will appear. This period is favorable for hair when you are in any lunar phase. Various hair manipulations will attract admiring glances and good health to the owner. If you decide to do a perm, then during the fiery moon it can turn out to be very lush, like a lion’s mane.

  • Moon in Virgo.

Also a great period for making any hairstyle. After the bright Leo, the moon passes into the calm Virgo. Hair becomes more obedient. Classic haircuts in a seasoned style are very good. You can also just cut the ends. The quality of the hair after the haircut will improve, and clearly good changes will begin to occur in life. Very favorable and hair coloring. Since Virgo is an earth sign, coloring in natural colors is just perfect.

  • Moon in Libra.

Another great time for hair! The Moon in Libra gives harmony and ease in relationships. Also, with hair, everything will work out in the best way. The required volume after the haircut is guaranteed. Very good for curly hair. Curls will be obedient and at the same time voluminous. A haircut will bring its owner an improvement in his personal life and harmony with the outside world. Hair coloring is great too. It is good to treat diseased hair during this period, they will become noticeably better.

  • Moon in Scorpio.

An ambiguous period for a haircut. It will bring either an improvement in…

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