Features of moon rovers

Moon Boot shoes first appeared in stores about forty years ago. The idea of ​​its creation was connected with the theme of space. Tecnica’s designers and technologists took those first models as a baseline, adapting them to earth conditions.

“Lunokhods” are not necessarily devices for moving on the Moon. These are beautiful, modern, very comfortable and 100% trendy boots.

When did lunar rovers appear?

For the first time, such shoes appeared on store windows more than four decades ago. The idea of ​​its creation was connected with the theme of space. Similar shoes were on the feet of American astronauts who landed on the lunar surface.

Tecnica’s technologists and designers took those first models as a baseline, adapting them to earth conditions. These boots have become as stylish, versatile and practical as possible, having received the name Moon Boot.

The main features of the “moon rovers”

Moonbuts differ from other winter boots in their extraordinary ability to withstand the most severe frosts. Even at a temperature of minus 35 °, Moon Boot boots can be safely worn for a walk. Your feet will always be warm. Such original footwear has a high heat-insulating ability. This is due not only to the innovative technologies used in the sewing process, but also to the use of special materials that have been repeatedly tested before.

The more popular the moonboots became, the more attention designers began to pay to the appearance of the boots. The first copies looked rather modest. Modern “moon rovers” can decorate the fashionable wardrobe of any person. General attention to such shoes is attracted by its diverse decor and original color combinations, which distinguish it from other similar products.

Even today’s constantly changing fashion, offering people more and more exclusive trends, cannot yet find a worthy replacement for Moon Boot. First of all, for the reason that in terms of their reliability and practicality, “munbuts” surpass almost all products produced by the shoe industry.

The popularity and uniqueness of “moon rovers”

Over the course of several years, Moon Boot boots, constantly changing their appearance, taking on the shades that are inherent in modern fashion collections, still remain at the peak of popularity.

Moon Boot boots are decorated with bright prints, fabric, fur or leather inserts, rhinestones, various buboes and laces and as a result have become an element of modern style among young people.

The uniqueness and practicality of such shoes is associated with a stable sole, which allows its owners to feel confident in them even on the most slippery roads. With the help of a rounded toe, maximum comfort for the feet is ensured, and the absolute moisture resistance of the fabric is a guarantee that the owner of such “lunar rovers” will feel comfortable and confident even in the most severe weather.

Thus, elegant “moonbuts”, which have men’s, women’s and children’s options in their model range, will be able to accompany their owners on a walk in any weather, giving them a real opportunity to engage in outdoor activities, regardless of the time of year.

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