Female Masturbation: Good or Bad?

There are topics that are not discussed even with a close friend. This is exactly what the conversation about masturbation is – not male, female. Even if the conversation inadvertently turns to this sensitive issue, most women are embarrassed, lost and try to change the subject. And, it would seem, what is there to talk about at all? Meanwhile, some things about female masturbation do not hurt to know.

As a rule, women begin to get acquainted with the features of their body during puberty. At the same time, sensitive places are found – erogenous zones. And it turns out that the clitoris – even if the girl is not yet familiar with this term – can be a source of vivid sensations.

Subsequently, women can either stop masturbating or continue to gratify themselves from time to time. There are several ways to influence the female body. One of the most innocent – which is why it is often difficult to classify it as masturbation – is a shower. Rather, stimulation of the clitoris with a warm jet of water from the most ordinary shower.

If this is not enough, stronger means are used. Women can caress the clitoris with their fingers, confidently influencing the nerve endings. A particularly strong effect is possible in conjunction with erotic fantasies.

Some ladies go even further, using dildos for masturbation – dildos. They may vary in shape. For example, smooth and multi-colored or flesh-colored and completely repeating the texture of the male member. The advantage of dildos is that women themselves can control the strength, depth and speed of penetration.

Masturbation itself is still considered something shameful. However, is it really so?

It was once believed that men who caress themselves can grow hair on their palms, and women can fall out of the uterus. But in our enlightened age, such conjectures seem ridiculous. On the contrary, masturbation can be called not only harmless, but also necessary.

Firstly, it helps women to get to know themselves better, to find new sensitive places on their bodies. And erotic fantasies suggest what you want to get from a partner. Or give it to him. In addition, the body of a woman is no less than a man’s need for discharge. And masturbation helps to relieve unrealized sexual arousal. Especially if the woman is single and not disposed to casual relationships. In the case when the partner does not satisfy the woman sexually, such remedies are also a good option.

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