Femazh MPS weight control: instructions for use

Femage MPS weight management is designed to help the beautiful half of the population facing menopausal problems. Any woman sooner or later reaches that age limit when it becomes more and more difficult to control her body. Contrary to the desire to always remain beautiful, well-groomed and slim, age-related changes dictate their own rules. Over the years, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia appear. Also, observing your usual diet, during menopause, excessive subcutaneous fat begins to form, which is very difficult to control.

Weight gain is due to a decrease in the level of the hormone – estrogen. Fat cells help to increase its amount, so the body “stores”.

After 40 years, all these problems en masse attack the female body, leaving less and less chance to stabilize their body. Many decide on hormonal therapy or drugs, which include various chemical elements.

But there is a natural solution to all these problems. Femage MPS weight control is specifically designed to help women over 40 fight the problem of excess weight. It consists of natural ingredients that will not harm the female body. The homeland of the drug is France.

Components and release form

This is a special complex, which includes only natural ingredients. Does not apply to medicines. This dietary supplement (BAA) comes in two forms of release:

  1. Daily capsules. Replenish body reserves with essential oils and useful substances such as salicin and flavonoids, which have useful antioxidant substances that help maintain our body tone, skin radiance, good mood. The composition of the daily capsules also includes an extract of meadowsweet and cherry pits, maltodextrin, seaside kritmum, E470 and E551.
  2. Night capsules supply the body with elements such as catechins, caffeine, polyphenolic compounds. The composition of these capsules includes green tea extract, cellulose, lysinine, arginine, E470, E551 and E460.

The drug has a complex healing effect, helps stabilize some body functions, primarily metabolic functions.

To take or not to take the drug

The drug Femazh PMS weight control is indicated for use in menopause and related metabolic problems, with swelling and uncontrolled weight gain.

The drug is used as a dietary supplement. The vast majority of buyers of the product are satisfied, although there are undoubtedly those who are skeptical about this product.

The drug can not be used for:

  • insomnia
  • liver problems,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • chronic diseases,
  • intolerance to any of the components,
  • herpes.

Also, the drug is contraindicated for taking in the evening and at night. Children and adolescents should not use the drug.

Several vendors are successfully distributing it. It is sold mainly in online stores with delivery to the specified address. Femazh MPS can be purchased at the pharmacies of the city without a doctor’s prescription, but it has not reached many pharmacies yet.

It is strongly recommended to consult a qualified specialist before using. The drug is only suitable for older women. Before use, you must carefully read the instructions for use.

Since the drug is relatively new, there are not so many reviews about it on the Internet.


The course of using the drug is 2 weeks. It is recommended to take 2 times a day before meals: in the morning before breakfast 1 or 2 day capsules and in the evening before dinner 1 or 2 night capsules. Preferably not too late. The drug is washed down with a small amount of water.

Daily intake of the complex promotes the breakdown of fat and its processing into energy. It also increases metabolism, reduces swelling, removes toxins from the body. Taking the drug in the evening helps burn excess calories, fights cellulite, supports digestive processes and does not allow the body to store fat.

Additionally, during the year you can take another course of the drug.

It is recommended to store it in a dry place away from light. The temperature should not be more than 25 degrees. Stored for three years.

Consumer reviews

Numerous fans of the drug Femage MPS weight control claim that while taking the overall well-being has improved significantly. And along with well-being, the mood improved, the quality of life improved and the level of self-esteem became much higher. There is also no weight gain, that is, taking the drug, women can keep their body in shape.

Experts still do not express a unanimous opinion regarding this drug, leaving their reviews with caution. Since this drug appeared on the pharmaceutical market and the market of dietary supplements relatively recently, it still requires detailed study.

Many narrow profile specialists, nutritionists and gynecologists advise women to refrain from using the drug, and especially those who suffer from hormonal imbalances. Preference is given to “natural methods” of dealing with menopause: walk in the fresh air, adhere to proper nutrition, perform any physical activity.

Despite such controversial opinions of doctors, the drug is at the peak of popularity, due to its natural composition and positive feedback from women who have already tried it.

The price of the drug is quite high, above average. The packaging is visually neat and attracts attention.

Among buyers, the drug has proven itself from the best side. With its help, metabolism is regulated, mood improves. Helps to fight excess weight and contributes to the solution of many other problems. The composition of the drug does not contain hormonal substances or chemical components, which allows it to earn extra points in its favor. It does not cause addiction, and it is not forbidden to repeat the course.

When using the drug as a dietary supplement, it is also recommended to use some products recommended for menopause: fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy products, seafood, green tea. You need to drink plenty of water and switch to a fractional diet, consisting of 4-5 meals.

The use of the drug in combination with other products helps to correct the figure, improves skin condition, fights cellulite, helps restore vitality. Some customers note that after the end of the use of the drug, its positive effect …

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