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Feng Shui manicure is not only the highlight of the image, but also a kind of talisman that attracts good luck. You only need to know its principles and features, which we will just talk about in our article.


Basic Rules

If you decide to make Feng Shui nail art, you should first learn the basics of this belief.

  • Never start work in a bad mood. Because you can charge a manicure with negative energy.

  • Love yourself and clean regularly. Since no design will bring you good luck if you have rough cuticles or broken nails.

  • To do a manicure to attract money, according to the rules of Feng Shui, should be in the room where you keep your savings. It could be near your jewelry box or closet with expensive outerwear. Also suitable for the kitchen. But only if your refrigerator is full.
  • Lure love should be in the bedroom. Create a romantic atmosphere, light aroma candles and turn on the music. You should also think about the design of the manicure in advance. It must fully match your wishes.

  • In order to improve health, manicures should be done in the bathroom or bedroom. There is also a gym room.

  • Girls who want to climb the career ladder should do their manicure at their workplace.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Feng Shui nail art should be done with pleasure and not in a hurry.[/stextbox]

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We take into account the meaning of fingers

When doing a Feng Shui manicure, one should also take into account the fact that each finger on the hand has its own energy value.

Right hand

  • If you want to get promoted at work, focus on the thumb.

  • The index finger should not be highlighted. Such a manicure will make you grouchy and narcissistic.

  • The middle finger carries negative energy. He is responsible for all discord and quarrels with loved ones.

  • The ring finger will help you attract good luck and prosperity.

  • The little finger will protect you from quarrels and adversity.

Left hand

  • By highlighting your thumb, you will only waste time on a manicure. Such nail art will not live up to your expectations and will bring disappointment.

  • The index finger will affect your phobias. They will start hurting you even more.

  • The middle finger is responsible for sexuality and attraction of the opposite sex.

  • The ring finger is a sign of loneliness and depression.

  • The little finger in this belief is associated with pretense and betrayal.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Refuse overly pointed forms of the nail plates, as they draw out positive energy.[/stextbox]

Deciding on a color

The choice of color should also be approached with extreme caution. The shade you like should be in harmony with your element. You can determine it by the last digit of the year of your birth.

  • If 0 or 1 fell out, you belong to the elements of metal. In this case, you should stop your choice on colored varnishes that imitate a metallized surface. You can also use silver or gold plating.

  • The representatives of the water element include beauties whose year of birth ends in 2 or 3. Blue and blue shades are suitable for them. Green colors are also allowed.

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  • Brown color is ideal for creating a Feng Shui manicure for people born under the element tree (4 or 5). Dark blue or emerald colors would also be appropriate.

  • The fire element (6 or 7) is characterized by red, yellow and orange tones.

  • Girls whose year of birth ends in 8 or 9 belong to the calmest element – the earth. They are suitable for light nail art, designed in pastel colors. Brown or beige shades are also acceptable.

According to the rules of Feng Shui, manicure can be made in other colors.

  • To attract success, you should use the turquoise scale.

  • The snow-white palette, like gray, is neutral and suits absolutely all elements.

  • Gold color will cheer up and increase self-esteem.

  • A pink gamma will help you emphasize your romantic nature.

Design examples

Having chosen a color and decided on which fingers to paint, you can already move on to the final stage – creating a design. Below we just gave a few ideas for designing a Feng Shui manicure.

  • Rainbow. You can enhance the positive influence of your element by decorating each finger with a different color.

  • With hieroglyphs. Another popular design is the variant with different hieroglyphs. You can draw them by hand or use ready-made stickers.

  • French. Having issued a manicure in classic black and white, you will get a design that symbolizes the feminine and masculine. This nail art is ideal for those women who want to build relationships with men.

  • Floral. This is an ideal option for women who belong to the elements of the earth. Floral ornaments will activate the flows of positive energy, strengthen your biofield and cheer you up.

  • With an accent. The most common option. The peculiarity of such a manicure is that the main emphasis here is on one or two nails. For example, if you want to attract love, for this it is worth highlighting the ring finger of the right or middle left hand. If the plans include reconciliation with loved ones, the right little finger should be decorated. Suitable in this case, absolutely any decor. It can be rhinestones, small drawings, a shiny or matte finish.

  • Lunar. He, like a jacket, helps to establish relationships with the opposite sex. Also, moon manicure has a positive effect on well-being and emotional state. It is not at all necessary to design the entire hand in this way. To do this, it is enough to select a few fingers with holes.

  • Monetary. Those who want to get rich can decorate their nails in this design. You can draw a dollar or euro sign. You can also use ready-made stickers. Another idea is to cut a dollar bill into small pieces. They can be laid out on the surface of the nail in any order or in the form of a certain ornament.

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  • Velvet. Velvet nail art will help you find peace and a positive attitude. To create it, you may need flock powder or a matte top. Depending on what effect you want to get, you can select in this way, either one finger or the whole hand.

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We hope that the photo examples of Feng Shui manicure designs that are given in the article will help you. And on their basis, you will create your own nail art, which will attract not only the attention of others, but also good luck.


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