Festive makeup for the New Year 2022

Makeup for the New Year 2022 is an important part of a holistic holiday look. New Year’s Eve always remains a vivid memory in the memory of every person. And to make it even brighter, approach your appearance with full responsibility.

Eye makeup for the New Year 2022

New Year’s makeup belongs to the category of evening, but it should also express a festive mood. That is why in the make-up for this wonderful holiday there can be a lot of bright colors and shine.

So that you do not look like a Christmas tree, when choosing makeup for the New Year 2022, you need to focus on only one part of the face. First, we will discuss makeup that focuses on the eyes. Eyes can be distinguished in this way:

  • black shadows. When using black shadows for makeup, a very mysterious and attractive look is obtained. The smokey ice technique is still relevant, but you can resort to other methods of highlighting the eyes. For example, you can use shadows with sparkling particles.

  • bright shadows. Girls often cannot afford to put bright shadows on their eyelids in everyday life. But New Year’s Eve is the time to loosen up and do something crazy. You can start with bright shadows that will make your look colorful and memorable. The most relevant colors are pink, green, blue, orange, purple, yellow.

  • Glittering shadows. Shadows with sparkling particles will allow you to be the brightest on New Year’s Eve. Shadows of any shade have this effect, so start from the general color palette of your outfit.

  • bright arrows. You can also highlight the eyes with the help of colorful arrows. The eyeliner of your favorite bright color will look beautiful against the background of shadows of a neutral shade. In the New Year’s bow, such a detail will become a very appropriate and harmonious element.

  • rainbow makeup. Eyes can be distinguished by a combination of several shades of shadows at once. Of course, it is not necessary to use all the colors of the rainbow, but you can make beautiful transitions of two or three colors into each other.

  • Sequins on the lower or upper eyelid. A scattering of rhinestones or kamifubuki will make your eyes very attractive and playful. This version of the eye make-up is especially suitable for young girls.

  • Sparkling inner corners. Today, another way to highlight the eyes is also in fashion – to apply sparkling shadows to the inside of the upper eyelid. Such a bright detail can be successfully complemented with a light nude make-up.

Attention should also be paid to the eyebrows, because the general perception of the bow will also depend on their grooming. Everything is simple here – eyebrows should have optimal thickness, beautiful shape and natural color.

Lip Makeup: Christmas Ideas

If you’re more of a fan of highlighting your lips when applying makeup, then we’ve got ideas for that too. Sponges in the following versions will look most stylish:

  • cherry. Cherry lips are one of the trendy makeup options for this part of the face. Lips can be made either matte or wet. The last effect can be achieved with a cherry-colored lip gloss.

  • Red. Red lipstick is a classic that is appropriate anytime and anywhere. Therefore, on New Year’s Eve with such bright and juicy lips, you will look stunning. The most stylish red lipstick looks exactly in a matte finish.

  • Nude. Lips in nude shades are an integral part of the “makeup without makeup”. This is an ideal option not only for girls, but also for women 40 years and older. Naturalness always looks very impressive, so do not forget about this idea.

If you do not know how to do professional makeup, and on New Year’s Eve you want to look luxurious, then you can use the tips, which show step-by-step actions. The main thing is to take into account the advice received and use trend ideas.

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Interesting New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas

We also invite you to consider 5 ideas for completely different New Year’s makeup and choose the one you like best:

  • In the first image, the main focus is on the eyes. They were highlighted with black shadows with shining elements. So that the image was not oversaturated, the lips were performed in a nude shade.

  • Let’s move on to a brighter version of makeup for the New Year 2022, which you see in the photo. All eyes here are again riveted to the eyes – they are decorated with shadows of different shades, as well as shining elements. The lips are nude and as restrained as possible.

  • As we have already said, radiance can decorate the inside of the upper eyelid. An example where such an effect was achieved and an arrow was added, you can see in the photo. The lips here are again done in soothing colors.

  • The current version of makeup for the New Year is nude. It is suitable for everyone – both girls and women over 50. Its peculiarity is that the face is transformed, but it is difficult to understand that it has cosmetics on it.

  • The last make-up belongs to the classic version. The eyes here remained almost intact, only the eyelashes are highlighted with mascara. But red matte lips will attract a lot of interested looks to your face.

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What your festive makeup for the New Year 2022 will be is up to you and your preferences. We tried to give you information about the most trendy ideas, so you can take them into service.

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