Fire haircut: how is it done?

Quite interesting these days is cutting with fire, isn’t it? It is quite obvious that the high level of competition in the service sector dictates the need to apply a variety of technologies, improve skills, which sometimes not only surprises, but can also shock customers who are not experienced with exotic methods.

Relatively recently, the “hot scissors” modeling technique has been used, in which, under the direct influence of high temperatures, the brittle ends of the hair are cauterized with the help of scissors. It is this procedure that reduces fragility and cross-section of already fragile tips.

An improved alternative to the method used has become cutting with fire – “firing hair”, pyrophoresis, Fire cut – these are synonyms for the same method, which is gaining more and more popularity.

A new trend or a time-honored method?

It turns out that since ancient times, people have had deep knowledge of the healing effects of fire on human hair curls.

This method of hair care has been known since the time of Ancient Egypt, already at that time the pharaohs were cut with fire, even changing the shape of the hairstyle without the use of scissors. Cleopatra’s slaves used the “hot scissors” method, heating them over a fire.

Pyrophoresis, as a haircut method, was invented in India a thousand years ago in the Kiratpuri family of family hairdressers, their technology is still secret, it is only known that a candle and a comb are used.

Currently, the procedure has taken its rightful place in the line of hairdressing services provided, but is performed only in salons and hairdressing salons.

What is firecut?

Cutting with fire is a unique method of caring for the hair structure, which is based on the use of open fire. If “hot scissors” treat only the tips of damaged hair, then Fire cut technology allows you to improve the hair along the entire length. Exposure to hot air from direct fire grinds the resulting scales, gluing them to the core of the hair itself.

Before carrying out this procedure, special nourishing, fortified serums are applied that penetrate the inside of the hair structure, and heat-resistant hair protection products. Fire achieves sealing and enveloping the hair along its entire length, giving it elasticity and shine.

The effect is noticeable immediately!

A healthy look of hair remains for a long time – more than 3 months, even with regular hair washing. This method is ideal for those who want to give their hair extra volume, because cutting hair with fire has absolutely no contraindications. In addition, there is even an acceleration of hair growth, and the hair becomes stronger, stronger due to the possibility of using more keratin and proteins produced by the body.

The technique of such a haircut is recommended for those women who bleach their hair, exposing them to overdrying, additional damage and, accordingly, a decrease in the volume of their hairstyle. I would like to recommend cutting with fire after bleaching, cutting or dyeing hair, because these effects on the hair already have a negative effect on their own. It has been proven by practice that the hot air of the procedure cleanses each hair from negative and stressful effects, healing the hair from root to tip, while the length of the hair does not change, which is important if you want targeted hair growth.

Therapeutic and protective training

Before the upcoming exposure, the hair undergoes thorough preparation: first, it is necessary to wash it with a special cleanser and apply with light massage movements the contents of vitamin-restoring ampoules, with the obligatory content of proteins and keratin, which will ensure the formation of a kind of external protection for each hair from exposure to high temperature.

When conducting medical preparation, a biological serum or a nourishing mask can be used – which tool the master chooses to use, guided by the initial state of the hair. Serum or mask is kept on the hair for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then washed off thoroughly.

At the final stage, during protective preparation, the hair is treated with a spray, which, without fail, contains wheat extract, essential oils and other protective components. The protein contained in the composition helps to restore damaged hair.

Execution technique

This is followed by the firing procedure itself – the master uses a flame from an alcohol torch or a mini gas burner. The hair should be wet along the entire length, the hair is pulled horizontally with a fire-resistant comb and a burner or torch is held at a minimum distance from them, creating uniform heating of the hair with hot air. The procedure on a specific strand of hair lasts no more than five minutes. This is quite enough for burning and sealing damaged scales and healing hair. Of course, it all depends on the experience of the master, so you should always ask if he has a certificate for this procedure.

The final stage – “revitalization of hair”

You need to remove the peculiar spools from the firing that have formed on the hair with a hot, damp towel, and treat the hair for protection with a spray, and then dry it with a regular hair dryer.

Already after the first procedure, the hair becomes smooth, shiny, silky, not electrified.

Healthy hair will delight for 2-4 months, depending on the degree of damage, but it is necessary to follow the conditions of everyday care – the use of shampoos, masks, hair cocktails. Repeat procedures are repeated as needed.

Hair balance complex

Recommend to use:

  • Shampoos you prefer, but without lipids, or contained in the composition in minimal proportions.
  • Your preferred hair conditioners with natural oils are most suitable for moisturizing.
  • Be sure to apply a nourishing mask once a week.

And, of course, always treat the ends of your hair with argan oil, this is the main requirement that all top models in the field of hairdressing comply with.

We advise everyone, be sure to try this procedure at least once, and you will understand whether it is suitable for your hair, now the market is saturated with a variety of innovations, preparations, but Fire cut is an excellent alternative to a hot razor or hot scissors, with simultaneous therapeutic effects.

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