Fish oil for the face: homemade skin masks

Fish oil is the basis for an effective face mask. Yes, this is exactly the fish oil that many of us did not like in childhood, and in fact, almost everyone had to drink it. After all, fish oil can strengthen the immune system and get rid of acne in adolescence. And at an older age of 35–40 years, fish oil can slow down the aging process in the body.

Fish oil is made from fatty fish species that are found in the ocean: salmon, salmon, mackerel, etc.

Useful properties of fish oil

A fish oil mask is useful for its unique and rich composition of vitamins and minerals. After all, it contains vitamins A, D, omega-3 acids and docosahexaenoic. All components, penetrating into the skin of the face, give it beauty and shine, and also help to strengthen the immune system of the body.

Face masks with fish oil can eliminate many imperfections on the face:

  • Freckles, bad complexion, redness, age spots;
  • Wrinkles;
  • Dryness and peeling;
  • Acne and pimples.

Contraindications for use

  • High levels of calcium and vitamin D in the body;
  • Kidney disease, honorary insufficiency;
  • Kidney stones and bile;
  • Thyroid diseases;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • During pregnancy and lactation;
  • Disease of the gastrointestinal tract and stomach, ulcer;
  • Any liver disease;
  • Diseases of the cardiac system;
  • Individual immunity by the body.


Recommendations for the use of masks

  • Before using the mask, check for an allergic reaction to fat;
  • Each procedure begins with cleansing the skin of the face, using a scrub or steam bath;
  • The mask must be kept for no more than 30 minutes;
  • Fish oil must be fresh;
  • If you bought fish oil capsules for masks, then you need to pierce them and pour the fat into a bowl;
  • After the mask, do not apply the cream on the face;
  • Do not apply the mask on the eyes and the area around the eyes;
  • Masks can be used for no more than a month and no more than a few procedures per week.

homemade fish oil masks

Face masks with fish oil prepared at home will only have a charitable effect on the skin of the face. If, in parallel with the use of masks, take fish oil inside in the morning, you can enhance the effect of the masks. Preparing masks based on fish oil is easy and does not take much time. Experts recommend, in addition to the fish oil itself, to add other components useful for the skin that any housewife has in the kitchen: parsley, rice flour, egg yolk, etc.

  • Mask from one component – fish oil.

For this mask, we need a tissue and fish oil. Make a hole in a tissue for the nose and eyes, then soak it in fish oil and place it on your face. Exposure half an hour. The mask helps to get rid of dryness and peeling of the face, as well as to give youth to the skin.

  • Fish oil and lemon.

Mix lemon with fish oil in equal amounts. Hold the mixture on your face for fifteen minutes. Wash off with room temperature water.

  • Fish oil, honey and boiled water.

Mix fish oil and honey, a teaspoon of each ingredient with boiled water (a tablespoon). Apply to the face in an even layer, avoiding the eye area. After 10-15 minutes, wash off the mask with room water. Then, to invigorate the skin of the face, wash with cold water. This mask allows you to give your face a healthier look, as well as make small wrinkles invisible.


  • Fish oil and olive oil.

Mix fish oil and olive oil in the same amount (for example, one to one). Spread a homogeneous mass on the face with a thin layer. After 30 minutes, remove the mask with cool water.

  • Fish oil and honey.

Before preparing the mask, you must first prepare a decoction of chamomile. For the mask, you need to mix honey and fat (in proportions one to one). Exposure half an hour. Wash off the mask with a decoction of chamomile. You should not wipe yourself with a towel, it is better to leave the decoction on your face until completely absorbed. The mask will help remove age spots from the face, as well as make wrinkles on the face invisible.

  • Fish oil, sour cream and lemon.

This mask is suitable for aging skin. Mix fish oil, cream or sour cream, lemon (in equal proportions) in a bowl. Exposure half an hour. Wash off the mask with room water and wash your face with cool water.

  • Fish oil, green parsley and cottage cheese.

For cooking, we need: ½ tablespoon of fish oil and lemon zest, a teaspoon of chopped fresh parsley, two tablespoons of 0% fat cottage cheese. Grate the lemon zest on a fine grater in advance, chop the parsley. Exposure quarter of an hour. Wash off the mixture with room water. The mask allows you to rid your face of wrinkles.

  • Fish oil and chicken yolk.

To rejuvenate the skin of the face, we need the following ingredients: fish oil, honey (a teaspoon), chicken yolk. Exposure up to half an hour. Wash off the mass from the face and wipe with chamomile decoction. This mask allows you to rejuvenate the face.

  • Fish oil and yeast.

Dissolve 10 grams of yeast in a tablespoon of milk, then add ½ tablespoon of honey and fish oil to the milk. The mass should be put in hot water for an intensive fermentation process. Let cool and apply on face. Exposure ¼ hour maximum. After applying the mask on dry skin, it is recommended to lubricate the face with a cream suitable for your skin type.

  • Fish oil, cottage cheese and linseed oil.

A mask that soothes and hydrates the skin. Mix the following ingredients in a blender: a tablespoon of cottage cheese (preferably fatty), brewing black tea and parsley juice. Then add ½ tablespoon of flax oil and dry lemon peel powder, ¼ tablespoon of fish oil. Mix again in a blender. Apply a homogeneous mass on the face. Exposure 15 minutes. Wash off the mass and pat your face dry with a soft towel.


  • Fish oil and orange peel.

Grind dried orange peel in a blender or coffee grinder. Mix ½ tbsp. spoons of fish oil with a tablespoon of strong brewed tea (preferably black). Then add a tablespoon of flax oil and fatty cottage cheese. Add chopped orange peel to the pulp and mix. Exposure 20 min. Wash off the mask with water.

  • Fish oil, walnut and rice.

Grind fifty grams of rice in a coffee grinder or with a blender. Then add a pinch of oatmeal and a pre-peeled walnut to the rice flour. Once again, we grind everything and pour it into a convenient bowl. Add gradually to the mass of water and fish oil, knead until a homogeneous mass, similar to sour cream. Let it brew for ten minutes. Mask exposure 20 min. Remove the mixture with warm boiled water, and then refresh your face with cold water.

Masks based on fish oil are as effective as ready-made masks sold in any pharmacy in your city. And for the preparation of masks at home, additional …

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