Fitball exercises for weight loss

Strength can be obtained in a variety of ways. An effective home exercise machine for weight loss is a fitball, and one of the most popular types of fitness is fitball workouts.

Fitball exercises help develop strength, increase muscle mass, and bring the figure in order. Gymnastics with a ball can be practiced by people with various diseases of the spine, joints, children and the elderly. Classes are easy and fun. They are like a game, and if you add music and choose a bright color of the ball, then you will be provided with a positive charge of vivacity and mood. As a result of training with a fitball, you will definitely lose those extra pounds.

Fitball exercises

The set of exercises on the fitball for the initial level of training contains various exercises. First you need to learn how to balance on a fitball, only then move on to training. It is recommended to do it two or three times a week, however, you need to eat right and resort to anti-cellulite procedures. We start, as always, with a warm-up.

Warm up

In order to warm up the muscles, do a few squats, hold the ball in front of you. Sitting on the edge of the fitball, resting your feet on the floor, squeezing the ball at a fast pace, jump in place and with movement. Then you can complicate this exercise: jump on the ball several times, then, sitting on it, sharply turn your torso to the sides alternately, then jump again on the fitball while moving around the room. Here you are well warmed up. Let’s move on to the main exercises.

Hip Exercise

Stand up, place the fitball between the inner thighs. Pull in the stomach, squeezing the fitball, and fix the pose for 50-60 seconds. Next, to relax, jump on your toes. Repeat exercises 10-12 times.

Butt lift exercise

Lie on the fitball with your stomach, hands need to lean on the floor. Maintaining balance, raise your legs parallel to the floor and strongly tighten your buttocks. You can stretch your legs as high as possible. Then return your legs parallel to the floor. Relax. Repeat exercises 10-12 times.

Exercise for arms and chest

Take a push-up position – the fitball is under the stomach, hands on the floor. Try to roll the ball under the shins. Then push up 10 times, hands are wider than shoulder level. Repeat the exercise with your hands together and palms shoulder-width apart. Repeat the exercise cycle at least three times. To relax, jump on the fitball in place and with movement.

Waist exercise

Stand up, grab a fitball and raise your arms with the ball above your head. Tilt the body, turning to the left side, roll the fitball across the floor. Straighten up, ball over your head. Repeat in different directions up to 20 times.

Belly Slimming Exercise

Lie down on the floor, hold the ball between your legs. Raising your legs, direct the ball to your chest, twist so that you take the fitball in your hands. Lower your legs. Touch the ball to the floor behind your head, lift your torso forward. Insert the fitball between the shins. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times. Relax, lie back on the fitball, bending back.

Back and Abs Exercises

Get into a push-up position. Bend your knees and point the fitball towards your stomach. Keep your balance. Do the exercise 10-12 times.

Fitball exercises allow the body to be in constant tension, the muscles do the work, contracting and relaxing. This helps to increase blood circulation in them, increase metabolism and burn excess calories. You will lose extra pounds in a very short time. These exercises will help you lose weight and look spectacular. Good luck!

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