Flared jeans: what to wear in 2022

In 2022, leading brands are encouraging women to start wearing trendy flare jeans again. This model not only looks very original, but also successfully emphasizes the dignity of the figure. Fashionistas in these trousers will look spectacular in the office, on a romantic date, dinner party or vacation.

Flared jeans: what styles are in fashion in 2022

Girls who think that wearing flared jeans are old-fashioned and ugly are mistaken. According to stylists, this style is one of the most successful in fashion, as it is perfect for the fair sex with different body types.

Consider which models will be in trend in 2022:

  • Full flare. In such voluminous trousers, women look delicate and fragile, which adds lightness and playfulness to the fashionable image. In the collections for 2022, designers presented interesting options for both long and cropped jeans with a full flare.

  • Flare from the hip. One of the most popular models this season. Flared jeans from the hip will suit both slender girls with a toned figure and ladies with curves.

  • Knee flare. The model makes a beautiful accent on the upper legs and hips, emphasizing the attractive shape of a woman. These flared jeans have a strict silhouette, so they are perfect not only for everyday wear, but also for going to work.

  • Culottes. In 2022, stylists suggest wearing flared cropped jeans with any outfit. They go well with business shirts, romantic pullovers and summer tops.

  • Retro. Increasingly, leading brands are turning to the fashion of the 60s and 80s in search of inspiration. Retro models are distinguished by a high fit, voluminous leg size and a flare from the hip.

  • Skinny. Spectacular and sexy jeans will appeal to fashionistas of all ages. In these models, the flare starts at the ankles, which makes the pants look very original.

Light blue, dark blue, gray, black and white flared jeans are still relevant. Models of red, pink, brown, purple, green colors will also be in fashion.

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What is fashionable to wear flared jeans in 2022

Flared jeans are versatile trousers that are great for both hot and cold seasons. Stylists recommend fashionistas to show imagination and wear them with any style of clothing. We will study what is fashionable to wear flared jeans in 2022.

Option number 1 – with a T-shirt, top, t-shirt

Fashionistas who prefer simplicity and convenience in clothes should choose a comfortable knitted T-shirt and flared jeans with decorative patches. This outfit is well suited for everyday affairs. Bright wooden bracelets and a trendy fringed bag will harmoniously complement the stylish look. If you replace the T-shirt with a lace summer top, you will create a more interesting and catchy outfit that you can wear to a meeting with friends, to the cinema or to a club.

Option number 2 – with a shirt or blouse

Flare jeans with a shirt are a win-win idea for a fashionable outfit, ideal for going to work, school or business meetings. Stylists recommend choosing a contrasting combination of things. Peach flared jeans worn with a white geometric print blouse will look fashionable. No less beautiful will be a more traditional set, consisting of dark blue trousers and a blue shirt. Fashionistas will not fail if they complement the outfit with a stylish hat and bag.

Option number 3 – with a dress

For many girls, such a tandem may seem like complete bad taste. However, stylists recommend fashionistas to be creative and boldly wear flared jeans with dresses this season. To make the outfit look beautiful and harmonious, you should choose the right length of things. So the dress should be no lower than the knees.

Option number 4 – with a jacket

Street style and casual style lovers can combine flared jeans with a turtleneck, a padded jacket and stylish sneakers. The resulting outfit will be not only fashionable, but also very comfortable. But in the spring of 2022, flared jeans will be fashionable to wear with elegant blazers worn over a T-shirt or blouse. The classic jacket model is a good option for creating a spectacular business look.

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Option number 5 – with a sweater

This bow is perfect for the cold season. Designers advise to combine flared jeans with sweaters in neutral shades. A good choice is gray, beige, brown, black, light pink, peach.

Option number 6 – with a coat, sheepskin coat or down jacket

In the winter of 2022, trendy flared jeans can be worn with completely different outerwear. These trousers will look good with a classic coat, a stylish sheepskin coat or a spectacular down jacket. The resulting outfit will not only look original and beautiful, but also will not let you freeze in the cold.

Option number 7 – with a jacket

In autumn, flared jeans can be mixed with leather jackets fashionable in 2022. As a result of this combination of things, a comfortable and original outfit is obtained, which is perfect for both fashionistas of respectable age and young schoolgirls.

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Using the tips on what to wear with trendy flared jeans in 2022, every woman will look beautiful and confident.

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