Flat shoes 2021: stylish and comfortable

In the new 2021 in the fashion world, flat shoes will be in great demand among women. Although the heel has always given femininity and elegance to the image, now there are many models of shoes without this element that look just as good. And now we will try to prove it to you.

What women’s flat shoes will be in fashion in 2021

The main advantages of low running shoes are that they are practical, comfortable, and a woman feels more confident in them. In addition, such shoes are not harmful to health, as an improperly selected heel can do. So, what flat shoes are considered the most stylish in 2021?

clogs. Once upon a time protecting the feet of the poor from mud and snow, these wooden shoes have now become fashionable. The most popular model are slippers with a massive wooden sole. From above, with the help of nails, they are covered with natural leather.

Sandals. Models of this shoe cannot be counted, because it can be wicker, gladiator, with ropes and ribbons, fasteners, Velcro, with and without decor. In this season’s fashion shows, you can see sandals that will be the most popular in 2021.

Flip flops and flip flops. Who doesn’t love these lightweight, summer shoes? Thanks to their convenience, flip flops and flip flops have become an integral part of summer collections and will remain there for a long time.

Ballet shoes. Ballet flats were once supplanted by high heels, but this season they have returned to their former popularity. For any image, you can choose the most suitable ballet flats, but most importantly, you will be very comfortable to move in them.

Chelsea boots. Previously, this model of shoes was worn exclusively by men. Now, lovers of strict and restrained images can try on these shoes for themselves. Although Chelsea boots look rough, girls effectively combine them with jeans, dresses and shorts.

Mules. Philosophers’ shoes, which have an open heel, are great for the warm season. It is combined with dresses, trench coats and even with jeans.

Loafers and Oxfords – sport chic style options. Practical, but at the same time very attractive models, which are decorated with rhinestones, pebbles and various prints for greater effect.

Sneakers. Active lifestyle lovers will never pass by a new pair of sneakers. Pay attention to the latest models of these shoes in well-known collections, as well as the recommendation to wear them with maxi-length skirts.

Separately, I would like to say about wicker and woven shoes, which are a reference to environmental friendliness and naturalness. At the same time, you can pick up a hat or a handbag in the same style for wicker shoes.

Flat shoes – new 2021

Flat shoes can even compete with sports shoes in comfort, which is why they have become very fashionable in 2021. Many girls who are tall do not like heels, which is why they prefer low-cut shoes. Designers tried to take into account all the requirements of modern women and created completely new models of shoes.

The most popular flats in 2021 are:

  • In the English style. Very restrained, reminiscent of men’s shoes, models further emphasize women’s fragility and elegance.
  • Boats. An elegant model, loved by many girls. It should be noted that this season, shoes with a pointed and square toe are in trend.

  • With tractor sole. This version of the shoe looks a bit rough, but at the same time it is combined with even the most delicate images. The advantage is that, without a heel, these shoes give height.
  • With perforation. Patterns in the form of perforations have an original appearance. Holes can be large or small.
  • With laces. Shoes with laces are also a reference to men’s shoes. In the new season, very bright colors, unusual prints and color combinations are used for such shoes. The materials for sewing such shoes can be varied – leather or its substitute, lacquer models, suede.

The novelty of the 2021 season can safely be called shoes and other shoes with laces and ankle straps. These shoes are versatile and very elegant. But it is better to buy them for owners of long legs and graceful ankles, otherwise the girls may not like the effect.

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What other shoes without a heel will be fashionable in 2021

We hope you have already realized that in 2021 it will be very fashionable to wear flat shoes. I would like to mention a few more trendy options that should settle in your closet. While shopping, pay attention to the following shoes:

  • with double straps;
  • with metal decor in the form of chains or spikes;
  • with original cutouts;
  • with accordion straps;
  • with mesh and lacing.

Prints are another fashion shoe trend that turns ordinary models into real masterpieces. In the new season, peas, floral prints, stripes, cages, animalistic design and degrade effect are in trend. And, of course, we need to mention the transparent plastic, which has become a hit in the fashion world and has pleased many girls.

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So that you can more clearly understand what this or that fashionable flat shoe looks like, check out the photos with images of the most stylish models in 2021. You can also borrow a few ready-made holistic looks from the shows of famous designers. Fashionable women draw a lot of attention to their person, so learn to look stylish in any situation.

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