flat stomach at home

Every girl dreams of a flat tummy. After all, a flat stomach is not only a beautiful part of the body, but also well-developed muscles that make the waist thinner, the hips slimmer, and the figure taut. In many girls, the belly protrudes strongly or has an ugly shape.

It’s not just about being overweight. If the muscles are weak, this leads to the formation of a saggy abdomen. However, even strong muscles will be visible if there are fat deposits on the abdomen. Of course, if you engage in power loads, fat will come off, but if you eat right, the result can be obtained faster.

Nutritionists say that you need to eat regularly and in a balanced way. In order for the body to digest food better, it must be consumed in small portions, but more often. It is advisable to drink about two liters of water per day. Eat foods rich in fiber.

Do you know why some people eat a lot without getting fat? The secret is in a good metabolism. That is why it is recommended to chew food thoroughly.

Eliminate from the diet products containing a lot of sugar, flavorings, dyes, pasta products and white bread. It is very important to eat vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries, but not after meals. Because they can provoke the formation of gases. Avoid carbonated sugary drinks. It is better to replace them with herbal tea, because it removes toxins from the body and improves digestion. From meat delicacies, fish and poultry meat is allowed in a steamed or boiled form. In dairy products, the fat content should be no more than 2%.

In addition to a healthy diet, you need to exercise. Since it is training that is one of the most effective factors contributing to weight loss. Diets or fasting days are useful at times, but they will burn a sufficient amount of fat formation.

In order to get rid of fat from the abdomen, you need to deal with the whole body at once. This is facilitated by cardio training: walking, swimming, running, cycling. Training will also improve blood circulation and remove harmful substances from the body. As a result, you will get not only beautiful abdominal muscles, but also a toned body.

For those who do not have the opportunity to visit a fitness center or gym, a number of exercises for a flat and elastic tummy at home are offered. But you must understand that in a few days you will not achieve the desired result. Before you start training, do not forget that the muscles should be warmed up. Stretching exercises are suitable for this – leg swings, tilts, turns of the body. It is worth performing them until you feel discomfort in the stretched area. This should feel warm. After that, you can proceed to the main exercises.

  1. Lie on your back, put your hands under your buttocks, and raise straight legs. Raise on the exhale, lower on the inhale. It is worth starting with 15 times and gradually increase to 50 times.
  2. Lie back on the floor. Bend your legs at the knees, put your hands behind your head and spread your elbows to the sides. We exhale and tear off the head with the shoulder blades from the floor. Exhale and lie down on the floor. Start with 5 reps and gradually increase to 20 reps.
  3. Lie on your back, arms at your sides, legs raised in a crossed position. Perform pelvic lifts. Keep the press tense.
  4. Lie on your stomach on the floor, wrap your arms around your ankles. Raise the upper part of the body, throwing your head back. Pump 15 times, “like a boat.”
  5. Bend your legs at the knees. Hands in the lock behind the head. In turn, stretch your elbows to your knees. Stretch the body. 2 sets of 50 reps. If you follow the recommendations after two months, the muscles will get stronger and will hold the abdominal wall well.

Keep your stomach tight while exercising. Follow the execution technique. It’s better to do 20 times properly than 50 somehow. In addition to exercises, massage the stomach with creams, various oils, it is also useful to rub with cold water.

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