Fleeces from the 90s are back: fashionable fleece sweaters in spring 2021 and images with them

Functional and pleasant to the touch, fleece material is gaining popularity again. A fleece jacket is considered one of the basic items in the wardrobe of a modern girl. The main thing is to understand which models are relevant and what you can combine them with.

The variety of choices allows you to choose a fleece jacket for any figure and age, taking into account preferences.

Fleece jacket with flared trousers

A basic fleece jacket will look advantageous at any time of the year and suits almost everyone. It is better to complement with flared trousers with original colors and basic sneakers in white or beige. Casual look, if desired, can be diluted with accessories. For example, a backpack, strap or scarf.

Black Jacket and Skinny

A black fleece jumper can be worn with skinny jeans. But for an original combination, it is better to choose a color or printed version. Over the knee boots and black boots will help complete the picture. Such an easy look is in harmony with any accessories, be it a small backpack, a scarf or a shoulder bag.

Fleece with zipper

A warm fleece trend with a zipper will be a great addition to your daily outfit. It is comfortable to be outdoors in cool weather and will not get hot indoors. Fleece keeps you warm while still allowing your skin to breathe.
For a spring look, it is better to opt for a model in green, mint or soft blue.

Can be combined with straight trousers, jeans and boots. Get a harmonious image. If you want to add a little sportiness, sneakers or sneakers are suitable.

Skirt with fleece jacket

Multi-layered images attract attention. A fleece blouse can be safely combined with skirts of various styles and cuts. To protect against the cool spring wind, you can take a long skirt as a basis, complement the outfit with a coat and light boots. Such an image will not only look stylish, but also protect from bad weather, giving a feeling of comfort.

Fleece hoodie

Young people prefer sweatshirts. Fleece-lined hoodie goes with most things in the wardrobe. In cool weather, such a sweatshirt can be worn with jeans or trousers, complemented by massive boots or boots.

Skirt lovers can create an original and warm look with a hoodie, adding over the knee boots and your favorite bag.

The fashion for fleece sweaters does not lose popularity, so you can safely add them to your usual wardrobe and not be afraid to create unusual combinations. Such a thing is considered universal, which makes it suitable for any image.

Fashion designers have long been not afraid to combine bright colors and incongruous styles. The main thing is to carefully evaluate the combined things so that the outfit fits the figure and is comfortable to wear.

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