Foil manicure – new 2019

Foil manicure is a fashionable novelty of 2019 that has won the heart of more than one fashionista, which is confirmed by various photo examples of such a design of marigolds posted on the Internet. After all, such an unusual decor, even in a minimal amount, helps to dilute the most boring design and make it more vivid and original. That is why, later in the article we will talk about foil and its varieties, as well as give original ideas for decorating a manicure with it.

Fashionable foil manicure

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Types of foil used in nail art

Foil is a very versatile decor, thanks to which you can create many different designs with a metallic effect so fashionable today, both on short and long nails. For these purposes, nail art masters in practice most often use the following types of foil:

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  • Tear-off. Its meaning is that a layer of glue with a piece of foil is applied to the already prepared surface of the nail, and then everything is fixed with a finish coat. As a result, the nail acquires not only the much-desired metallic sheen, but also an ornament in the form of a pattern.

Tear-off foil nail design

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Important! Tear-off foil is ideal for creating a mosaic manicure design, as it is not only easy to work with, but the finished result is very effective.


  • Thermal foil. The secret of this decor lies in the fact that immediately before applying to the nail, a piece of foil is slightly heated with a hair dryer or lamp. Thus, it becomes sticky and easy to stick to the surface of the nail plate.

Thermal foil nail design

  • Translation. With its help, you can create a rainbow design that is so relevant today. To do this, a sheet of foil is applied to the already prepared nails and the drawing is retaken with the help of an orange stick.

transfer foil

  • Slider. Unlike the previous ones, this option is one of the most unpretentious, which even a beginner can do. Ready-made stickers are simply glued onto an already prepared nail and covered with a finishing top on top.

Foil manicure with a slider

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Trendy colors

As for the color palette, foil of the following colors is widely used today in the nail design segment:

  • Golden. This design with foil on nails always looks elegant and expensive, so it is considered the prerogative of more evening style than everyday. The most spectacular are the combinations of gold foil with black, red and blue, as well as nude shades. Rhinestones and even drawings can serve as an additional decor.

Design with gold foil monogram

  • Silver. This is an ideal option for creating a very unobtrusive manicure, which is just right for everyday wear. In addition, the silver color is very unpretentious and harmoniously combines with absolutely all palettes.

Silver foil manicure

  • Rainbow combinations. The novelty of the season is holographic foil, which, thanks to its iridescence, creates a very effective and unusual manicure design. It is ideal for full coverage of the entire nail, and as an auxiliary element in the design.

Blue manicure with rainbow foil

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Original foil manicure ideas

Today you can find a lot of very creative and spectacular ideas for decorating a manicure with foil, among which the most unusual and striking are the following:

  • Full coverage. In this autumn season, in addition to the standard full coverage of the nail plate, the use of foil as a decorative substrate for a jacket is also in fashion. For example, a silver base with a black or bright blue line of the French “smile” looks very interesting.

Mirror manicure with foil

  • “Broken glass”. It is thanks to finely cut foil that you can create such a fashionable design today with the effect of a scattering of broken glass on the surface of the nail. Basically, the pieces are triangular in shape and are distributed, both randomly and in the form of certain shapes.

Broken glass manicure

  • Mix manicure. Fashionable and catchy design, which is based on the application of foil over an already prepared surface with rubbing. The result is a very effective and elegant design that is in demand among both young people and older women.


  • Mirror jacket. This is a modern interpretation of the French manicure, in which the smile area is highlighted with silver or gold foil.

Lunar manicure with foil

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Important! French manicure looks especially interesting, made in one color scheme with a matte finish on top of which foil is applied along the smile line.



  • Scaled design. This is another new addition to the fall 2019 trends, examples of which are also shown in our photo selection. Its essence is to create a manicure with an imitation of a fish scale pattern, which is achieved using foil cut into pieces of the same shape. Such a manicure always attracts attention not only with its originality, but also with a very creative approach to nail art.

Foil in the form of scales

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  • Gradient. The gradient transition from a bright saturated color to a metallic sheen looks very unusual and catchy. This can be either a standard stretch or a variant in which the transition line is decorated with smudges or a zigzag or wavy line.

Gradient foil manicure

  • Zoo manicure. Animal coloring in the autumn-winter season is more relevant than ever. Therefore, imitation of leopard spots or tiger stripes painted on a foil backing is a fashionable and at the same time very catchy design.

Leopard manicure

  • Tape. By cutting the foil into thin strips or using ready-made ones, you can create very unusual geometric patterns. For example, in addition to the standard vertical or horizontal arrangement of stripes on the nail, their chaotic intersection with each other is also in fashion.

Geometric foil manicure design

As you can see, foil manicure design is no longer a novelty, but a well-established trend that does not lose its relevance in 2019. Indeed, in addition to the fact that the foil looks beautiful and catchy on the nails, besides, it also harmoniously fits into any style, which is confirmed by the photo with examples of work given in our article.

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