Foot care

For most of the year, we have to wear fairly closed shoes. But summer is coming, and our legs are in danger of being on display for everyone. How not to lose face? How to make your legs look great?

This does not require anything complicated: just the right care. Moreover, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the legs all year round. But, if, nevertheless, during the period of cold weather you have started the skin of your feet, if it has managed to lose its healthy and well-groomed appearance, it does not matter, there is nothing irreparable! Consider a series of actions that will help return your legs to their “original” appearance.

Is the skin on your feet thick and rough? In this case, you will have to start by using a pedicure file. The best option would be double-sided files, one side of which is used to remove rough skin on hard and dry areas of the foot, and the other side is for polishing already treated areas.

After that, the legs must be thoroughly steamed. For this procedure, there are even special containers on the market, but you can perfectly get by with an ordinary basin. Pour warm water into it and add one teaspoon of soda. The effect will be even better if you prepare a decoction of herbs (for example, nettle, mint or sage). Are you an essential oil lover? Then, without any problems, you can use jojoba, rosewood, peach or almond oil.

After about 15 minutes after the start of this procedure, take a fine-grained pumice stone and treat the places of keratinization. Spread a fat cream on the skin of your feet, and when it is absorbed, lower your legs back into the water. If your situation is serious enough, then you will have to do this manipulation several times. But it’s not a fact that in one procedure you will cope with your problem. Most likely, you will have to repeat everything a few more times. But by the fifth or seventh procedure, the result is guaranteed to you!

The next stage after steaming the feet is a fairly thin peeling. To do this, simply apply a peeling cream to the skin and massage the feet. During these manipulations, particles of dead skin are exfoliated. The third step in getting your feet healthy is applying a moisturizer. Creams containing red algae extract are ideal.

As a result of such a course of “recovery”, the skin of your legs will become soft, tender, elastic and absolutely healthy. Just remember that it, like all other organs and body parts of the body, requires constant self-care. Don’t run them. Watch your feet carefully and regularly! Then at the beginning of the season of open sandals you will not have to spend a lot of time and effort to give them a healthy look.

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