мода сороковых годов

Forget about the 90s fashion, because the 40s are in fashion this summer

For a long time, the fashion of the 90s was at the peak of popularity. Every self-respecting fashionista did not miss the opportunity to purchase stylish things to match the trends. But in 2020, the fashion industry has changed. Now at the peak of popularity, the fashion of the 40s.

forties fashion

Military style

Military style is the epitome of the early 40s. This is due to the fact that new trends were born in wartime. But despite this, the military style is still relevant.

military style

In summer, it is recommended to pay attention to suits with a cropped skirt and a fitted jacket with square shoulders. This outfit is suitable for the office or business meetings. If we talk about the color palette, you should give preference to khaki and its shades. Even now, it looks modern and suits women of any age.

floral prints

No less popular trend of the 40s is the shirt dress. Such an outfit looks advantageous on any type of figure, since the main emphasis is on the waist with a belt. Designers recommend choosing plain-colored shirt dresses in muted tones. Bright outfits and colorful patterns do not match the style of the 40s. If you want to stand out from other girls, you can look at models with polka dots or with ornaments.

Mid 40s style

This option is suitable for those who like wide and elongated outfits. Here, designers recommend taking a closer look at the following clothing options:

  • wide elongated skirts;
  • loose blouses with flounces, ruffles, and other decorative elements;
  • fitted dresses with a lush bottom;
  • strict suits.

40s fashion

Such outfits have become fashionable for a reason. The women were fed up with the military style, so they demanded a change. In the mid-40s, Christian Dior’s house became a key link in the fashion industry. The designer gave the world new styles and models that are relevant in 2020.

Accessories and shoes

Wide-brimmed hats and turbans are the trend of summer 2020. The main purpose of voluminous headdresses was to hide the hair. Wide-brimmed hats and turbans look especially stylish and modern with fitted dresses and coats.

hats and turbans

If we talk about shoes, they should be on a medium heel. In the 40s, this was considered the most practical and convenient option for every day. In this case, shoes can be either completely closed or with open areas.

Fashion of the 40s is the trend of the season. Designers assure that it is high time to refuse things in the style of the 90s. Therefore, it is worth replenishing the wardrobe with new clothes.

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