Foundation for oily skin

In order to choose a foundation, you need to know your skin type well. Now I will tell you which foundation to give your preference to if you are the owner of oily skin.

When you apply foundation, it should not be noticeable, it should make the skin smooth and fresh. Owners of this type of skin have a hard time, since oily skin always produces a lot of sebaceous glands, which makes the skin unpleasantly shiny and enlarged pores are clearly visible on the face. Plus, oily skin is always prone to acne.

This type of skin has recently been considered the most common, and any woman wants to look stunning, but at the most crucial moment, when you are going on a date or an interview, acne appears on your face and disrupts such an important trip. Such problems make it very difficult to choose a foundation. Such skin requires constant care: moisturizing, removing excess fat and cleansing.

After you take into account all the requirements of skin care, you can safely go to the store and choose a foundation. But first of all, you need to consider that the cream should even out the tone of the face. This is not enough for us women, besides the fact that the product evens out the tone, we need it to hide small wrinkles and imperfections of our skin. A high-quality foundation for oily skin should not contain oils. The cream should contain elements that remove excess oil from your skin throughout the day.

Foundation for oily skin differs sharply from cream for dry normal skin, as it has a greater density. The tool should not penetrate deep into the pores, because this can cause inflammation and worsen the situation as a whole. A good foundation will protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation and not lose its effectiveness over time.

It is believed that when choosing the right tone, it is best to apply the cream on the wrist, but the most correct method is to buy several probes. At home and in natural light, you will best consider which tone suits you best. Learn how to apply makeup correctly by applying foundation in the morning, which will roll off during the day, from profuse sweating, you should not solve this problem by repeated powdering.

When foundation, dust, grease and powder are mixed, it leads to contamination of the skin, which results in blackheads. This problem is solved, therefore, simply, when you notice that the skin has begun to shine, wipe it with a paper towel.

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