Fractional rejuvenation

In our age of novelties, an attractive and youthful appearance sometimes does not match a person’s passport data. Innovative methods in modern cosmetology, such as fractional rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, make it possible to restore youth and beauty.

Fractional rejuvenation (laser skin resurfacing), this method was created by an Israeli scientist, it is based on the action of biopolar RF waves. With the help of a special laser device, a safe and necessary amount of warm energy is directed precisely to problem areas. Thanks to this effect, age-related changes are corrected – both at the level of the dermis itself and the epidermis. Electric waves penetrate deep into the skin and, starting the regeneration process, renew the skin and produce new elastin and collagen. After that, the skin becomes elastic, dense, velvety, smooth and toned.

The effectiveness of this method is confirmed by histological data. Fractional rejuvenation is the safest treatment that does not cause discomfort to the patient, as well as an effective tool for reducing wrinkles and overall skin improvement.

Face resurfacing, skin resurfacing is a procedure that is effective not only in eliminating flabbiness, wrinkles, skin irregularities, rejuvenation, but also in this way you can fight solar keratosis, rosacea, hyperpigmentation. This is an effective method for eliminating acne marks, stretch marks on the body, smoothing scars. In addition, such fractional rejuvenation allows you not to resort to the method of plastic surgery by making a skin tightening.

A biopolar, radiofrequency pulse minimally damages the epidermis, but warms up the dermis as much as possible, thanks to this it stimulates the division of keratinocytes, and this is the “launch of the mechanism” for skin cell renewal. Fractional rejuvenation can be applied in all seasons of the year. It is suitable for patients of any skin type and even people of dark skin.

Another method of resurfacing is not recommended for dark-skinned people, as it can cause complications. Clinically proven to be safe and highly effective.

Fractional rejuvenation does not require a recovery period. This is a very convenient rejuvenation procedure, after which the patient can immediately go out into the world. The effect is already noticeable after the 1st procedure.

If fractional rejuvenation is carried out on the face, then the recovery period will be from three to seven days, if on the body, about two weeks. And the smoothing of wrinkles will become noticeable within a week after the procedure. There may be redness, swelling, but this disappears after two or three days. But, in order to achieve maximum results, it is recommended to take a course of two, three procedures with an interval of four, six weeks.

Fractional rejuvenation is remarkable in that it has a prolonging, growing effect. Its action continues for another two, four months. Fractional rejuvenation is almost painless, and the risk of complications is reduced to zero. The trace from the impulse is less than a mosquito bite, the procedure is very comfortable and is performed without anesthesia.

Restrictions to fractional rejuvenation still exist. Within 3 months it is impossible for direct sunlight to fall on the skin. Before going outside, you need to apply a special sun cream and it is better to choose one with a very high level of protection. This will be especially important for people whose skin is dark in itself. Also, contraindications can be if: pregnancy, lactation, chronic diseases, oncological diseases.

Thinking about fractional rejuvenation, look for a good clinic where such medicine is practiced, where qualified specialists work, who have received diplomas, certificates for working on special devices and have extensive experience in performing such procedures.

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