A fashionable no-styling French haircut lies in the texture at the ends. Even when we do the bob haircut, which in the past consisted only of geometric lines, it is very soft. A French haircut doesn’t have to be tight. It can be short, medium, but most importantly without clear lines. This allows you to do without special styling.

no styling french haircut 2023
Option for light hair.
With lush bangs.
Elegant hairstyles that create both style and simplicity.

Soft edges form the basis of your favorite hairstyle. Whether it’s a tousled, soft bob, medium length hair or a wavy mane. What is important is a dreamy, flowing shape that does not look geometric at all. A fringed bangs casually falling over the forehead creates a girlish zest.

Ripped layers can be daring.
Smooth lines and texture effortlessly add volume.

What is a french haircut

French haircut is not a new trendy hairstyle. French style icons of the 60s and 70s, such as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, were already sporting a softly graduated haircut.

Since then, the loose casual hairstyle has never gone out of style. The haircut is done from top to bottom, so the layers are smooth and smooth. The result of this method is a hairstyle that suits both young and older women. After a French-style haircut, you just need to wash and dry your hair.

Stylish graduated bob.
Such feathers made of strands make the image playful.
version suitable for adults
this form creates simplicity and femininity
And this is a trendy kind of caret.
The lush graduated bob has exquisite features.

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Who suits

The French haircut can be done with any hair color, hair length from quads and above, and on almost all textures. The only limitation is that it can make a round face even more voluminous. In this case, you should choose a length below the chin and an elongated bang on the side.

A great option for the thinnest curls.

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short french haircut

The French have a complete distaste for straight hair and consider it a surefire way to give their hair a “dead” look. Instead, it’s all about natural movement. Curls look perfectly imperfect, careless, but at the same time fall correctly.

Mini bangs will make the look cute and feminine.

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French pluck haircut

This is a short and messy shape that is often paired with long bangs.

Vychip haircut that does not require styling.

French haircut for medium hair

The French bob is one of the trendiest haircuts of the last couple of years, and for good reason.

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french bob

Bob is very soft. Need texture on the ends. The aesthetic is bohemian, poetic and soft and, most importantly, the haircut should not be strict.

French haircut with bangs

When creating a bang, its ends are milled well. It should not have a clear and perfectly even shape. To be in French – create a slight mess.

With bangs curtain

Bangs curtain always looks elegant. You can cut it slightly and make it shorter to outline the cheekbones and create volume.

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French bob haircut

For French women, straight and ironed hair is terrible, with a parting in the middle and highlighting that starts at the roots and ends right at the ends. This is what the French woman hates!

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For wavy hair

French women love their natural hair texture, these trendy hairstyles can be paired with different types and lengths to achieve the perfect look.

For women 50+

At 50 and older, you want to have a well-groomed, beautiful and easy-to-care hairstyle. Layers and short length will allow this to happen.

French haircut for a round face

In order to hide the extra width, you need to visually add volume on top and create diagonal lines.


Add some extravagance and a little French chic and you already have a new trendy hairstyle. This hairstyle gently hugs the face but definitely stands out on its own.

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This is a poetic, soft cascade of hair and looks great on straight, wavy and curly hair.

Graduated caret with volume at the crown

French bob can be cut straight or with a slight slope to the chin. Therefore, it is much shorter than the classic bean. On top of that, the French bob has bangs that are cut with thinning. It should pass at the height of the eyebrows.

For long hair

Long layered hair with bangs draws attention to the eyes and gives shape and volume to the face. This long layered hairstyle can look stylish with a parting in the middle or casual with bangs.

messy french haircut

Messy curly hair can be the perfect style for women who want to use their natural texture. This hairstyle can be recreated on naturally curly hair with defining gels and creams, but can also be achieved by air drying the hair.

French shaggy haircut

Stepped haircut creates a completely new hairstyle with minimal styling effort.

Layers of shaggy make the hairstyle lush.

Haircut bowl

A bowl cut with short bangs can be tricky to maintain as it requires regular trimming, but this chic hairstyle is perfect for trendsetters who like to stand out from the crowd.

Pixie haircut popular and relevant

Pixies are characterized by very short length on the sides and at the back of the head, which smoothly turn into long bangs. Maintenance and styling is minimal.

Stylish pixie haircut does not require.

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Garson and Gavroche

As a rule, for cutting the garcon, the sides are shortened, the hair at the top remains long. Garcon or gavroche looks especially good on women with an oval face shape. If you want to create extra volume on your head with a garcon haircut, you can help with highlights.


He has a rounded shape and a bang that goes plano in length. A real Parisian hairstyle.


A cascade is a medium hairstyle in which the layers can be at different heights. It all depends on your preferences and the task that needs to be solved.

French haircuts that do not require styling for different hair lengths 2023 – photo