French manicure 2020

Fashion trends 2020 seasons make significant adjustments to french manicureabout which our photo– selection. Among trends there are a lot of worthy ideas that you probably want to take on board!


With a colorful smile

Nice and adaptive for any images design easy to get if you replace the classic white smile with a black frame. This is a win-win combination of colors that always looks expressive and spectacular. At the same time, it has the proper rigor and restraint, which means it easily fits into the business style.

Creative novelty 2020 has become a jacket with bright neon accents. Such a simple trick will give the usual design freshness and originality. Now it is important to rely on light green, orange, electric blue, lime, hot pink and yellow blotches in manicure. In a word, everything representative of a cheerful neon palette can be used.

Peach varnish is useful if you want to be in the subject of fashion trends, but at the same time slightly reduce the degree of brightness of the colored jacket. We advise you to give preference to peach varnish – it is also at the peak of popularity this year.

If your courage knows no bounds in 2020, you can go ahead and decorate every nail with a multi-colored smile. This is a great idea for girls who have a sufficient amount of varnishes in their arsenal. And also for those who want to urgently improve their mood!

With red accents

If we talk about fashionable color combinations in manicure 2020, then the undoubted favorite will be a tandem of a nude base with red accents. The reason for the popularity of such an alliance can be called its universality, restraint and non-triviality. Stylists suggest that this design is a great idea for trendy everyday looks.

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Among the most stylish design options for a scarlet smile are:

  • the use of red sequins for a spectacular design;
  • scarlet sequins are useful for a festive exit;
  • broths will give the manicure originality and style;
  • in everyday manicure, you can use a geometric or minimalist style;
  • Another topical solution is granular foil.


Today it is incredibly fashionable to combine the classic French performance with various techniques and styles. For example, it can look great in a duet with minimalism, geometry, the effect of “broken glass” or “cat’s eye”, fashionable patterns or prints.

Drawings instead of a smile

It’s easy to instantly transform your favorite jacket if you skillfully replace your usual smile with a drawing or print. When creating such a design, you can take into account that floral, animalistic, geometric and marine themes are in trend now.


Fashion 2020 the season is invariably favorable to french manicure with rhinestones, only this time the emphasis is on the limitedness of the sparkling decor. If you want to be in trend, you should forget about the total inlay, and place laconic and elegant accents with the help of rhinestones. By the way, this design is easy to fit into an everyday look.


Beauty connoisseurs can note for themselves the aesthetic combination of a jacket and a gradient transition. This tandem guarantees the creation of an outstanding and stylish manicure. This season, it is important to perform a smooth transition of shades not only in pastel, but also in a bright palette.

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Brilliant atmosphere

Modern fashion is becoming more and more free and loyal, and that’s great! Now, with a light presentation of current trends, brilliant accents can be used not only in solemn, but also in everyday manicure. Even on an ordinary Monday, you may want a festive mood! In this case, remember a simple plan – decorate the jacket with a sparkling or metallic smile and cover it with a transparent top for reliability. Ready! You are gorgeous!

We draw your attention to the fact that now it is important to use not only small, but also large sequins. It is with them that the most enchanting design is obtained.

Experimenting with a smile

In 2020, you can and should go beyond the usual. When doing French, this tip can be taken as motivation to experiment with a smile. Now it can be a double stripe, a gradient, an L shape, a flame, a wave, or a combination of contrasting colors. In a word, any of your creative impulses will be approved by current trends!

If you are doing a French design at home, try setting the stencil at an angle instead of straight. Such a creative approach will allow you to get many times more interesting manicure.

reverse design

Lunar design is one of the most relevant varieties of French manicure. In the 2020 season, it is fashionable to transfer the classic smile to the hole in a mirror image and decorate it with a thin line. Such a simple trick, but how creative it looks!

glitter ribbon

You can add some zest to a familiar manicure if you include an up-to-date decor with a shiny ribbon. The unobtrusive sheen of the metallic decor looks very beautiful and at the same time delicate. Now it is important to use not only silver or gold decor, but colored varieties of scotch tape – pink, mustard, orange and sand shades are especially chic.

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With gold foil

Fashion french design in 2020 year may also involve the use of gold foil to decorate a smile. The most trendy options for this technique are presented in the photo.


It is worth recognizing that little is left of the classic jacket with a white smile. Fashionistas do not get tired of coming up with new original tricks with which the usual design will sparkle with new colors. For example, many girls liked nail art options with animalistic inserts.

Matte top

Manicure with a matte finish for many seasons is a universal solution in order to emphasize your exquisite taste and create a stylish nail design. Among the most daring ideas of the 2020 season is the combination of pastel polish with a velvet finish. The game of textures does not lose fans – it is still relevant to combine a glossy and matte top in one nail art.

[tds_warning]If you liked the delicate pastel palette, it would be useful to know about her unconditional favorites. Now the trend is sky blue, lavender, pistachio, lemon and powdery pink tones.[/tds_warning]


If you do not like the excessive brightness of the manicure, choose a minimalist design – this is one of the hottest trends of the 2020 season. Now the combination of transparent varnish and black thin lines in this nail art is most in demand. It is not at all necessary to completely fill the smile with color – in a laconic design it will be enough to mark it with neat lines….

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