French manicure for fall 2022 – design ideas

With the advent of cold weather, girls are increasingly hiding their hands in warm gloves. But this is not a reason to abandon the manicure. Especially from the universal jacket, which looks stylish, appropriate and neat on both long and short nails. Neither lovers of the classics nor fans of bright colors will be disappointed – there is a suitable design for everyone. Let’s discuss the jacket for autumn 2022, study the main fashion trends and new manicures.



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French manicure design for fall 2022

The main fashion trend of the year is bright colors and a variety of ornaments. And this concerns not only prints on clothes, but also ideas for women’s manicure. The coming autumn offers fashionistas hundreds of options for a jacket for every day and for special occasions. Let’s look at the most notable ones.

  • transparent jacket. A classic that never goes out of style. The peculiarity of this design is the natural color of the nail plate. It is covered with a colorless or nude varnish, and the protruding edge – a smile – stands out in white. Universal option for any size and shape of nails. This nail art will perfectly fit into the wedding and evening look.


  • microfrench. For fashionistas who prefer to wear short nails. The color of the varnish can be any, including the classic transparent. A small protruding edge stands out with such a thin line, as if it is not emphasized, but only outlined. This design looks stylish and elegant.


  • with sequins. Most often this is a holiday option. The issue of decor can be solved in different ways – either glitter is applied to the nail, and the smile is made out with classic white varnish. Or vice versa, the nails are covered with colored varnish, and the edge is decorated with sparkles or covered with foil. The border can be clear or blurry. There are plenty of opportunities for experimentation here.


  • Color. Popular autumn French manicure in 2022. This design is characterized by a colored smile line. The beauty of such nail art is in contrast, when a neutral varnish is emphasized by a catchy contrasting border. Give preference to bright, neon shades – juicy red, blue, orange, green, pink, yellow. Also, the colors on the free edge of the nail can be combined using the ombre technique.


  • Black and white French. For those who like to play with contrast. Black color has not gone out of fashion for several seasons and continues to hold high positions in the ranking of popular shades. They can highlight the edge, the hole of the nail, and it can also be taken as the basis for a manicure. And with the addition of foil elements, it will take on a festive look.


  • Double. In this case, the smile line is conditionally divided in half, and both halves are painted in a different color. You can choose complementary shades or play on the contrast: white – black, pink – black, yellow – green, orange – blue. It is not forbidden to combine different options on different nails. Double French manicure looks fresh and original.


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  • Back. A popular design among nail art masters. The point is to highlight not the protruding edge of the nail, but the line of the hole. An alternative to the classic French manicure for those girls who want to deviate from tradition, but strive to look stylish. On square nails, the simultaneous underlining of the lower and upper edges will look organic.


  • with gossamer. Another design idea for a French manicure for fall 2022. Thin threads can become either a continuation of the line of separation of the nail plate and the edge, or an independent ornament. If desired, it is not forbidden to add rhinestones. This option harmoniously looks on the nails of a round or oval shape. Gossamer is universal, and will perfectly complement everyday and evening outfits.


  • French with a pattern. The option is also appropriate when there are patterns on each nail – repeating or different – and the option when the pattern is only on one or two nails. It can be an abstract pattern, or something specific – flowers, hearts, leaves. With the approach of Halloween, thematic images are in demand: pumpkins, witches. We talk more about manicure for a Halloween party. in this review.


  • Lace jacket. In this design option, the smile line is not only emphasized with color, but outlined with a special ornament that imitates lace. Suitable for girls with long oval-shaped nails, as it harmonizes perfectly with a smooth openwork pattern.


  • French with a non-standard smile. A design idea where the natural line is not semi-circular, but shifts or changes, or in some cases even takes on a new shape. For example, it becomes triangular. They highlight such a “smile” with colored varnish, or give it a metallic sheen with the help of foil, combine different techniques.


  • Crystal french. Fantasy design. Manicure option for extended long nails. The transparent edge of the base is decorated with liquid or transfer foil, which creates broken shiny elements on the surface. The resulting version can be supplemented with an ornament made with varnish in a contrasting color. For those who do not have enough foil, it is possible to supplement the resulting result with rhinestones.


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Also, an autumn jacket can be successfully combined with a monochrome matte design..


The options listed are just some of the opportunities that the current fashion season offers girls. There are many more options and combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and decor. To be convinced of this, look again at the photo of examples of the most beautiful manicure in the fall of 2022 in the French style.

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