French manicure with a pattern

French manicure with or without a pattern looks very impressive. It is this generally accepted fact that makes it the most popular nail art of the decade. With him, women study, go to work, go on dates, travel, get married. In a word, French is a lifesaver for all occasions. And if you add original drawings here, then an unusual image is definitely provided for you.

Stylish jacket with a delicate pattern

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Best Design Ideas

Let’s not procrastinate and immediately move on to the most fashionable and beautiful drawings that will help make your life brighter. In our selection, you will find both new, “unhackneyed” ideas for nail art, and long-established ones that are currently at the peak of popularity.

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  • Geometry. Simple and complex geometric patterns look very interesting in combination with French manicure, despite the fact that these are two completely different directions. Professional masters manage to draw straight lines extremely successfully where there should be a “smile”. And to emphasize that this is a jacket, the contrasting color of varnishes helps.

French with geometry

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Geometric patterns are considered universal. They look great on nails of any length and shape. That is why they are so often chosen for everyday design. [/stextbox]

  • Abstraction. This is a novelty that allows you to make such a pattern in combination with a French manicure, which no one else will have. In 2019, photos of nails featuring abstract patterns were very popular with women of all professions and ages. Everything is allowed here! A combination of any colors, shapes and patterns. The main rule is if you like it, then the manicure was a success.

French abstraction

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! With abstraction it is better not to overdo it. It is better to apply a chaotic ornament on one or two fingers. The rest of the nails should be covered with discreet varnish, highlighting the “smile” line with one of the colors that you used in the abstract.[/stextbox]

  • Lace. This delicate pattern is very often used in combination with a classic jacket. And all because they look perfect together and complement each other perfectly. The tips of the nails are painted with white lacquer, and the finest weaves of lace run along the top, like threads. Agree, beautiful?! Brides especially like this combination. Often, girls depict the same patterns on their nails that are present on their dress or veil.

Red jacket with lace

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  • French manicure with dot pattern. Why not? Try to draw a smile line with a contrasting varnish, and on it dots, for example, white. They can be frequent or rare, tiny or large. Points in another part of the nail plate will also look appropriate. In a word, here you can give full scope to your imagination.

Dot French

  • French manicure with a pattern on the ring finger – this is almost the same classic as the jacket itself. Pay attention to the photo, most often this particular nail is decorated with a three-dimensional pattern. Almost everything that you like will be appropriate here. The main thing is to harmoniously combine colors.

French with a delicate pattern on the ring finger

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! If you chose some full-fledged pattern to decorate the ring finger, then the rest of the fingers should be covered exclusively with a jacket. Otherwise, the image will be overloaded and all charm will be lost.[/stextbox]

  • Seasonal drawings. There are just a huge number of ideas for creating this decor! If we are talking about winter, then try decorating a French manicure with snowflakes. If you want to stand out for the New Year, use bright, contrasting colors and glitter. Lots of glitter!


If you want to emphasize your autumn mood, then let your jacket water the rain. (There is a special technique for applying drops to the nail for this.). Well, in spring and summer, please yourself with a delicate floral design and the color of young foliage. About him – that’s just what we’ll talk about in the next block.

French with a themed autumn pattern

  • Floral motifs. French manicure made with gel polish is often decorated with flowers. For many years, these gentle motifs have delighted girls. Flowers can be large or small, in the form of unblown buds or even in the form of a bouquet. And if you think that the color palette here is exclusively pastel, then you are deeply mistaken. Many fashionistas are very willing to experiment and make the floral design catchy, voluminous and even flashy.

Floral motifs

  • Shell. Or in another way, a corrugated manicure. The technique of its implementation is somewhat complicated, so it is better to entrust the execution of this pattern to the master. But when the work is finished, the result will pleasantly surprise you. After all, one of your nail plates will show off the most delicate three-dimensional pattern – a shell. As a rule, it has a white, beige or pale pink color and is decorated with beads. But few people know that you can draw a shell not only on the ring or middle finger. Some masters highlight the “smile” line with the help of corrugation, which turns the French manicure into a real masterpiece.

French with a shell

[stextbox id=’info’]

Important! The marine theme itself is very relevant today. Therefore, a jacket in blue and turquoise shades is in fashion, as well as stickers and images of anchors, fish scales and other attributes of marine life.



  • It is often possible to meet french manicure with rhinestone pattern. With their help, fashionistas willingly lay out brilliant intricate patterns on their nails or simply highlight the “hole” and the “smile” line. This manicure is perfect for everyday wear and going out.

French with a pattern of rhinestones

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  • Marble french. This design would look great on a reverse French manicure. After all, in order to fully appreciate the beauty of marble on the nails, it is necessary to cover most of the nail plate with it. But the hole can be highlighted, for example, golden or some other color. As a result, you will get a very stylish and beautiful pattern that will be in perfect harmony with the jacket.

Marble manicure

French manicure with a pattern is a great opportunity to decorate your nails the way you want. In 2019, there are a lot of opportunities for bringing any ideas to life. Every woman will definitely be able to find what she likes. And the length and shape of the nail play a secondary role here.

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