More and more women are getting French manicures. All because he is back in fashion. Do not stop at the classic form, allow yourself creative liberties and make a French manicure with a design.

Fashionable French manicure with design 2023

Fashionable jacket with design – new manicure 2023

The French manicure made a comeback last year, but in 2023 it’s become even more desirable.

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An abstract pattern that adorns the edge of the nail is an attractive, fun and original solution. These drawings lack precise form and excite the imagination.

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With floral ornament

A floral ornament can be a beautiful and simple way to add tenderness, femininity to a familiar jacket. Use a thin floral stamp, stencil, or nail art brush to add tiny flowers to the white tips. This design is perfect for spring and summer. The flower can be placed at the base of the nail or at the tip. Flowers can be small and scattered, or larger and more conspicuous.

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Beautiful french design with a pattern

Drawing can become a real highlight of a manicure.

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One of the most trendy proposals is based on the use of lines and geometric shapes.

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With silver design

A silver design can add a touch of glamor to a manicure. The easiest way to add silver is to replace the traditional white tips with silver ones. Apply a clear base coat, then use silver polish to color the tips of your nails. You can add silver rhinestones or sequins to your accent nail for extra sparkle.

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Black tips instead of the traditional white ones will create a chic and understated look that is perfect for any occasion. You can add a thin silver or gold line between the black and the base color of the nails for more expressiveness.

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French with animal print

Use the nail art brush to create animal print designs on the tips or on the entire nail. You can try leopard, zebra or snake print for a bold look. The cow print is also popular.

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with sequins

This option will add a spark to the traditional jacket. Use glitter varnish for the entire base. Or use a thin brush to draw a thin line of glitter over the traditional white tip.

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Asterisks are a stylish ornament that is gaining popularity. These can be large stars, for the entire nail or micro stars.

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with double line

It can be called a double jacket. There are only two thin lines on the tip of the nail. In black, white, blue, in different shades, with more or less spacing, with short and long nails, almond-shaped, as well as rectangular, the choice is huge.

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Unusual and stylish. The beauty is that it looks good on both long and short nails.

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Rainbow – color

Change the white tips to different shades of neon. It’s a bold approach that’s perfect for the holiday season.


Ombre nails are not new, but they are back in fashion and in trend. They are characterized by a smooth transition from one shade to another. for example, from light to dark. In a classic jacket, this is a smooth transition from white tips to a barely noticeable pink, but without the traditional sharp contrast between them.

With hearts

Instead of traditional white tips, draw a small heart on the tip of each nail. You can use a nail art brush or a heart shaped stencil. Another option is to keep the classic French manicure on most nails and add a heart-shaped accent nail on one or two fingers. You can draw a small heart at the base of the nail, or create a large heart that covers the entire nail.

With rhinestones

An easy way to enhance the classy and classic look is to glue a few tiny rhinestones all over the nail.


Chanel, Dior, Gucci – choose your favorite and let your stylist make a bold and signature design over a classic jacket.

metal french

Use metallic nail polish or powder to create a modern french look. This design is perfect for those who want to add a touch of glam to their manicure.

negative space

For a modern take on a French manicure, try a design with negative space. Leave part of the nail unpainted to create a contrasting look. You can use nude base polish and black tip polish.

Holographic tips

If you want to jump into the trend but don’t want to get too far out of your comfort zone, use a holographic nail polish or rub in to give your tips an unexpected “twist”.

Two colors

If it’s hard to decide, why not choose two shades at once and paint your nails.

Matte and glossy

Two textures – matte and glossy – combined with one shade create a very cool and unusual effect.


Another option to give your nails a touch of glamor is to apply a golden hue to them. This is a very sophisticated design, especially for important occasions. They are gorgeous!


Two vibrant colors like pink and red look incredible when paired together.

triangular jacket

Do not change the usual shades, change only the shape of the tip. This angle of inclination makes it modern and fresh.

With bows

Bows can be a cute addition to a design.

White french

White nails are classic, but to modernize them, opt for a more translucent white or milky color. If you don’t want to use a single color, add colored details, but keep it subtle.