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We have collected all the elegance and beauty of a jacket on nails in a photo selection of new products in 2019. You may not even have guessed how different French design can be. If it attracts you in a classic design, but still a little bored, you have come to us just in time. Why not add a trendy twist to a traditional jacket? We promise that this will make it even more beautiful.

Classic french design

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How it all started

The history of French manicure began with Hollywood stars. Famous Vivien Leigh, Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly had to change images several times during the day of filming. At the same time, the profession required a mandatory change in nail design. Imagine how long and tiring it was!

Gentle and practical manicure

The stars were tired of this situation, and they turned to Jeff Pink for help – this is a specialist in nail polishes. He was entrusted with the mission to come up with a beautiful and versatile manicure that would successfully fit into any image of the actresses. Agree, he perfectly coped with his task.

Perfect french smile

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French lessons

The perfect jacket requires a responsible approach. Although this technique looks quite simple, in reality, nail art masters often face some difficulties. Deciding to implement a French manicure, you may find that everything did not go according to plan and the result did not live up to expectations. But you are not afraid of disappointment if you learn about life hacks and the secrets of technology.

Versatile and practical manicure

  • French does not forgive mistakes and distortion of proportions. It requires that the deepest point in the smile is clearly in the central part of the nail. The edges of the smile must be at the same height.
  • In a classic jacket, the optimal smile width is 1/5 of the length of the nail plate.
  • The curve of the cuticle should be reflected in the curve of the smile. Accordingly, if you have oval nails, the smile should follow a smooth shape.

Perfect length for a jacket

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Note! Round and sharp nails are in harmony with a deep smile. But for a short length and square shape, it is better to prefer a smoother version.



  • To cover the base in a classic jacket, we recommend choosing a medium tone between the color of the nail and skin.
  • Drawing the perfect smile is work with a jewelry character. The slightest mistake or jitter will immediately affect the result. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right tool for perfect coverage. A round kolinsky brush, a flat synthetic brush for thick polish, or a dots brush for beginners who aren’t good with brushes are great.
  • The secret to the success of a French manicure is the complete drying of the varnish at each stage. Therefore, we advise you to save time. Gel nails are dried with a special lamp – this is a way to speed up the manicure and increase the service life.

Technique for creating a beautiful and neat jacket

Such a different french

You can do a french on your nails with gel polish or a regular coating. In our photo novelties of 2019 you will find ideas for the embodiment of modern French design. They combine the elegance of classical technology and the creativity of modern trends.


  • To turn a traditional jacket into a stylish manicure with a mischievous character, just add trendy peas to it. Everything is very simple – cover your nails with a base and draw a characteristic smile, and after drying, decorate with a scattering of cheerful peas. In the 2019-2019 season, rather large dots are in the trend.

Pea jacket

  • An exquisite version of the French classic – making a smile with glitter. This design will be a flawless and elegant addition to any evening look.

Glitter french

  • Do you want a universal recipe for a cool manicure? Add the Negative space trend to any technique. In the jacket, he assumes a transparent base with a colored smile. Minimalism at its best!

Geometric jacket in negative space technique

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  • Color jacket is a fashionable variety of classic manicure. Fashionistas like to make smiles on each nail in different shades, and some decide to use a multi-colored range for the base coat.

Color jacket

Such a creative solution is sure to draw a lot of eyes to your nails, so they must be in perfect condition.

  • Elegant French manicure – moon manicure. In this technique, the smile is reversed and applied at the base of the nails. The beginning of this beautiful manicure was laid by the stars, so its other name is “Hollywood jacket”.

Beautiful moon manicure

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  • The gradient jacket looks royally luxurious. The most difficult version is to use the color transition only in the smile area.

Colored smiles with gradient

A more simplified solution is a gradient over the entire surface of the nail.

French gradient over the entire surface of the nail

  • An interesting variation of French design is the chevron. The technique assumes that the smile will be V-shaped. The most spectacular version of such a manicure is obtained on long nails.

Stylish triangular jacket

  • If you want to admire the perfection of your nails, decide on a chic version of the Millennium jacket. In this technique, the master applies a transparent base to the entire nail, and decorates the tips with sparkles, foil or rhinestones.

french millennium

  • French manicure with a pattern was more recently considered a traditional wedding design. But fashionistas liked it so much that they transferred it to everyday life. Floral motifs, Chinese painting and lace patterns are often used to decorate a jacket.

Floral French

  • The use of a matte top is practiced today in various manicure techniques, including the French technique. Velvet jacket on nails can often be found in the novelties of the autumn-winter 2019 season. Girls are so fond of choosing a matte texture for cold weather because of its softness and comfort.

Black matte french

  • The fashionable technique of water marbling looks just great in French design. You can choose any shades and decorate them with a smile.

French and water manicure technique

  • If you do not want to change the rules of the game of the classic jacket, use white in the design of a smile. To add variety to such a design, a colored base, marble stains, a beveled tip or a pearl rub will help.

French ombre with rubbing

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