Французская уличная мода

French street fashion summer 2020

Fashion still strives for comfort, free silhouettes, natural materials, and avoids excessive frankness in forms. French street-style is, in addition to all of the above, always impeccable elegance in outfits and accessories. Women follow fashion trends, while choosing things that will remain relevant for a long time. Let’s see what summer images the photographers managed to capture on the streets of Paris.

french street fashion


The right jeans made of quality material, suitable for the type of figure, are a good investment in your wardrobe. For summer, denim shorts are also suitable. Modern shorts for the city are elongated and not too tight. There is air between the body and clothes. Fitted trousers are balanced by a loose top.

denim streetwear

denim shorts


Clothes a couple of sizes larger are again in demand among fashionistas. French women choose loose, puffy clothes instead of tight ones. Well-chosen oversized images do not spoil the figure, they are able to emphasize fragility and femininity.

In the first picture, the wide shirt is tied in a knot and highlights the waist. Loose dresses look romantic, airy, not hot in them.

oversized images


They are good at any time of the year, but summer and spring, when you don’t need to wear tights, are the best time for them. Among the trends of the season are slip dresses made of satin, shirt cut, wrap dresses. Length – any, except for super-mini and maxi to the floor. A short skirt or dress is chosen spacious, balanced with flat shoes.

In dresses, there is a fashion for oversized, the obligatory free space between clothes and the body, love for a white tint in summer.

loose dresses

bright dress


French women are wearing them everywhere in 2020! Classic stripes, cages, small and large peas, animalistic and floral patterns – everything is in trend. Polka dots make the look delicate and romantic, flowers add femininity to the outfit, jaguar spots combined with silky satin and below the knee length create an elegant look.

prints in clothes

summer prints

White color

An eternal classic for the hot season. White is refreshing, looks great in romantic dresses, office blouses and suits. In combination with natural materials – cotton, linen – and with a free cut in white, it will be cool even on hot days.

trendy white

More brightness

Saturated, bright, even neon shades are also relevant in summer. They are used as small inclusions for jewelry, belts, bags – this is how bold fashionistas paint the whole image in rich colors.

bright things

neon dress

The style of French girls is considered a reference. It easily combines elegance and negligence, simplicity and attractiveness. Summer 2020 looks showcase the latest fashion trends and classic French beauty.

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