Fur vest as a way to keep warm in spring: stylish looks for the 2021 season

Fur vest in the image gives elegance and gloss. How this piece of clothing will be in harmony with other clothes depends on its length, cut and fur from which it is sewn. In the new spring season, designers offer not to dwell only on classic sets and experiment.

Pair with trousers and shorts

Short vests can be worn with any pants except leggings and leggings. A wide waistcoat harmoniously looks with loose classic or leather trousers, bananas, boyfriend jeans or flared jeans. Ankle boots with heels or flat boots are suitable as shoes. Skinny skinny jeans are also the right option to combine with a fur vest.

To create a fashionable and modern look, you can opt for a tracksuit. Wearing it with a fur vest, the girl will look bold and will not go unnoticed. The main rule: sportswear should not be too deliberate, but rather be casual. If the suit is insulated, then such a set can be worn in early spring.

Vest complete with dresses and skirts

Under a short vest, you can wear both a narrow sheath dress and looser models, including those with additional decorative elements. It is important that the color of the fur does not argue with the palette of the dress. At the same time, the game of contrast is acceptable. A vest can be the perfect complement to a floor-length dress for both an evening look and a daytime set.

With a long vest, it is better to wear tight-fitting dresses or narrow models of a classic straight cut. Voluminous fur on top of such an outfit will emphasize the feminine features of the figure, and vertical lines will stretch the silhouette and make it slimmer.

With skirts, the cut rule applies: the longer the vest, the less flared the skirt can be, and vice versa. If a girl wears a mini, outerwear should reach the knee or slightly lower, and it is better to choose shoes with a small and stable heel. A-line or skirts with side slits, which have been popular for the last few seasons, look harmoniously with mid-thigh waistcoats.

Combination with outerwear

The combination of fur vests and leather jackets is already considered a classic. This technique allows you not to freeze even in early spring and at the same time look bright. Skin color can be any, and if earlier women preferred dark shades, for example, black or brown, then in the new season, gray and beige tones are also actively used.

Not only leather jackets, but also coats will create a stylish look in combination with a fur vest. It is important that the coat is not overloaded with details and has a straight cut. It is better when the vest is a little shorter than the outerwear on it, this allows you to show the play of materials.

A fur vest is a wardrobe item that is always in fashion, but only in the right combination. Women with a curvaceous figure are better off choosing short fur. For fragile ladies, long fur is acceptable and even vests are several sizes larger. Then the image will be even more romantic.

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