Furacilin tablets: how to dilute to use the solution

For a long time, in many families, the first remedy for sore throats, and not only, is furatsilin. Because the power of this antibacterial agent has been tested by more than one generation. Its big advantage is that, unlike antibiotics, microbes “do not get used” to furacilin, at the same time, it does not kill beneficial microflora, which allows using the high efficiency of the antiseptic for a long time. It is in any pharmacy and everyone can afford it.

For ease of use of the drug for various purposes, there are the following forms:

  • tablets;
  • powders;
  • aerosols;
  • water-based solutions;
  • alcohol-based solutions;
  • ointments.

Most often, solutions are used.

The areas of their application are extensive, especially at home.

Aqueous solutions are intended:

  • for disinfection of the oral cavity, throat, nose, pleura in case of their inflammation;
  • for washing eyes with conjunctivitis or blepharitis;
  • for washing the urethra and bladder;
  • for the treatment of the genital organs when they are infected;
  • for the treatment of wounds;
  • after operations on bones.

Alcohol: with inflammation of the middle ear.

We prepare the solution correctly

A solution of furacilin should not be done “by eye”, which is what many do. First of all, you should take care of the container in which it is supposed to be cooked. She, of course, must be clean, even better – sterilized. Wash your hands thoroughly too.

We are not free with proportions either, because we want to get a specific therapeutic effect. And remember that each specific case implies its own correlation. If you need to rinse the sore throat of an adult, then we prepare the solution at the rate of 2 tablets per 250 ml of water, and to wash the wound or use it when dressing it as a means for soaking dried dressings, it is enough, and for a very quick effect, just one and even half a tablet .

If we are talking about a child, then the ratio: 1 tablet per 100 ml of water.


We carefully crush the furacilin tablet, since in general it dissolves very poorly. You can, for example, right in the package, lightly tap on both sides of the tablet with a small hammer. This is much more effective than, say, rolling a bottle over it – there is a risk of simply scattering it around. After carefully cutting the package, pour the powder into a prepared vessel with warm, or better hot, water and dissolve thoroughly. If at the bottom, nevertheless, particles of the drug remain, they must be freed from them. Carefully pour the solution without sediment into the same clean container or filter through sterile gauze.

There is an easier way to prepare a solution, the effect of which is not long in coming. The healing properties of furacilin are preserved when boiled. Therefore, when you need to quickly prepare a solution, you can boil the tablets in the appropriate amount of water, which literally turns yellow before your eyes, the drug almost always dissolves completely. A solution of furacilin does not like light, ultraviolet rays are generally destructive for it, therefore it is preferable to store it in a refrigerator in a dark glass container. It is better not to be lazy and prepare a new one every three days.

If an alcohol solution is needed, then dissolve three powdered tablets in 100 grams of alcohol and leave to infuse for several hours.

Ways to use the solution

For diseases in children

Furacilin usually does not cause side effects and is well tolerated even by babies with various infectious diseases. Especially in the first months of life, their eyes often hurt, and washing them with an aqueous solution of furacilin often becomes a real salvation. However, it must be remembered that such procedures can be carried out only with the permission of the doctor, to clarify with him the permissible number of daily procedures. To wash the eyes of a child, wet a sterile gauze pad (separate for each eye!) With a prepared solution at room temperature and gently wipe it from the outer corner of the eye to the inner one. Do the same with the second eye. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the child in order to exclude potential intolerance to furacilin, which may be indicated by allergic reactions or some similar symptoms, which, however, is extremely rare. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

For diseases of the throat, mouth and nose

The throat and mouth can be rinsed with a solution of furacilin up to ten times a day. And in especially neglected cases, even add 3% hydrogen peroxide to it (two teaspoons per 200 ml). In diseases of the mucous membrane of the mouth and gums, peroxide is not needed.

A solution prepared from two tablets of furacilin, diluted in 200 ml of water, and one ampoule of diphenhydramine, can not only make the nose clean in a day or two, but also cope with a sore throat. It is necessary to bury it often enough, you can also rinse your nose with a syringe. Such a procedure, which is not addictive, is very effective for a runny nose, which remains as a complication after a cold.

With thrush

Not being an antifungal agent, furatsilin will not be able to completely defeat thrush, but douching it with an ordinary warm solution (one tablet per 100 ml) for four days (no more!) Can significantly alleviate the condition.

Women over forty years of age should refrain from such procedures in order to avoid overdrying of the mucous membrane, as well as pregnant women.


For acne treatment

The easiest way is to wipe problem areas of the skin with a solution twice a day after washing or apply moistened cotton pads to them. For the greatest effect, there are several types of masks. For example, they grind and mix two tablets of furacilin, aspirin and levomycetin, add a little cosmetic clay to them, any. And with the help of water or chlorhexidine (a medical antimicrobial liquid that is available in any pharmacy), this mixture is brought to the consistency of sour cream. With severe skin inflammation, the mask is applied daily. When improving – once a week.


With the appearance of “bumps” due to injections, a compress with a solution of furacilin is much more effective compared to the usual mesh of iodine. It will also help with abscesses, ear inflammations, sciatica, relieve swelling with bruises. Deal with mastitis. Why mix one tablespoon of the usual solution of furacilin, honey and alcohol, apply not immediately to the skin, first to the fabric, cover with cellophane on top. The condition will noticeably improve if you put such a compress at least three times in a row before going to bed.

When treating aquarium fish

It is well treated with furatsilin such …

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