Geisha diet for weight loss: menu and results

Slenderness, amazing grace, a light floating gait and a mysterious look – these are the first things that come to mind when thinking about geishas. The secrets of their charm attract many women. Who doesn’t want to be just as desirable and unique? However, ordinary Japanese women amaze foreigners with their fragility, beautiful smooth skin and luxurious hair. And the point is not only in genes, but also in a special nutrition system that allows you to always stay slim. A striking embodiment of such a system is the well-known geisha diet.

Three magical products

Over the centuries, the climate and relief features of Japan have formed a unique food system. It is dominated by rice, seafood, fish and green tea. In addition, meat and salt were absent from the diet of the inhabitants of the Japanese islands for a long time. Thanks to this, until recently, they were not familiar with heart problems, shortness of breath, and obesity. Much later, already in the 19th century, the Japanese, under the influence of Americans and Europeans, discovered milk, to which they had previously had a certain prejudice.

All these principles of nutrition, only in a more rigid form, are reflected in the diet of a geisha. As you know, these charmers sacrificed a lot to achieve perfection – these are exhausting lessons, and strict rules, and, of course, severe food restrictions.

The basis of their diet is the following products:

  • boiled rice;
  • green tea;
  • milk.

There are indeed very few products, but it is difficult to find more useful components of the diet. Rice contains vitamins and microelements (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium) that are extremely important for humans. The high fiber content in it allows you to muffle the feeling of hunger for a long time, easing the hardships of the diet, and also effectively cleanses the body of toxins. Eating rice also has a positive effect on the condition of teeth and bones.

Brown brown rice is the most useful, because when polished, along with the husk, most of the vitamins, trace elements, and folic acid also go away. But if brown rice is not available, plain white rice can be used as well.

Green tea has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, improves sleep, strengthens tooth enamel, helps overcome depression and actively promotes weight loss. It perfectly tones due to the high content of caffeine and tannin, but in moderation, because milk, the third component of the geisha diet, can soften their rather strong effect. It also dulls the feeling of hunger. By the way, the calorie content of such a diet is very small, so you should not use skim milk during it. The optimal fat content of milk for this type of diet is 1.5%.

Menu and other subtleties of the diet

The geisha diet is designed for only five days, but for this very short time a day, you can lose a whole kilogram or even more!

It consists of 3 daily meals:

  • breakfast – 500 ml of green tea with milk (proportion one to one);
  • lunch – 250 g of boiled (preferably brown) rice and a glass of warm milk (milk must certainly be warm);
  • dinner – another portion of boiled rice and 250 g of green tea with milk.

During the entire diet, butter, sugar, salt, salt, flour products are prohibited. But without restrictions, you can drink non-carbonated mineral water, and you can supplement it with a couple of cups of green tea (without milk).

The geisha diet is quite rigid, so you should not immediately switch to rice and tea. For several days before starting the diet, it is worth gradually reducing the number of calories in the diet, for example, switching to soups and light salads. This approach will significantly reduce stress for the body.

But it is equally important and correct to get out of the diet. At first, it is recommended to eat separately, eat more light food, vegetables, fruits, and only gradually introduce flour products, sweets, and meat into the diet.

As already mentioned, the duration of the geisha diet is limited to five days. Exposing your body to such tests for a longer period of time is not worth it. You can repeat the course again not earlier than in a week or two, and even better in a month. True, due to the severity of this diet, few dare to such a feat, although, according to experts, the second time you can lose up to 14 kg of weight, because during the first course the body gets rid mainly of excess fluid, and for the second – directly from fatty deposits.

Geisha diet pros and cons, results and contraindications

The undoubted advantages of this diet include its simplicity. No need to calculate calories, trying to make a menu, use unusual and complex cooking techniques. Everyone can cook rice without oil and sugar, brew tea and add oil to it. In addition, the diet does not last long, it does not require special expenses, because even quite expensive brown rice can be replaced with white rice. This makes the geisha diet extremely affordable – it can be followed by both a housewife and an always busy business woman.

Due to its low calorie content, the geisha diet is an excellent choice for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, but for the same reason, it is unlikely to suit active, athletic people.

If we talk about its shortcomings, first of all, attention is drawn to the fact that during the diet it is still not possible to avoid feelings of hunger, and sometimes dizziness and fatigue. Another unpleasant moment – the use of rice, the basis of this diet, can lead to constipation, and due to the lack of salt, problems with the water-salt balance are likely.

Many women note that at the end of the diet, they often begin to quickly gain the lost weight. But this problem arises not only after the geisha diet, it is generally characteristic of all diets, and the point is not at all that a person who is forced to limit himself in food for some time then eats more. It’s just that the body, which has experienced stress due to a temporary restriction in the number of calories, begins to intensively make reserves in the form of body fat in case of a new unexpected hunger strike. Therefore, it is necessary to combine any diet, including the geisha diet, with moderate but regular exercise, massage, and after it is over, it is important to monitor your diet.

As you know, thanks to this diet, you can lose from 4 to 7 kg, and with a repeated diet, this figure will double. The result will not have to wait long – the first kilograms will go away in a couple of days. This diet is quite gentle on the stomach and intestines. Thanks to tea and rice, it is possible to remove not only excess fluid and feces from the body, but also toxins and slags. The unambiguously positive results of the diet, many include increased efficiency and a feeling of lightness in …

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