Gel polish on short nails: design

Gel polish in 2019 has become one of the most used coatings in nail design, which is also used on short nails, as can be seen in various photos with examples of design ideas for such a manicure. After all, with it you can not only experiment with new products and nail art techniques, but also protect your nail from breaking, and make the manicure as a whole more resistant. Therefore, later in the article we have given some original and easy-to-execute examples of the design of short nails using gel polish, which even a beginner can reproduce.

Beautiful manicure for short nails

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Features of a “short” manicure

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When you start decorating short nail plates, you should definitely take into account their features, as well as follow some rules, thanks to which you will get the perfect manicure design as a result.

Fashionable manicure design for short nails

  • A large number of rhinestones and other decor looks beautiful on long nails. But such a design not only makes short ones rough and heavy, but also visually shortens them.
  • Find the “golden mean” in artistic painting, since overly voluminous drawings may simply not fit, but too small ones visually reduce it even more.

Dark manicure with a neat pattern

  • In color combinations, limit yourself to using 2-3 different shades, because with more contrasting transitions, the design will simply merge into one color spot.
  • The shape of the nails should be as natural as possible. Therefore, it is better to give your preference to an oval, round or square shape with rounded corners.

Solid dark manicure on short nails

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Important! Despite the belief of many that dark colors visually shorten the nail plate, it is now acceptable to use absolutely all color palettes on short nails. We recommend paying special attention to the nude range, as well as the fashionable blue, burgundy, green, orange and olive colors today.


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We create a stylish manicure on short nails with gel polish

Thanks to such a decorative coating as gel polish on short nails, it becomes possible to create many original and unusual designs, also shown in the photo examples in our article. The most fashionable of them in the upcoming autumn-winter season 2019-2019 are the options below.


  • Traditional plain. It is perfect for short nails. Bright saturated or delicate light colors in a monochromatic design look spectacular not only with a glossy, but also with a matte finish.

Monochromatic manicure

  • Ombre. Gradient stretching is also acceptable on short nails. It is preferable to use several tones of the same color, but it is better to avoid palettes that contrast with each other, as they visually deform the nail plate.

Ombre gel polish

  • patterns. Despite the scarcity of space, short nails can still be decorated with artistic painting in the form of monograms, colored ethnic patterns and mosaic ornaments.

Mosaic manicure decor

  • Stylish geometry. Stripes, triangles, rectangles and other elements of geometry, as well as abstraction, are the most fashionable manicure decor, which is also used on short nails. Especially important is the arrangement of geometric elements not strictly in the center, as was previously accepted, but in a chaotic manner.

Geometry on nails

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  • Feng Shui. A completely new direction in nail art, which involves placing accents in design in accordance with the goals in life. For example, if a girl dreams of marriage, it is worth highlighting only the ring finger. As a decor, you can use both standard in the form of rhinestones and sparkles, and painting in the form of hieroglyphs.

Highlighting the ring finger with a pattern – for those who dream of marriage

  • “Inverted” jacket. In addition to the classic version of the French manicure, its somewhat modified form is also in fashion. Its meaning is that the “smile” line is located at the base of the nail, while the end is already acting as the “basis” of this design.

Very unusual and original french

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Important! In a modified version of the French manicure, the combination of colors should be contrasting, but at the same time in harmony with each other.



  • Lunar. In this case, it is mainly performed in the classical form, in which the main part is stained with a single-color decorative coating, while the lunula zone remains transparent. However, the combined version of the moon manicure looks no less impressive, when the lunula zone is highlighted in relation to the main coating with a contrasting color or finish.

Beautiful moon french

  • Minimalism. A manicure made in a minimalist style looks very original on short nails. Combining nude and pastel palettes with a little bit of vertical stripe or heart décor with a matte finish results in a subtle and unobtrusive design.

Minimalist manicure

  • Mirror. Metallic design is an essential part of autumn manicure, which can also be created with gel polish. One has only to purchase a ready-made coating or use a special rub, as the nails will acquire a beautiful metallic gloss, which can be used to highlight one or all fingers.

Manicure with rubbing on short nails

  • negative space. This is one of the most fashionable designs today, which is widely used in creating a manicure with short nails. In addition to the “naked” lunar one, a manicure with geometric or mosaic patterns, in which one or two elements remain unpainted, also looks very impressive.

Lunar manicure in negative space technique

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  • “Assorted”. Despite the fact that it is not recommended to create voluminous and richly decorated designs on short nails, this is not a reason to create a “boring” manicure. Just combine several nail art techniques in one design and as a result you will get a very catchy and even textured manicure.

Assorted gel manicure

Looking through various photos with examples of fashionable designs in 2019 created using gel polish on short nails, you can see that they are not at all boring and monotonous. Indeed, despite the lack of a large space for creativity, thanks to a wide range of all kinds of decor, even on the shortest nails, you can create a spectacular and unusual design. The main thing is to approach…

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