Getting ready for the summer: what items in the wardrobe should be updated?

We don’t know people who don’t love summer. Sunny days, chocolate tan, good mood 24/7 and a great reason to update your wardrobe. Summer clothes must meet several criteria: be comfortable, relevant and stylish. With the help of EMKA women’s clothing brand stylist Vladimir Kazaryan, we will find out how summer trends have changed compared to last year, and what models of clothing and accessories are in trend for summer 2021.

Trends change every year, but this summer the changes will be especially noticeable. All of us do not leave the hope of opening the borders, but everyone understands that in urban wear, shoes with straw soles or a straw hat will simply be out of place. What should residents of the metropolis pay attention to?

Rough sandalsand

If earlier girls dreamed of taking off their high-heeled shoes as soon as possible at the end of the working day, now fashion has clearly decided to please us: stylists are increasingly using Velcro sandals and large rough soles. They are combined with a suit, and with a dress, and with shorts. It remains to choose only a goal and a reason.

Shorts below the knee

Long Bermuda shorts are about to appear in all shop windows. Pay attention to models with a high waist (such shorts lengthen the silhouette) and length to or just below the knee.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the color of the elements of the image. You can buy a monochrome suit with Bermuda shorts made from natural fabrics, it will perfectly cope with the role of the basic element.

Basic T-shirts

This summer’s motto is “As many basic T-shirts as possible!” Choose different colors and limit yourself to minimalist prints in the form of lettering, as the print trend is becoming a thing of the past.

The most relevant are straight and long models with a lowered shoulder or cuffs on the sleeves. Designers advise wearing a T-shirt with one hem tucked into Bermuda shorts, jeans, or a flowy skirt for a more interesting twist on a familiar look.

From rain and wind

Due to unpredictable weather conditions, the layering trend continues even in summer. When choosing the top layer, don’t be afraid to experiment. Pay attention to the raincoat fabric in a shirt cut and voluminous floor-length mantles made of natural fabrics. It is enough to throw outerwear over your shoulders, and the everyday look will look more expressive.

Let’s add volume

For carefree summer evenings on a walk or at a party, choose a parachute dress with voluminous waves. Pay attention to options from natural fabrics.

Go for a walk with velcro sandals, and for an open summer party, choose heels. A great idea for an image is to emphasize the waist with a wide belt, visually stretching the silhouette.

Second bag

Now the shopper has become an integral part of the women’s wardrobe. It is sewn from different fabrics and textures, diluting the base colors with prints. Many fashionistas indulge in pleasure and buy several different models at once, because this thing does not cost a lot of money, but it looks very nice in a spring-summer wardrobe.

Go beyond stereotypes: carry two bags. Keep the most necessary things in a small crossbody, and for everything else use a shopping bag.


Inspired by the 70s, Hedi Slimane showed caps in the collection of the Celine brand, and the headpiece with a visor became the most trendy accessory of the season. Feel free to add baseball caps and caps to urban looks and vacation outfits. To make the combination of elements of clothing with accessories more attractive, experiment with color.

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