Getting rid of internal acne

Internal pimples look like red bumps that are clearly visible on the skin. The maturation process can take up to several weeks, delivering to its owner not only external discomfort, but also painful sensations when pressed.

The places where internal acne occurs are in places where the sebaceous glands accumulate, namely on the nose, chin and back.

Reasons for the formation of internal acne

The appearance of acne of this type signals an internal inflammation of the body. Most often they indicate:

  • inflammatory processes taking place in the intestines, gastric tract, liver;
  • disruption of the sebaceous gland (blockage of the ducts, impaired sebum secretion);
  • skin bacteria, which, when accelerated, can lead to the formation of internal acne;
  • endocrine disorders (especially if the place of accumulation of internal acne is the chin);
  • acne occurs more often when the immune system is weakened, general fatigue, stressful situations;
  • internal acne can appear due to poor-quality cosmetics or if the cosmetics do not fit the skin type.

Ways to get rid of internal acne

Ways to get rid of internal acne are much more complicated than in the case of ordinary acne. If the latter, appearing on the face or body, disappear after a couple of days, then the situation with internal acne is more complicated. With improper treatment and damage to the pimple node, new pimples may appear. To eliminate them, only an integrated approach is used, combining the treatment of the internal focus of inflammation plus the treatment of the external manifestation – the pimple itself.

Modern treatment of internal acne.

For the treatment of internal acne, a consultation with a dermatologist is necessary. Only if all the recommendations prescribed by him are followed, it is possible to completely get rid of this disease.

Internal acne is, first of all, a disease. Therefore, it is first necessary to pass the appropriate tests for the presence of inflammatory processes in a person. Then, this inflammation, under the guidance of a doctor, is eliminated, for this, medications are prescribed that are aimed at treating the sebaceous glands.

Modern medicine offers ozone therapy for the treatment of internal acne. An inflamed pimple is treated with ozone, which has an antimicrobial effect, relieves inflammation and redness. The maturation of a pimple occurs in a few hours. And after the elimination of the pimple, no scars remain on the skin.

General strengthening of the body.

But do not forget that in addition to taking medications, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of their secondary appearance. For this:

  • it is necessary to normalize nutrition, include in the diet the “right” foods containing vitamins and microelements necessary for the body – thus, the correct metabolism in the body will be restored, and the sebaceous glands will begin to work normally;
  • drink more fluids to flush infectious agents from the body;
  • strengthen your immunity to prevent recurrences, since the idea that acne is not related to immunity is fundamentally wrong. In the case when the immune system is weakened, it cannot cope with the attacks on the body of harmful bacteria and viruses, and this leads to the “sticking” of various diseases, including the formation of internal acne.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies that eliminate the external manifestations of acne are diverse and, with the right approach, you can use them to weaken inflammatory processes and remove the cosmetic manifestations of internal acne.

  • coarse salt – has absorbent properties and contributes to the early maturation of a pimple. To do this, mix salt with water, getting a steep mass. Then a circle is cut out of a napkin, the size of a pimple (salt must not fall on healthy areas of the skin – irritation may occur), a solution is applied to it and applied to the inflamed pimple. For fixing, you can use a patch. This compress is left overnight. Salt draws out pus from the internal pimple, disinfects and dries the resulting wound.
  • lubricate the head of the pimple with salicylic alcohol several times a day,
  • smear the protruding pimple with iodine, but excessive use can lead to burns,
  • well removes redness Vishnevsky ointment,
  • wipe the site of inflammation with lemon juice,
  • use herbal infusions (chamomile, string, calendula, mint) – all of these herbs have an antiseptic effect and dry the skin,
  • potato mask – grate raw tuber, mix with salt and egg white. The resulting mixture is applied to the affected area for 20 minutes, then washed off with warm water,
  • aspirin lotions – dissolve aspirin in water, apply the resulting mixture to the area with an internal pimple. Aspirin has an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

To squeeze out or not an internal pimple?

A lot of controversy arises over the question: should I squeeze out an internal pimple?

Doctors do not recommend self-squeezing acne, as this is fraught with scars and scars remaining in their place. Acne removal is only a matter of specialists, since after their manipulations the risk of scars is minimal. Moreover, many hidden pimples are an inflamed mound, and a purulent head is not visible on this mound. Squeezing out such a pimple, you can damage the upper epithelium of the skin, but never get to the node of the pimple itself.

Naturally, many of the owners of internal acne do not listen to the opinion of specialists and try to open the hated pimple on their own. Then be sure to adhere to the following provisions:

  • the most important thing is clean hands so as not to bring an infection into an open wound.
  • if a purulent head has appeared, it is necessary to squeeze out all the pus until a white liquid and blood appear.
  • if the purulent head is not visible, then a small puncture must be made with a needle treated in alcohol lotion. Then the contents of the internal pimple are squeezed out until blood appears.
  • at the end, the wound must be treated to prevent infection.

Internal acne is not only a cosmetic inconvenience. With the wrong approach to the problem, negative consequences are possible in the form of scars, new acne or infectious infections. Therefore, you need to get rid of internal acne competently and under the guidance of specialists.

Draw your attention to! The information presented in the article is for informational purposes and does not call for self-diagnosis, self-treatment and influence on your body by any means. Make a diagnosis, prescribe (recommend) treatment and medications or dietary supplements, give recommendations …

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