Glamorous sporty style in clothes

Now, many star ladies are very fond of glamorous sports style in clothes, or briefly “sport chic”. We will be happy to tell and show you how to create successful and stylish bows in this style.


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What is sport chic

Fashion has repeatedly shown us that it is possible to combine the impossible and the incongruous, and it will be beautiful and stylish. So the combination of sport and glamor gave birth to a new trend, a style of clothing – sport chic or glam sport. This direction appeared earlier, fashionistas periodically returned to it, but a triumphant and grandiose return took place in 2015, when a healthy lifestyle and sports became fashionable and popular.

Fashionable images in the style of sport-chic

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Many things of this style were simply taken from the sport:

  • patterned sweaters and knitted hats – from the ski;
  • long jerseys – from basketball;
  • bodysuit, cropped T-shirts (crop tops), leggings – from gymnastics;
  • voluminous, oversized T-shirts – from bodybuilding;
  • sports bags and headbands – from any.

Sport chic – from the gym to the street

And it all started with the stars: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Rihanna proved by their example that pants with stripes and wedge sneakers are glamorous and stylish.

Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Madonna in sport chic

The main components of the sport chic style

When planning to dress fashionably and sportily, we take into account the main fashion trends:

Stylish images of sport chic

  • Sportswear is not only for halls and stadiums, you can go out in public in it.
  • We combine strict classics and sports elements.
  • Comfort and convenience come first.
  • Layering – a long T-shirt sticking out from under the hoodie, and a fur vest on top – warm, cozy and stylish.
  • Color – have you seen what bright stripes and inserts on sportswear are made by famous manufacturers? So are we, too – we put on a green coat over a crimson suit and go.
  • Creativity and courage in inventing new combinations – do not be afraid to experiment, pants with stripes and stilettos – bombing!

Fashion examples from celebrities

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Interesting. Sport chic is a universal style suitable for any figure, height and complexion.


What to wear in sports glam style

When creating a sportshik look, you will be surprised, because the necessary things are already in your wardrobe, and you will not have to look for them in boutiques and shopping centers:

  • Sneakers have been part of our lives for a long time. Any color, they are already an important part of the style.

Sneakers are one of the attributes of sport chic

  • Bombers, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies – before sports sweaters were worn in the halls, and now on a dress or dress pants and – to the store for bread or to a party with a friend.

Sports sweatshirts and sweaters are the perfect element for a sporty chic style.

  • T-shirts and sports tops – with numbers or brand inscriptions, something that immediately “screams” about sports can be worn with classic shoes, strict skirts and an elegant handbag.

T-shirts with numbers are a stylish item for a sporty chic look.

  • Women’s leather pants are beautiful, sexy and with a touch of brutality. It goes perfectly with everything.

Leather pants – an element of sport chic

  • Knitwear: Patterned sweaters, knitted hats, knitted trousers – anything that is soft and warm looks great with pumps or an elegant clutch.

Knitwear is the basis of sport chic

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Advice. Do not forget about the important details of sport chic: stripes on pants, laces on sweaters, a wedge or a platform for sports shoes.


Glamorous sport chic – trousers with stripes

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Sports chic options

It’s easy to say: we take glamorous and classic things and interfere with sports ones. In the “mix” business, it is important not to overstep the line and feel when enough is already enough.


Let’s help with the description of luxurious bows:

  • A bright sweatshirt for classic straight trousers, you can even take it with arrows. Shoes, heels or sneakers, an elegant handbag or a bulky bag for a set.

Glamorous sport chic

  • A long T-shirt with a number and leggings, or just tights, or an airy light puffy skirt, sneakers or shoes on your feet, an elegant bag on a chain over your shoulder.

Long T-shirt with light skirt

  • A bomber jacket on a satin or velvet dress – a touch of masculinity looks great and romantic on feminine things.

Stylish bomber jacket combined with a dress

  • A sports top and a dark pencil skirt, sneakers and a voluminous shoulder bag are incredibly feminine and bold.

With a pencil skirt

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  • A knitted hat, scarf and sneakers in one color and a light beige classic raincoat or coat.

Sneakers, coat and knitted cap in one look

The easiest way to find suitable looks for yourself is to look at more photos of wonderful sport chic looks in everyday clothes.

Glasses are one of the elements of sport chic


  • sunglasses and caps (blazers) are a must;
  • we close the hair in a careless ponytail with large elastic bands, as if we are about to rush to the gym to study;
  • decorations are large, noticeable;
  • textile bags and belts complement the overall look very well, but not necessarily, leather, suede are also suitable.

Sport chic bags and jewelry

Autumn-winter season and sports glam

The sport chic style in the clothes of the cool seasons 2019-2019 introduces all its features:

Sport chic – stylish images for the winter

  • we wear classic coats, trench coats and fitted down jackets with sneakers or sneakers;
  • fur vests, short fur coats – wear with sneakers;
  • we combine sweatpants with an elegant coat or raincoat;
  • parka and stiletto heels;
  • insulated sports jacket for tight trousers and pointed-toe shoes;
  • sweatpants, sneakers, blouse, asymmetrical fashion coat.

Winter looks in sport chic style

These are just a few examples of how to combine sporty style details with winter and autumn outerwear. Layering allows you to wear any warm clothes to create a successful stylish image of a fashionista.

Stylish and popular sport chic style

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So, sport chic clothing is the trend of this and next season, and, as we suspect, many seasons in the future. So now it’s worth looking after yourself a couple of stunning stylish looks, if you haven’t already. After all, mixing sport and glamor is a vital necessity.

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