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Glitter and shine of the party: 5 cocktail looks of 2020

Cocktail dresses are an essential element that no woman’s wardrobe can do without. A restaurant with friends, a date, a corporate party or a wedding imply a cocktail style. In the article we will talk about fashion trends in cocktail looks in 2020.

cocktail image

Exquisite asymmetry in the image

In 2020, asymmetry in things and accessories has risen to the peak of fashion. It is not only fashionable, but also practical, because the right dress will help to correct and cover up figure flaws.

Asymmetry can be both at the top and at the bottom of the dress: things on one shoulder, uneven hem, train. No need to be afraid of dresses trimmed with beads, feathers, sequins, because all this is now very fashionable and allows you to create an image that will definitely be remembered by others. You can complement it with asymmetrical earrings and high-heeled shoes.


Puffy princess skirt

Dresses with puffy hemlines and the same skirts have tightly entered the cocktail looks of the last two years. The skirt can be made of dense fabric or tulle. The motto of the year is the bigger the better. Such a dress can be of delicate peach and beige shades for summer looks, burgundy, bottle, purple are suitable for evening outings in color.

You need to pay attention to accessories. They must harmonize. Large earrings, bracelets are perfect. Shoes must be chosen carefully. A fluffy skirt focuses on the legs, so the shoes must be impeccable.

Fluffy skirt

trendy mini

In 2020, mini dresses literally do not disappear from the catwalks. It seems that this is something hackneyed and familiar to all fashionistas and owners of long slender legs, but the designers managed to breathe newness into the familiar style. Cocktail looks with such dresses, although they open a view of the legs, still do not look defiant due to the closed top. For a more festive bow, it is better to choose a top with a bodice trimmed with stones, embroidery or lace.

Such dresses must be carefully selected so that they fit well on the figure. They can emphasize both advantages and disadvantages, so you should take the time to try them on.

mini dresses

Sheath dress

The case is a versatile style that can be worn both at a business meeting in the office and at a corporate event. In order to turn a strict look into a solemn and playful one, you will have to dilute it with accessories: beads, large earrings, a wide bracelet. Or you can choose a version of the dress with decorative elements: rhinestones, decorative flowers or bows, a non-standard neckline, a slit on the thigh. The image is perfectly complemented by shoes with a stable comfortable heel or sandals on the platform.

Sheath dress

Summer looks with flares

Dresses with a flared skirt for the summer are what every woman needs. They are practical, comfortable and suitable for the format of summer events. Floral prints, abstract patterns and natural fabrics are all the rage this year. An additional advantage is that they can be supplemented with low-speed shoes and hair gathered in a bun. The rest is standard: bright large earrings, sunglasses and shining eyes. This will make the image irresistible.

Dresses with flared skirt

In all these images, a woman will look amazing, but you should not be limited to them. The share of fantasy – and a unique bow that will attract the views of others is ready. No need to be afraid of bright colors, decor and experiments with style, because this year they are only encouraged.

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