Glucophage Long for weight loss: application, reviews, analogues

Often overweight requires long-term treatment. People who want to get rid of it use many different means leading to the desired result. Of course, a healthy lifestyle is one of the slowest ways to lose weight, but it is also the most effective and efficient. But there are drugs that serve as faithful assistants to losing weight people. For example, Glucophage Long.

Glucophage Long is an oral hypoglycemic drug of the biguanide type. It reduces hyperglycemia, and also does not provoke its development. An important aspect is that the drug reduces the production of insulin, reduces the production of glucose by the liver. The substance that is part of Glucophage Long – metformin stimulates the synthesis of glycogen. Taking Glucophage Long, a person’s body weight remains unchanged or slowly decreases.

The link between weight loss and Glucophage

The drug Glucophage Long, according to most, is a “faithful assistant” for diabetics. Metformin is the main active substance of Glucophage, which reduces blood sugar. But not all people who use it are diabetics. One of the actions of metamorphine is fat burning. It is because of this that Glucophage Long has become popular among overweight people. The main advantages of the drug are:

  1. Normalization of metabolism;
  2. Tightening the breakdown of carbohydrates, as a result, the process of their “transformation” into fats;
  3. Regulation of blood glucose and cholesterol levels;
  4. “Natural” appetite suppression.


Tablets should be taken orally with water (small amount). It is recommended to use the drug every day during the last meal.

The dosage of long-acting tablets for each patient is individual and depends on the content of glucose in the blood.

Glucophage Long can be used for both mono and combination therapy.

Note! During consumption, a low-carbohydrate diet must be followed.


The combination of the drug with iodine-containing drugs causes the development of lactic acid ethomosis. Because of this, two days before and after the study with high-frequency waves, it is recommended to cancel the use of Glucophage Long.

The combined use of pills with hormonal drugs can affect blood glucose levels. Therefore, it must be strictly monitored, and if the body requires it, increase or decrease the dosage.



  • sensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • diabetic ketoacidosis, coma;
  • deterioration in the functioning of the liver or kidneys;
  • various diseases;
  • major injuries, after operations;
  • excessive alcohol consumption, smoking;
  • pregnancy.

Use before the age of eighteen is strictly prohibited.

You should also be especially careful when prescribing this medication to people over the age of sixty.

Side effects

  1. lactic acidosis;
  2. taste disorder;
  3. nausea;
  4. diarrhea;
  5. stomach ache;
  6. lack of appetite;
  7. itching;
  8. dysfunction of the liver.

What do doctors think

Expert opinions differ. Some consider the use of tablets unacceptable, because. there is a high chance of developing side effects, others, on the contrary, are quite acceptable. Despite all this, the use of Glucophage among healthy people in order to reduce weight is allowed by doctors, but it is prescribed only when proper nutrition and sports do not give the desired result. The drug has an affordable price, you can buy it without a prescription. However, doctors advise before using the medication to consult with specialists.


Metadiene, Bahomet, Glyformin, Glycon, Langerin, Siafor, etc.

Where can I find Glucophage Long

The price of the drug for 30 pieces in a package, the dosage of 500 mg is about 250-350 rubles. You can buy the drug at any pharmacy in your city.


Darina, 28 years old, Moscow: “I have been full all my life. After the onset of adolescence, she began to experiment with a variety of diets. But all of them gave only a short-term effect. For example, having lost 5 extra pounds, she recovered by 10 kg. Of course, I was tired of all this, I began to look for a really high-quality remedy that could help me get rid of excess weight for a long time. I was advised Glucophage Long. My friends shared positive feedback with me, they said that the pills helped. After reading the instructions, I started using the drug. I did not encounter any side effects on the way to lose weight. I have been taking it for about a month, during this time I lost 12.5 kg! Would recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight.”

Irina, 30 years old, Volgograd: “I didn’t drink myself, but I saw the result of drinking with my own eyes. My neighbor drank the drug at 1000 mg twice a day, she had already lost 13 kg. I will also try as soon as I get rid of bad habits. ”

Lyudmila, 34 years old, Belgorod: “There is no desire to give a recommendation to use this drug, even on the basis of the fact that it is intended for people with diabetes, only for them. The manual describes this fact very well. Yes, you can lose excess weight with it, but the price of this loss is very high – a malfunction of the endocrine system, which can have detrimental consequences for the body, complications on other organs. There are many other medicines that are intended for use by healthy people, they are less harmful! Damage to the hormonal background, impaired functioning of the kidneys and liver. No figure is worth such sacrifices.

Maria, 28 years old, Novosibirsk: “I have been using Glucophage Long for a month now. I began to use it as prescribed by the endocrinologist, tk. diagnosed with prediabetes. The sugar level dropped significantly, it took about three kilograms by weight! I didn’t find any side effects. I drink twice a day 500 mg.

Galina, 22 years old, Kursk: “For me, Glucophage Long, its price surprised me very much, it has become the most powerful assistant in losing weight. I used it daily for two months. As a result, I managed to lose twelve kilograms. Using the drug, I also completely abandoned sausages and flour products, mostly ate only vegetables, maybe I lost weight precisely because of this. But just before the New Year holidays, I stopped drinking the drug for a week and did not use it for about a month. As a result, the extra pounds returned, my appetite increased, and I began to overeat again. Confidence in the drug is lost, I’m afraid that Glucophage will only harm.

On the pages of forums for women, you can find many reviews describing the effect of this drug. Summing up, we can say that very often Glucophage Long is rated very …

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