Golden manicure for the new year

Golden manicure for the New Year 2019 is what every woman needs if she wants to be happy, lucky and rich. And the symbol of the coming year, the Earth Pig, which simply adores the glitter of gold, will help to achieve this. So, it is in the interests of absolutely all fashionistas right now to understand the intricacies of golden manicure and decide which nail-art will shine on your nails on New Year’s Eve.


What you need to know before applying a gold manicure?

Gold manicure is undeniably chic, but you also need to be able to wear it. And now we will share with you a few simple rules, following which you will definitely get an impeccable result.

  • Well-groomed hands and nails. This is the first requirement that you will need to comply with without fail. Everything is explained quite simply: gold nail art is very catchy. It immediately attracts attention and captures the eye. That is why a girl who decides to apply it on New Year’s Eve must first take care of the beauty of her hands and smooth the surface of the nail to perfect condition.

Well-groomed hands are the basis of any manicure

  • And here shape and length of the nail are completely irrelevant here. So make them the way you like.

New Year’s manicure with gold on short nails

  • Do not try to combine a golden manicure with silver details of the image. Believe me, nothing good will come of this.

The right combination of golden manicure in the image

  • And one more piece of advice regarding the image: everything is good in moderation, including the golden sheen. You should not create your outfit completely in this color scheme. But it is very possible to support Nail Art with a few golden elements. It can be a clutch, shoes or accessories.

  • You should not make a gold design on the arms and legs at the same time. So, if your hands are covered with golden glitter, then in a pedicure only some minor details are allowed to be applied with the same shade.

The perfect “kit” of golden manicure and pedicure

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Important! Golden decor is most suitable for ladies with a warm skin tone. If it’s not quite like that for you, then boldly combine gold with other colors. It will be very effective.


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The best ideas for a golden New Year’s manicure

Golden nail design for the New Year 2019 can be anything from the simplest to the most complex. And now we will show you some fashionable options that will definitely appeal to even the most fastidious fashionistas.

Using regular varnish

Yes, perhaps this idea is not the most original, but it will definitely turn out to be the simplest. So, those young ladies who find it very difficult to find time for a more serious and thorough nail design may well be content with this option. After all, what could be easier than applying your favorite shade of gold lacquer to your nails and, as a result, get a rich looking nail-art.

Rubbing with gold

A very relevant fashion trend of the season, which breaks all records of popularity. And it is the mirror rub that will look especially bright and luxurious. Moreover, gold, copper, silver or bronze shades are considered the best for her. Therefore, with such a manicure on New Year’s Eve, you will look not only incredibly stylish, but also fashionable.

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French manicure in gold glitter

Classics can and should look new too. Yes, yes, we are now talking about the favorite of millions of fashionistas – French manicure, which may well become even more magical in golden hues.

Making a golden jacket is elementary: first, decide on the main color that will cover most of the nail, and only then highlight the smile line or hole in gold (if we are talking about a reverse jacket). Moreover, you can create a French design on only two or three nails, or you can on all fingers. In both cases, nail-art will look amazing.

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Important! Some more daring fashionistas go for experiments and create a French manicure, combining not quite standard colors. For example, they cover the main part of the nail with gold varnish, and highlight the smile line with a bright burgundy or something no less extreme. However, this option is also quite suitable for celebrating the New Year.


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negative space

The “negative space” technique in combination with gold will look very restrained and at the same time spectacular.

It is easy to implement it on your own, the main thing is to decide on the pattern that you want to depict on the nails. Next, cover it with gold glitter, and leave the rest of the nail transparent, untouched, which will actually look like negative space. One condition: this nail-art looks best on long nails.

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Gold foil design

Another novelty in the nail industry, which will look great on nails in the New Year.

It’s easy to create: apply gel polish of your favorite shade on your nails and, until it dries, place pieces of golden foil on it in a chaotic manner. And to fix the result, cover everything on top with a transparent top. Rest assured, Earth Pig will appreciate your efforts.

Stages of creating a manicure with foil

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Be careful with the combination of gold manicure and gold makeup. This may not be the best solution even for New Year’s Eve. And instead of a luxurious look, you risk getting something vulgar.[/stextbox]

Drawings in gold

Any manicure with a pattern will look very interesting. And if it is also in golden color, then success at any New Year’s party is guaranteed to you. Now let’s look at what patterns can be applied to nails with gold varnish. But, since it is winter now, and the holidays are ahead of us, then we will talk mainly about thematic drawings.

  • Snowflakes. The most winter decor that can be done in any color. Of course, snowflakes made of gold will also look great.

But which gel polish is better to choose for the main coating, we will talk a little later.

  • Champagne glasses. Do you want the most stunning golden manicure for the New Year 2019? Then all attention to the photo below. On them you can see a magnificent, unusual, and most importantly, unused design, which was created specifically for the main festive night. Of course, you can fill your “glasses” with sparkles of any color. But in the New Year there is nothing more relevant than champagne. And this is where the golden glitter will help you out.

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Important! In principle, such glasses look good on any background, but it is the matte base that will make nail-art truly luxurious. However, all this…

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