Gradient manicure: beautiful design

Gradient manicure conquered many girls this year. The gradient itself has long been popular in the field of nail art. But in the coming year, the list of trends will include new options for such a design. We will tell about all the trends and novelties in this article.


Fashion trends of gradient manicure. The best color combinations

A manicure with a gradient is a smooth transition from one color of varnish to another. That is why it is very important for him to choose shades that will harmoniously combine with each other and create a stylish gradient on the nails.

But in 2019, the edgy ombre effect has become a fashion trend. In this case, several shades of varnish are applied to the nail in the form of even strips with clear boundaries. There is no smooth transition in this design, but it looks very stylish and creative.

Ombre with clear borders

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It is easier for owners of long nails to choose a stylish design. Because they can use several colors at once. A multi-colored ombre this season is considered one of the most trendy.


Gradient on long nails

A manicure with a gradient can also be applied to short nails. Experts in the field of nail art assure that pastel two-tone gradients remain in trend in 2019-2020.

Fashion gurus advise choosing shades of lacquer based on the season. For example, to create a trendy summer design, a combination of all the brightest and richest colors is perfect: pink, blue, red, lime and yellow. Mint and orange colors will be especially popular this summer.

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A bright gradient will be a great addition to any stylish summer bow.


In autumn and winter, it is better to give preference to cold shades. Black and gray colors remain in fashion, as they are basic. Stylists offer to turn their attention to wine and purple shades, which have become the trend of the new season.

When choosing a shade, you can rely on your individual preferences. Contrasting combinations will look very unusual and creative. With their help, you can create a unique manicure that will not leave others indifferent.

Interesting contrasting manicure

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Variants of manicure designs with a gradient

Ombre has long been popular among girls. But this season, new trends are emerging that allow you to create a bright and creative manicure. What design ideas will become the trend of the 2019-2020 season, we will find out in this section, and also see photos of the most stylish manicure designs with a gradient.

Classic gradient manicure

An immortal classic – smooth horizontal transitions from one shade to another, not decorated with additional details. This design idea is considered universal, because it fits any shape of nails and can look harmonious in any bow.

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The trend of this season will be the application of a gradient on the almond-shaped nail. Moreover, you need to apply gel polish starting from dark, smoothly turning into white.


To add unusualness to such a manicure will help the choice of topcoat. A matte finish will look great on a classic gradient.

Another tip from the experts: don’t be afraid to complicate the classic ombre. Instead of a smooth transition, you can safely choose a sharper one. This will help add zest to an already familiar design and make it more fresh.

Vertical ombre

An interesting solution for those who are tired of classic designs, but are not yet ready for too bright details. In this case, a gradient manicure is performed in the form of vertical stripes made with gel polish. Such a design will look quite calm, but unusual.

Vertical stripes visually lengthen the nail, so this option is perfect for girls with short nails. You can experiment here too. Nail art gurus offer girls to combine bright, contrasting shades, and add stylish elements (sequins, rhinestones, foil stripes).

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Angular Gradient

A novelty in 2018 was a manicure with an angular gradient. Corner ombre is not much different from its predecessors. Shades of gel polish here are located diagonally on the nail. This design option does not look boring and stylish in combination with any outfit.

A variation of the angular gradient is recognized as an ombre from the center of the nail. This novelty involves stretching the color from the central part to the free edge and to the cuticle. But the highlight of this design is that the stretch is performed on a white base, which adds tenderness and sophistication to such a manicure.

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For the angular gradient and the gradient from the center of the nail, you can use a variety of shades of varnish. Both bright colors and calmer ones will look great.


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French ombre

Loved by everyone and considered an immortal classic, the jacket is losing its popularity in the new year. But it’s too early for fans of such a design to get upset, because designers and stylists have found a way out – to dilute a boring French manicure with a bright, unusual gradient.

Color French ombre

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And the main trend of this season will be a French ombre in dark colors: blue, black and brown.


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chrome gradient

An interesting option proposed by nail art designers will become a hit of the coming year. The chrome gradient is created using a special rubbing, which is applied at the cuticle and stretched to the center of the nail. Such a gradient can be created both on all nails and on several fingers.

The rub has several color options and can be combined with any shades of gel polish. The trend this season will be bronze, silver and gold shades. Best of all, they fall on a white or beige background.

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Gradient manicure decorated with drawings and rhinestones

You can complement the classic ombre with stylish prints.

It is important to consider here that the more complex the gradient, the simpler and more concise the images should be.

For a gradient manicure, small rhinestones can become a harmonious decoration. Manicurists are advised to avoid large rhinestones, as they can hide the transitions and make them sharper. If large stones still seem necessary to you, then it is better to decorate only one finger with them.

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Instead of classic white rhinestones, nail art gurus offer to decorate nails with microbeads and beautiful 3D decorations. This is a novelty in the field of design, so the manicure will look very unusual and very stylish.


Prints and rhinestones can be used in combination. This season, a manicure with a gradient and a graphic pattern, decorated with…

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