Graduated haircuts for medium hair

For many fashionistas who want to look stylish and at the same time spend a minimum of effort on hair care, graduated haircuts for medium hair will be a real discovery.


Advantages of graduated haircuts for medium hair

Choosing this hairstyle option, any representative of the fair sex will definitely not lose. This is due to the fact that graduation on medium hair has the following advantages:

  • versatility. Graduation will look great on any hair structure. She will make thin strands visually more voluminous, while you can get rid of split ends. Graduation will thin out heavy thick hair and make it more attractive, and curly hair will help to give the desired shape;

  • ease of installation. Due to the fact that the ends of the hair are cut using a special technique, they fit better, the hairstyle looks more neat and elegant;

  • medium length is the best option, it is more versatile compared to short haircuts that require careful styling and elongated curls;

  • the ability to correct certain facial imperfections – this is achieved by giving the haircut the correct silhouette using graduation;

  • graduated hairstyles are very easy to curl into romantic curls for a set of length differences between different strands.

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Varieties of haircuts

In our photo review, we presented a variety of graduated haircuts for medium hair, so each girl, depending on individual preferences, will be able to choose the right option for herself. Among the most popular hairstyles are the following.

  • Graduated caret for medium hair. The hairstyle can have a straight cut line or go for lengthening. There are also asymmetrical design variations. For any of these varieties, graduation is ideal.

Universal haircut

  • Graduated bob for medium hair. Everyone can successfully diversify the usual haircut and give it new features if you apply graduation on it. This option especially appeals to young fashionistas.

  • Graduated cascade for medium hair. This hairstyle looks especially advantageous if it is given a torn effect. Techniques such as multi-stage, characteristic of the cascade, and graduation are perfectly combined with each other and complement each other.

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Face shape and hairstyle choice

Fashionable haircuts have their own design features, depending on one or another form of the face of the fair sex. You can identify such trends that guide the masters when choosing a particular hairstyle:

  • you can soften facial features with a square or triangular shape if you apply graduation in the front, on the strands directly located near the face;

  • if a haircut is made on a round face, then the opposite technique is used. It is recommended to leave the front strands elongated, and graduation is applied in the back and side areas of the hairstyle;

Beautiful styling option

  • owners of the correct oval of the face will be able to afford any design option.

Bangs and graduated hairstyle

When creating a stylish haircut, an important point that the master must take into account is the presence or absence of bangs. Depending on this, the design of certain elements of the hairstyle is carried out. The main nuances are as follows.

  • Graduated haircuts without bangs is the simplest solution. In this case, a torn effect is created along the entire length of the hair, depending on the chosen hairstyle. It is worth noting that the option without bangs is ideal for girls, mostly with the correct face shape, who can afford to open and demonstrate a beautiful forehead.

  • Graduated haircuts with bangs. Creating such hairstyles, the master can apply different approaches. You can leave the bangs perfectly flat and straight and not apply graduation on it. In this case, it will make a spectacular contrast with the rest of the profiled strands. Another way to decorate will be to thin out the bangs and give it a torn effect. In this case, the shape of the bangs can be both straight and oblique.

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Laying methods

In 2019, graduated hairstyles can be styled in a variety of ways. Among the most common of them are the following:

  • ordinary everyday styling, when the strands are given the desired direction, which can be additionally fixed with varnish or mousse;

  • giving a wet effect, it is created using special products that are applied to the hair;

  • romantic women’s hairstyles, during the creation of which the hair curls into large or small curls.

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In our photo selection, we presented to your attention the main varieties of graduated haircuts for medium length hair. Having studied all the proposed options for creating and designing hairstyles, each fashionista will be able to make the right choice for herself.


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