Grassroots diet for weight loss and harmony in the legs

When losing weight, women are faced with the fact that not all parts of the body decrease at the same rate. As a rule, first of all, centimeters leave the upper body, and the hips, buttocks and legs remain in their original form. Which is not at all suitable for ladies with a thin face, small breasts, and extra pounds on the hips.

Is there a way to give slimness to the legs and reduce the volume of the hips? Many believe that this can be done with the help of a special “grassroots” diet, the name of which speaks for itself.

Grassroots diet involves a strict menu. The menu is scheduled by day of the week. Moreover, it is impossible to replace the proposed dishes and products with anything else. The diet is designed for a period of 7 days, which is very difficult to withstand even for small children. But those who managed to do this state a weight loss of 5-7 kilograms and a few centimeters in the volume of the hips and legs.

Grassroots Diet Menu

The first day.

  • Breakfast. Cocktail – milk and chocolate 250ml/15g.
  • Lunch. Water with honey 300ml/1 tsp.
  • Dinner. Salad: tomato – cucumber – green onion with lemon juice 230g. Skim milk 250ml.
  • Afternoon snack. Natural yogurt without additives 100ml. Lemon drink 300ml.
  • Dinner. Apple 1pc.

Second day.

The menu of the first day is unchanged.

Day three.

The menu of the first day, but instead of a salad for lunch, use vegetable soup cooked on melted water.

Day four.

  • Breakfast. Cocktail milk/chocolate 250 ml/15g
  • Second breakfast/snack. Grapefruit juice 500ml. Melt water 1.5l.
  • Dinner. Decoction of vegetables 300 ml.
  • Afternoon snack. Low-fat boiled fish 200g.
  • Dinner. Pear 1pc. Water 500ml.

Day five.

Do not eat before lunch, 1l. drink water in small portions.

  • Dinner. Cottage cheese with fat content 0% 200g. Honey 1 tsp
  • Afternoon snack. Dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes) 2 pcs.
  • Dinner. Water with honey 500ml/1 tsp.

Day six.

  • Breakfast. Vegetable broth (drink before lunch, divided into 4 servings) 0.5l.
  • Dinner. Cottage cheese with fat content 0% 100g. Lemon drink 300ml.
  • Dinner. Water 500ml. Grapefruit 1 – 2 slices.

Day seven.

  • Breakfast. Water 500ml. Hard cheese 30g.
  • Dinner. Portion of steamed fish 200g. Salad: cucumber with tomato and oil (olive) 250g.
  • Dinner. Apple 3 pieces. Dietary yoghurt 0.1 – 0.3% 100g.


  • lemon drink – squeeze the juice from one lemon (you get up to 40 ml of juice), add honey (1 teaspoon) and 1 glass of water, resulting in approximately 300 ml. drink;
  • low-fat fish: cod, haddock, pollock, silver hake, boiled in unsalted water or steamed;
  • vegetable soup, preparation: pour melted water into a two-liter container, bring to a boil, throw chopped carrots – 500g., Leek – 1kg., Add tomatoes – 500g.
  • vegetable broth – boil celery, carrots, cabbage, onions and other vegetables (except potatoes), use the resulting broth without vegetables.

Primary requirements

  1. Eliminate salt and sugar from your diet completely.
  2. Use melted water for drinking and cooking soups and decoctions (freeze mineral water in the freezer, then melt the ice).
  3. Every day after waking up, drink 2 glasses of melt water (you can add lemon juice).
  4. The last meal before 18 hours.
  5. Stick to the diet for at least 7 days.

Features of the grassroots diet

The effect of the diet is due to a decrease in the energy value of food. With a normal diet, the daily calorie intake for women is 1200 kcal. If you follow a grassroots diet, this norm is more than halved (up to 500 kcal per day). Therefore, if you follow a diet, you will have to constantly fight hunger. In part, a large volume of liquid will help to cope with this, but if breakfast consists only of water, it is not clear where to draw energy from. Therefore, the diet is recommended to be observed on vacation and not combined with physical activity.

In the event that a grassroots diet is still chosen for weight loss, it is necessary to supplement the diet with a complex of vitamins and trace elements, and also refrain from physical activity. Before starting a diet, spend fasting days by including vegetables and fruits in the diet, which are rich in fiber. The products contained in the grassroots diet contain insufficient amounts of it.

Weight Loss Reviews with a Grassroots Diet

On the Internet, you can read the reviews of girls who have experienced a diet for weight loss and slim legs. Many of them note the effectiveness of the diet: a decrease in the volume of the hips by 3-4 cm and weight loss up to 7 kg in a week. But not everyone managed to keep these results for a long time. Moreover, there are cases when, after stopping the diet, the weight became more than before it. The girls also faced the following dietary deficiencies:

  • the inconvenience associated with the intake of melt water, which can not be purchased in every supermarket, you had to take water from home;
  • it is difficult to drink half a liter of water after waking up, and on some days you need to add another liter to this volume and exclude breakfast;
  • freshness and tastelessness of dishes and decoctions without salt;
  • hunger, bad mood and depression.

The grassroots diet for weight loss and slim legs is one of the new ones, so its effectiveness has not been proven. This diet is attributed to many Western celebrities, including Christina Aguilera, Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna herself, who at 56 years old has ideal forms. Although, as far as Madonna is concerned, the slenderness of the star is not at all associated with a miraculous diet, but with the effect of long and constant physical training.

Disadvantages of diet for slim legs

This diet is categorically not suitable for people with chronic diseases. Moreover, even a person with excellent health should think about the possible consequences of using this diet. Therefore, you should not make a decision about dieting on your own, you should consult a doctor. You can hear and read different opinions of nutritionists about the grassroots diet, but most of them agree on the following points:

  • this diet cannot affect the weight loss of a specific zone (as the authors of the diet promise, these are hips, buttocks and legs);
  • rapid weight loss occurs due to a decrease in fluid in the body, you cannot get rid of adipose tissue so quickly;
  • after returning to good nutrition, the lost kilograms will return;
  • the effect of the diet largely depends on the exclusion of salt from the diet, if you refuse salt-free nutrition, 70% of the lost kilograms will return in a week;
  • leads to a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the full functioning of the body;
  • in some cases, the diet can lead to a malfunction of the endocrine system and hormonal disorders.

Thus, nutritionists do not recommend sticking to a grassroots diet; moreover, they consider it dangerous for health. Any low-calorie diet (such as “grassroots”) lead, in the end …

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