Gray manicure: boring design

A gray manicure is a classic way to create an elegant and versatile nail design that will convince everyone of the impeccable taste of the owner. Wherever you go – to a serious meeting or a cultural event – nail art in fashionable gray will be the best final detail of your image. Read in our article how different gray manicure 2019-2019 can be and sort out the best ideas for yourself!


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shades of gray

If you think that gray is a story about monotony, we seriously intend to convince you. The family of this color has a variety of tones. There are not 50 shades of gray known at all, but about 500!

Several trendy shades of gray

Here are the most fashionable shades of this season:

  • silver;
  • wet asphalt;
  • slate;
  • ashen;
  • pigeon;
  • stone;
  • monsoon.

Gray manicure is not boring!

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Feel free to add your favorite shade of gray to this list, because this classic color will always be timeless, and a manicure with it will be appropriate and elegant.

We combine and win

Gray color is beautiful because it successfully adapts to a variety of shades and creates incredible combinations. Of course, this color is beautiful in manicure and in splendid isolation, but if you suddenly want variety, you can always supplement it with an auxiliary palette. We have selected the most trendy tandems for your inspiration.

  • Gray-pink manicure is a great way to emphasize your femininity and romance. Such a union of colors has become popular for many seasons in a row and is definitely not going to slow down. Powdery, pale pink and even fuchsia are in perfect harmony with soft gray. Use these combinations to create trendy gradients, drawings, or simply alternate nails with a solid color finish.

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  • No less successful would be a combination of gray with shades from the red palette. By the way, salmon, coral, burgundy and lingonberry are the real hits of this season.

  • A team of gray and white can’t look bad in a manicure, because these are universal colors for creating a win-win stylish nail art. The white and gray design can welcome other colors due to its monochrome.

Festive nail design in gray and white palette

  • Warm muted tones of cheerful yellow together with gray look interesting and original. You can connect various shades of sunny color to such a manicure: from canary to lemon.

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The resulting design will be an excellent antidepressant with the advent of cold weather!


  • Gray-blue manicure can be done using turquoise, mint or aquamarine.

  • You can also create fun combinations of gray with different shades of green. For example, light green, pistachio and emerald colors are perfect for this role.

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Ideas for a gray manicure

Luxurious matte

Elegant and self-sufficient women with impeccable taste today choose a matte manicure. Perhaps this is the best combination of conciseness and luxury in nail art.

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There is a simple rule that will help you understand if such a manicure suits you. A dull gray base will not look good on short lengths, but is great on medium or long nails.


Luxurious matte manicure in a gray palette

Today, the combination of a matte and glossy top in one manicure is in fashion. You can deign each nail for a new texture or create glossy patterns on a matte finish.

There is another way to achieve an interesting play of textures in nail art: combine a matte top with pearl powder or acrylic powder.

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Note! For a velvet gray manicure to look perfect on your nails, they must be healthy and well-groomed. Roughness, unevenness and uncircumcised cuticles are simply unacceptable.


humble lunar

Just imagine, the history of the moon manicure goes back almost a hundred years. Moreover, this beautiful design not only does not lose its relevance, but also multiplies it.

Take various shades of gray as a basis for such a manicure in tandem with other colors, feel free to combine it with sparkles, powder or rhinestones and get the most incomparable result..

Graceful jacket

When it comes to French, everyone imagines a classic beige and white manicure. However, gray opens it from a completely different side.

The gray base friendly accepts the most different colors of a smile characteristic of a French manicure. Take note of this opportunity to experiment with nail art.

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Brilliant accents

If you are not attracted by the monotony of gray, dilute it with enchanting sparkles and it will immediately sparkle with new colors.

Here are some relevant ideas for such a design:

  • from rhinestones of different sizes, you can lay out beautiful patterns and drawings;
  • shiny stones will elegantly accentuate a French smile or a hole in a moon manicure;
  • a real sensation will be made by a complete inlay of the nail with sparkles or rhinestones (1 or 2 such accents on one hand will be enough);
  • the gradient from light gray to dark looks royally with the use of small sparkles;
  • using foil, it will not be difficult to lay out fashionable geometric motifs.

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noble silver

We don’t know how he succeeds, but the metallic manicure has been confidently among the main favorites of fashionistas for several seasons in a row. If you plan to keep up with fashion trends, opt for silver nail polish or a mirror finish in a similar shade. Silver rubbing or nail foil is also suitable.


If you are looking for an interesting design, take a look at the different patterns on the nails. These can be fashionable interpretations in the style of minimalism or real masterpieces with detailed drawing of details.

Here are some ideas for your inspiration.

  • A manicure in gray tones with a graphic design will look concise and stylish.
  • Elegant lace and monograms will create the most feminine and romantic pattern.
  • Floristry in natural colors will be the basis of a creative manicure.
  • Gray combined with white is perfect in trendy marble design.

Beautiful floral design

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cat eye

One of the most relevant shades of gray in 2019 is the mysterious wet asphalt. It is he who is best suited for creating a luxurious design using the “cat’s eye” technique.

Arm yourself with a magnetic gel polish of the desired color and create truly chic nail art.

Features of manicure for short nails

Manicure in gray tones for short…

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