Gray manicure with design 2022

Many fashionistas treat the gray tint with disdain. He seems to them boring, ordinary, inelegant, too simple. However, after studying the latest 2022 fashion trends in the nail segment, it becomes clear that gray manicure is no longer worth neglecting. This color has proven its versatility. It goes well with other colors popular this season and modern techniques. We invite you to get to know him better.



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What shades go best with gray?

Gray is good not only for a calm business or everyday manicure. In 2022, he could even be seen on the podium. Nails in gray tones were found on models demonstrating the collections of Roland Mouret, Mary Katranzou, Emilio de la Morena, Prabal Gurung, Bibhu Mohapatra, Each & Other. Thought this was it? Not! A translucent gray finish on long nails was seen at the Vivienne Westwood fashion show. At the Sadie Williams show, this shade was completely with sparkles, while at Preen it was combined with the negative space technique. Is this not a confession?



If even the leading trendsetters include gray nail art in the created images, then why not do this for us, ordinary fashionistas. In addition, this shade goes well with other popular colors. We list the most successful nail duets.

  • With blue. For winter, shades should be chosen cold, so that they harmoniously fit into the environment around. To emphasize gray, make it more expressive against the blue, resort to marble design. Or add silver gray glitter to your nail art.


  • with yellow. Incredibly beautiful and stylish tandem, which can be used in both cold and warm seasons. Yellow color seems to add a restrained gray positive. Such a manicure is quite suitable for every day. And you can transform it with geometric patterns.


  • with green. Very beautiful, calm, sustained in the best traditions of color combination. Moreover, it is suitable even for solemn images, for example, on New Year’s Eve. Complete the design with glitter, silver stripes or silver gray foil.


  • With orange. Do you want to see bright nails on your hands? Then turn to the gray-orange duet. Moreover, it turns out to be very successful. Like yellow, orange color works real miracles with gray, transforming it, making it more interesting, bolder, more positive.


  • With pink. Make a gray matte manicure in tandem with pale pink, you will not regret it. The design will turn out gentle, feminine, beautiful. Young women of fashion should especially appreciate it. With such nail art, you can go to meetings with girlfriends, and on a date.


  • With black. Strict, elegant, stylish nail art. The black and gray combination is especially suitable for business bows. Add graphic to the manicure with thin lines or geometric shapes. Or combine matte and glossy textures in one design, as in the photo.


The gray shade pleasantly surprises with its versatility. In addition to the listed colors, it can be combined with white, light green, red, lavender, turquoise.


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Gray manicure: trendy design ideas and novelties for the 2022 season

As we said a little earlier, gray nail art can be done using a variety of techniques. Let’s share interesting, modern ideas.

With glitter

Gray gel polish can shine too, just add some mesmerizing glitter to it. To do this, use micro-glitters, which after application should be fixed with a transparent glossy top, playful kamifubiki, or pixie crystals. The latter will make the design more expressive and expensive. Rhinestones will also look appropriate on gray nails. Choose the color of sequins silver, this is a classic.



With drops of water

Sometimes our autumn looks lack a little creativity. And if it is not always possible to bring it into the bow, then it is quite possible to bring it into the design of nails. For autumn 2022, we suggest doing a gray manicure with imitation of raindrops. This is a very simple and charming design. He winds up a melancholic mood, looks interesting. It is better to apply droplets on square nails or oval transparent top.




Nail art masters offer to do French manicure using gray gel polish in several different ways. The easiest of them is to cover the main area of ​​the nail plate with light gray, and the smile line, for example, with black. Or, according to the classics, the plate can be left nude, and the free edge can be made dark gray. Or swap contrasting shades.




If you want to turn to trends, then focus on the trendy nail trend today – minimalism. Here you will not find anything superfluous. Instead of large drawings and stickers – neat miniatures in the corner of the marigold. Instead of ubiquitous glitter – laconic silver stripes. Instead of abstract patterns – strict elegant geometry. Such a manicure will always look expensive.



With gold

Nail art with a gold design is the most spectacular novelty of 2022. And we are not talking about banal gold sparkles. Potal has become a hit of the current season. It lies on the nail platinum like foil, allowing you to create a lot of interesting manicure variations. Or use wide, smooth gold stickers on a monochrome gray background. The result is a luxurious nail art that meets the latest fashion trends.



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A plain gray coating will look very expensive and beautiful on long and short nails.


Gray manicure can be safely called one of the fashion trends of 2022. Take a look at the photo and see how original it looks in a modern design.

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