Gray-pink manicure: novelties

The gray-pink combination of colors in the manicure design looks very gentle and harmonious, which is proved by various photos with examples of such nail design. Therefore, today, gray-pink manicure has become one of the most popular among modern girls, which has led to the emergence of many new designs. We have presented the most interesting of them in our article.


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Features of gray-pink manicure

Gray-pink nail art is not only a fashionable manicure design option this season, but also quite versatile, as it can be worn on nails of any length, including short ones, and can also be combined with different styles of clothing.

Another equally significant advantage of a gray-pink ensemble in nail design is the ability to combine it with other more contrasting palettes, examples of which are given below.

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  • With white. In this case, white will become a bright and refreshing highlight of the whole manicure. It can be used as a background or as a contrasting color to highlight the borders of the picture.

  • With black. This is a universal color that fits perfectly into absolutely any manicure. It can be used to highlight both individual design elements and completely create a drawing.

  • With silver. Rubbing imitating a metallic coating, foil, sequins, glitter and other decorative elements made in silver color will fit perfectly into a gray-pink manicure and make it more elegant.

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Important! Despite the fact that the gold color is especially relevant now, it is better not to use it in a gray-pink nail design.


  • With other shades of pink. If you have chosen light pastel shades of pink and gray, you certainly cannot do without bright and contrasting “spots” in the form of fuchsia, lilac and crimson. Thanks to the transitions between shades within the same color, the manicure as a whole is not only brighter, but also voluminous.

  • With mint. One of the basic combinations, which will be just the perfect option for creating a spring nail design. Mint can be present mainly in the form of a separate element of a pattern or decor, for example, a rhinestone or sparkles.

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Original ideas for gray-pink nail art

Leading nail artists on social networks presented a wide variety of examples of manicure design in gray-pink colors, among which there are both familiar designs and absolute novelties. From the entire proposed range, we have identified the most unusual ideas, which are given below.

  • “Glamorous peas”. A truly girlish design, the meaning of which is that gray dots are placed on top of the pink base using dots. Basically, one or two fingers are singled out in this way, and the rest are decorated with a plain coating. As for the points themselves, in this case everything depends solely on the imagination.

They can be arranged randomly or in the form of stripes, ornaments and even patterns. Rhinestones will help to add notes of missing glamor, which can be located directly on the points themselves or decorate other nails.

  • “Sakura blossom”. A beautiful and gentle manicure, based on drawings in the form of cherry blossom branches, made on a gray substrate. You can select them for several fingers or the entire hand.

  • Delicate nude. Light daily manicure that will appeal to women of all ages. The gray-pink gamma in this case is directly a decor, which is used to highlight several fingers. The rest of the nails are decorated with a light translucent coating. A few light pink flower buds located on top of the nude base will give a special charm to this design.

  • Matte. Sophisticated and elegant design, based on a solid gray-pink coating with a matte top finish. The velvety texture, as well as a small scattering of rhinestones at the base of the nail plate, make such a manicure truly luxurious and do not require any additional decor.

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  • Monochrome. One of the simplest, but no less interesting manicure design options. Its highlight is the decoration of nails with a monophonic design, made in different shades of gray and pink. The main thing is not to forget to highlight one finger with a dense silver glitter coating or kamifubuki in order to make the manicure as a whole brighter.

  • With phrases. Words, slogans, brand names and even whole sentences will be a stylish addition to the gray-pink nail art. They can be hand-drawn, sticker-like, or stamped over a neutral substrate such as white.

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  • actual geometry. Various stripes, rhombuses, triangles and squares will fit perfectly into a gray-pink manicure. They can be, both in the form of ordinary drawings or stickers, and calculations of rhinestones or broths.

Another equally interesting idea is to highlight the elements of a geometric ornament with flock powder or sand, which makes such a design more textured.

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  • Animal coloring. Animal print is the trend of the upcoming 2019, which is often used in the nail industry. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to decorate it in the usual beige and brown tones. Spots and stripes can be painted in both slate black and acid fuchsia. In this case, it all depends solely on your taste preferences.

  • Marble. Another versatile design that looks perfect on both long and short nails. It is based on the creation of a pattern in the form of gray stains on a white base, imitating the surface of a stone. Only a few fingers are distinguished with such a decor, and the rest are decorated with a plain pink coating.

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  • Painting. Art painting in the form of flowers, monograms, twigs, etc. in gray-pink tones it looks very catchy and spectacular. Therefore, such a manicure is simply a win-win option, both for everyday life and for visiting various festive events.

Painting in the New Year’s style

  • Knitted. Drawings in light pink tones imitating a knitting pattern over a gray base are an original idea for decorating a real winter manicure.

Patterns can be both the simplest and in the form of Norwegian knitting with snowflakes, deer and houses.

  • Velvet Gradient. A smooth transition from light gray to a light shade of pink made with flocking powder creates a very textured and spectacular design. It can be issued one or several at once …

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