Green manicure – 2019: photo

A rare nail design can cheer you up just like a green manicure. This refreshing shade goes great with various techniques and fashion trends in the world of nail art. If you are ready for stylish experiments in manicure with a green palette at the base, read our article soon!


3 arguments for green nail art

  • This is an unconventional design that looks fresh and interesting. It is perfect for creating a highlight in a daily look and is no less effective in a bow for a party.
  • This is a real beauty antidepressant! You have probably heard that the green palette has a positive effect on the nervous system. So, this property is relevant even in manicure. When you need to calm down, just look at the beautiful nail art.
  • This is the absolute must-have for 2019. This information will definitely appeal to those who like to be on the wave of fashion trends.

Beautiful and luxurious manicure in shades of green

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What’s new?

In such a manicure, several new trends have appeared, which will be interesting to learn about our fashionable readers.

  • The Vivetta show presented a novelty manicure that looks modest and stylish at the same time. It was a nude cover with a light green heart. Many fashionistas immediately took note of this idea and it gained immense popularity.

  • The Roksanda collection presented nail art of a bewitching shade of freshly cut grass with a black line along the edges of the marigolds.
  • At the Creatures of Comfort show, there was also a place for stylish green nail art. These were dark green leaves – plant motifs are still in trend!

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You can repeat the looks from the top shows, or you can come up with your own ideas!


How to combine shades correctly

The combination of green with other colors will allow you to create a stylish and beautiful manicure. Choose your favorite tandem of shades and do not put off creating a harmonious nail art for later! The most winning options will come from:

  • white;
  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • blue
  • gold or silver;
  • red;
  • beige;
  • blue
  • black.

Idea #1

If a strict dress code does not allow fantasy to roam when creating a manicure, a classic jacket always comes to the rescue – this is a universal option for nails of various lengths. The colorful French design was ahead of his classic solution and was one step ahead. The characteristic smile can be elegantly thin or provocatively wide as in the photo.

Idea #2

Lunar manicure will definitely not look boring if you add exquisite gold accents to it. This would be a great idea for everyday or holiday nail art.

Fashion trends offer a little fantasy over the classic version of the moon design. How about a clear or triangular hole? Now such ideas are at the peak of popularity!

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Note! Green varnish is very insidious in relation to groomed nails. It always creates an emphasis on bumps and chips. Therefore, the main condition for an impeccable result is the ideal condition of the nails.


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Idea #3

What luxurious manicure is complete without rhinestones? Such decor will always be in place when it comes to design for a special occasion. Luxurious stones can complement the pattern on the nails, or can act as an independent composition.

Designs with rhinestones and sparkles look especially impressive at the same time. For the role of the base coat, you can choose a noble emerald, mint or spring light green shade.

If you think that glitter has no place in everyday design, take a look at this work. The matte finish with small rhinestones and a minimalist pattern looks very restrained.

You can also replace the stones with their imitation with a metallic lacquer – it will turn out elegant and not flashy. After all, you don’t need a vulgar design for every day at all, right?

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Interesting! Green manicure on short nails is best done using dark shades – this will give a neat result, with which the nails will be visually longer and more elegant.


Idea #4

The “broken glass” design does not want to leave the fashion pedestal of nail art for several seasons in a row and, it seems, plans to remain relevant for a long time to come.

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Idea #5

Choosing a marble manicure will mean that you know a lot about the main trends and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. This effect can be used as a base coat for all nails or as an accent on several fingers. There are many options for how to be in fashion!

Nail art in emerald shades creates an imitation of malachite and looks amazing.

The beauty of the mesmerizing marble design is that it is very easy to combine with different decor. For example, your favorite rhinestones and glitter will be a 100% hit!

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Idea #6

Do you love a refreshing kiwi smoothie? And what if you transfer this drink to a manicure? You can get such an interesting texture using a special varnish or by applying a green base and sparkles in a chaotic manner.

Idea #7

In this manicure, 2 current trends are mixed at once – a mysterious ombre effect for a couple with a romantic painting. A delicate pastel palette makes the design incredibly feminine and will be a great accent in the image of a modern lady.

A fashionable stretch of color can be reproduced in a variety of ways – and graphic shapes with a gradient are one of the most trendy. This nail art looks so beautiful that you want to do it right now, right?!

Idea #8

Floral motifs look very harmonious with the natural palette. If light green is usually an exclusively summer color, then olive and emerald tones will be appropriate even in a winter floral design. Trends welcome flowers to bloom on nails regardless of the season!

Bright green polish in combination with white or beige can easily turn into a kiwi pattern on the nails. Making such a design is not at all as difficult as it might seem at first glance. It is only necessary to apply a light spot with divergent stripes on the prepared light green base. Black dots made with dots will help everyone understand what is drawn on your nails.

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Interesting! In addition to kiwi, citrus fruits, strawberries, apple or watermelon will look great on such a background. More fun and cheerful manicure just can not be imagined!


Idea #9

The cat’s eye technique looks great in splendid isolation, but in combination with additional decor, it can create the most spectacular designs.

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Idea #10

Any shades of the green palette are easy to combine with gold …

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