Green tea diet

A diet based on the use of green tea is currently very popular. This is due to the fact that green tea acts harmlessly and gently. At the same time, it helps to improve the general condition of the body, increases immunity and endurance, helps to cope with obesity, promotes weight loss.

It is no coincidence that in China, back in the Tang era, which lasted from 618 to 907, such properties of green tea were discovered as beneficial to human health, cleansing the body, helping with headaches and fatigue, splitting fat, prolonging life and human self-knowledge. .

The tea diet is a mild and gentle diet that is easy to use. A similar diet can be followed once every six months and followed for three weeks. The essence of the diet is that during the day it is desirable to drink up to four cups of freshly brewed leaf green tea of ​​the highest grade. Properly prepared green tea contains more useful and soluble substances than black tea. In addition, an interesting feature of this tea is the ability to release only substances that are useful to humans into the solution, and leave harmful substances undissolved.

The beneficial qualities of green tea are associated with the richness of the chemical composition, which contains about 300 chemical compounds – proteins and amino acids, micro and macro elements, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, organic acids, which have a tonic effect and cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.

The tonic property of tea is associated with tea caffeine, which is called theine. It does not accumulate in the human body, which prevents the possibility of caffeine poisoning, even if tea is consumed in large quantities. Green tea helps lower blood cholesterol levels, stimulates metabolism and slows down the aging process about 18 times more effective than vitamin E.

A green tea diet does not require starvation and severe restriction in the choice of food. If you follow the tea diet, you should eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible, it is desirable that their daily intake is 0.5 kg. It is recommended to use foods such as boiled fish, lean meat, dairy products, eggs and cereals, preferably buckwheat and rice. Sweets and cookies should be replaced with dried fruits and fresh honey. Fatty and starchy foods should be excluded from the diet.

However, one should not get carried away with green tea, since, having a diuretic effect, when consumed in excess, it helps to remove trace elements from the body. To diversify the drinking regime, you can use ordinary boiled water and herbal teas.

The green tea diet is quite effective. Weight loss in two weeks can be up to 5 kilograms, of which the bulk is excess fluid accumulated in the body. In the future, weight decreases faster, as the body rebuilds and gets used to proper nutrition. It is good to combine a diet with a set of physical exercises, which are selected for each person individually and are aimed at training problem areas.

When choosing a diet, you need to consult your doctor, as contraindications are possible. Strongly brewed green tea should not be consumed by people with diseases of the duodenum, stomach ulcers, and gastritis with high acidity. In these cases, heartburn may appear, and the pain in the stomach will only intensify. Also, such a diet is not recommended for acute hypertension, kidney disease, pregnancy, insomnia and hypersensitivity to caffeine.

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