Gucci Fall-Winter 2018-2019 Collection

The new Gucci fall-winter 2018-2019 collection presented many bright and unusual looks that were remembered by everyone present at the show. And, if you did not manage to visit there, then do not rush to be upset. Today we will consider together all the bows that were presented on the fashion catwalks, as well as the main trends proposed by the famous couturier.


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A bit of brand history

Gucci is perhaps the most famous brand that absolutely everyone has heard of, even people far from the world of fashion and beauty. After all, it was he who offered us everyone’s favorite suede moccasins, as well as leather bags with bamboo handles.

The creator was the Frenchman Guccio Gucci, who in 1905 began working on the first collection.

For this fashion house, different designers created their creations, including Tom Ford, Giannini. Alessandro Michele worked on the modern collection. It was he who presented in Milan two collections that became a real sensation:


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Preliminary: fashion trends

Each collection from this fashion house is always something incredible, colorful and, no doubt, memorable. And the pre-collection is no exception.

Gucci advertising campaign autumn-winter 2018-2019

And in order to fully show the character of each bow, the designer chose unusual, unique places for photography. So, for example, lecture halls helped to emphasize the conciseness, simplicity of youth bows, and ancient architecture is designed to enhance the elegance of stylish retro images.

After analyzing this show, the following trends can be identified:

  • Youth mix.
  • Elegance with a touch of retro style.
  • Simplicity with a little boho trim.
  • A little bit of sporty chic.

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Classic looks from Gucci

Of course, the Gucci collection is far from modern classics, but despite this, you can still find elements in it that are quite applicable in everyday life.

So, for modern women of fashion, the Gucci fashion house offers:

  • Dresses in the style of minimalism.
  • Trouser suits.
  • Classic coats and raincoats.

In the photo below you can see several images that will be quite appropriate in everyday life.

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Note! The designer remains true to himself and offers classic looks to complement with unusual accessories or shoes.


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Boho theme

If you are not indifferent to bright colors and colorful prints, then we strongly recommend that you pay attention to images in the boho theme.

Fashionable plaid and colorful prints look very unusual on simple fabrics, creating a very stylish look. And if you add a poncho in the style of a grandmother’s blanket, as well as accessories, you get an incredibly cool look.

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Note! In this case, the designer advises not to be afraid of bright combinations and combine things from different stylistic directions in one image. How to do this, look at the photo.


Tenderness and grace of a woman’s dress

In the Gucci autumn-winter collection, a lot of space was devoted specifically to women’s dresses. The main trend in them is tenderness, romance, elegance and grace.

In order to create a truly fashionable image, the designer suggests adopting the following tips:

  • Golfs or socks along with beautiful open sandals.
  • Hand made bras over a thin and slightly sheer dress.

  • The use of luxurious and noble velvet with translucent fabrics.
  • An abundance of ruffles and frills.

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sport chic

Perhaps this is the favorite theme of many, and therefore the Gucci fashion house could not ignore it. In 2018-2019, fashion connoisseurs were offered a choice between colorful suits, as well as comfortable dresses, skirts with massive sneakers or sports trowels.

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Youth style

This trend also did not go unnoticed by the world designer. It is presented in abundance. The main trend is layering. This image combines the incongruous: worn jeans, richly colored sweatshirts, colorful leggings, short shorts, elastic hats, over the knee boots and baseball caps.

Agree, a bit outrageous. But this is the whole style of Gucci – great and powerful.

Gucci main collection

This show received the unusual name “The Dream of Reason”, and therefore it is not at all surprising that the podium was very original. Just look at the photo, it seems as if you were in some kind of operating room.

Unusual catwalk created specifically for the Gucci show

The main trends of this show are:

  • A large number of “grandmother’s” scarves.
  • Artificial fur.
  • Use of retro prints.
  • Balaclavas.

Artificial fur

Not so long ago, a real revolution took place in the fashion world – the rejection of natural fur. Gucci supported this idea and already in the main show in Milan, several images with faux fur were presented. And it looks very nice and interesting.


This season, the designer decided to return to the “grandmother’s” way of tying a scarf. In his collection, he used a variety of models of this accessory:

  • Silk.
  • With interesting prints.
  • With a fringe.


The designer used retro prints that look very cool in both men’s and women’s looks.

In total there were three main drawings:

  • Eternal classic – cage.
  • Geometry.
  • Floral pattern.

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Note! Interestingly, such prints look in tandem with knitted sweaters.


Knitted balaclavas

The most interesting accessory that was present in almost every look was knitted balaclavas. Pompoms were used as decor, as well as the likeness of Turkish turbans.

Layering in clothing

This trend came into fashion last season and still does not let go of its positions. The designer proposes to create layering in clothes by wearing other clothes over trousers.

Of course, in everyday life you don’t look like that, but you can create a less outrageous multi-layered image.

In general, the Gucci Fall-Winter 2018-2019 collection was very diverse, with many small details that help to radically change the image.


We hope you could find something for yourself to create a unique look this winter. And we wish you to stay stylish and beautiful in any weather!

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