Hair above the upper lip: how to lighten, bleach, remove

At all times, people dreamed of being attractive, striving for the perfection of the body, looking for ways to make the skin flawlessly smooth. Even in ancient Greece and Egypt, men and women first began to remove excess hairs from those parts of the body that, according to their concepts, should be perfectly smooth. For several centuries, wax masks and tweezers have been allies in the ongoing struggle for beauty. The fact is that it is almost impossible to artificially achieve complete hair removal, since this is due to the work of the whole organism. Therefore, until the middle of the last century, the struggle for beauty was a daily one.

Lightening and bleaching hair

In women, one of the problem areas on the face is the antennae above the upper lip. There are various ways to deal with excess hairs. But we will only talk about some of the available options. Let’s start with the simplest.

What can be done to make hair less conspicuous? The most budget option is to lighten the hairs with hydrogen peroxide. Before lightening your hair, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to the drug, otherwise you can get an undesirable result.

In the pharmacy, peroxide costs little money, and the contents of the bottle are enough for more than once.

  1. Conduct a test for the sensitivity of your body to the drug. Apply a little substance to your wrist and watch, if there is no reaction, feel free to move on.
  2. Take a cotton pad, moisten it with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.
  3. For 5 minutes daily, gently wipe the area above the lip, do not rub into the skin, but touch only the hairs.

After the first time, you will not see the effect. It will take several days before the hairs become lighter, less visible, and their number will be reduced due to the fact that the hair that is constantly exposed to chemical effects will break down and thin accordingly.

If you have sensitive skin, you can use a more gentle method to bleach the hairs. Mix shaving foam and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, apply with a spatula to the area above the lip for ten to fifteen minutes. Next, thoroughly rinse the treated area with water, blot with a tissue and apply a baby cream, as it does not contain aggressive chemical additives. You cannot do this every day. It is advisable to make such bowls once a week for a lasting result.

Chemical depilation

If you don’t trust drugstore products, you can try creams, mousses, or lotions. Enzymes contained in depilators dissolve the hair shaft, but do not affect its root. The effect of the use of chemicals is temporary, although it allows you to have smooth skin for a certain period. Benefits of chemicals:

  • the effect is achieved within 10 minutes;
  • painless way;
  • more lasting effect than shaving.

To protect yourself from ingrown hairs after depilation, you must use belongings.


Shaving is the most common way to get rid of excess hair. But, despite the floating blades and the safety of shaving, the machine is quite hard on the skin. Shaving unwanted hairs the first time, you will have to do this all the time. In addition, on the shaved area, the hairs grow faster and harder. If you need to urgently put yourself in order, the machine will help you out, but the effect of its impact, at best, is one day.

Despite the ease of application, there is always the possibility of cuts and micro-scratches, which can lead to irritation and infection. If you have chosen this method of hair removal, you should know:

  • machine – a subject of personal hygiene;
  • to remove facial hair, you must use a separate machine.

Modern methods of hair removal

Technology does not stand still, and scientists have been able to invent devices that allow for effective cosmetic procedures, including hair removal. Today, such technologies are in demand more than ever.

In modern cosmetology, the following effective methods of hair removal can be called:

  • electrolysis
  • laser hair removal
  • photoepilation

Each of the methods is good in its own way, let’s get acquainted with them in more detail.


For the first time, electrolysis was carried out in 1875, but only a hundred years later they began to teach this process in medical institutions. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the destruction of the hair follicle occurs with the help of an electric discharge directed at it. An electric charge passes through the thinnest needle, which is inserted into the skin hole for a certain time, depending on the type of electrolysis. There is a complete necrosis of the root, and the hair stops growing.

There are several types of electrolysis. When doing the procedure in beauty salons, it is necessary to clarify by what method the procedure is performed. Allocate:

  • electroplating;
  • thermolysis;
  • flash thermolysis;
  • blend.

The essence of the methods is the same, but the power of the current, the time of exposure, the principle of operation of the devices are different. Electrolysis will allow you to save yourself from unwanted facial hairs, but this will take a long time and an experienced master.

Laser epilation.

One of the radical methods of hair removal is laser hair removal. It is carried out using a special device – a laser, and the destruction of the hair follicle occurs with the help of laser radiation, more precisely, light with a certain wavelength, high energy density and a certain direction.

Despite its effectiveness, the procedure is also not a one-time. It all depends on your hair type, color and growth rate. In any case, you will need several months to permanently eradicate the hairs, since only those that are in active growth are processed at a time.

The procedure has its limitations. Laser hair removal is prohibited:

  1. With cancer and diabetes.
  2. With skin diseases, the presence of abrasions, cuts, scars.
  3. On tanned skin.
  4. If you have very light and gray hair.
  5. If there are many moles in the selected area.
  6. For colds.
  7. With allergies, pregnancy.
  8. Children under the age of 18 require written parental consent for the procedure.


Photoepilation is a way to completely remove hair using high-pulse light. The technique is based on the concept that the hair pigment – melanin, concentrated in the shaft and the hair follicle, has the ability to absorb light waves. When exposed to a heat wave, the blood in the capillaries that feed the bulb coagulates, the hair follicle does not receive a nutrient, and how …

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