Hair bronzing

At all times, despite any circumstances, a woman always wanted to look good, the beauty and health of hair is one of the components of total female beauty.

One of the new methods of creating female beauty, hair beauty, today is fashionable armoring. Bronding refers to the modern type of hair coloring in the modern world of beauty. The name of the fashionable method is a derivative of two English words, which in translation means “brown” and “light”, that is, it is hair coloring with a soft and harmonious combination of brown and light colors, and there is no pronounced color transition, the transition boundaries are smooth and practically inconspicuous. The word is “brond” in 2013. everyone is familiar with, but the more advanced on the head, or rather on the hair. This is a kind of synthesis of coloring and highlighting, as a result of which brown is mixed with medium blond strands with white. But it is worth noting that the white strands should differ from the main strands by a maximum of three tones. Due to this, the result of overflows is achieved on the main tone and in the overall hair color, which is your natural color.

Bronding does not start from the very roots, as is done with highlighting and coloring, but a few centimeters recede and coloring begins. The best and easiest armoring comes from the colors “dark blond” and “classic brown”, the natural color is used as a base. The shade “dark brown” and “brunette” is first dyed to the tone of medium brown and bronding is performed. Quite interesting effects are obtained when light brown and brown hair is armored, while if the native color is darker, they first mow in a color more suitable for “bronda”. The same thing happens with white – blond hair, only they are darkened and light strands are applied to a suitable shade. Blondes, after darkening the hair by several tones, even out the color using the glazing technique – only the ends of the hair are dyed. Many stylists offer to perform biolamination procedures after bronding the hair to consolidate the result in order to add a more unusual shade to the hair.

What is the advantage of booking?

One of the advantages of bronzing for women of middle age and older is that the “bronde” hides gray hair well. And one of the reasons for any hair coloring, in addition to changing the image, is the desire to hide gray hair. Dyeing according to this system does not require constant tinting of the roots, because the coloring did not originally come from the roots, and thus, growing back, the hair merges into the total mass, or rather, it is not as sharply conspicuous as with ordinary hair coloring. As you can see, when bronding, the color spectrum of shades increases, and this thereby increases the volume, makes them thicker and more magnificent. For women who do not have lush volumes, another way to achieve the desired result. Yes, and the appearance of a woman, due to the color scheme of the “brond”, makes a woman more attractive, due to the shades it refreshes the complexion.

Booking at home, is it possible?

The booking procedure itself is quite expensive. Every woman wants to look like a “star” from TV screens. Is it possible to achieve the desired result at home as in an expensive beauty salon? Of course, if you ask the master in the salon how it is possible, or whether it is even possible to do armoring at home, no one will answer you – yes, and partly it will be true. It is enough for a professional to look at your face and your image, and he will be able to optimally select the desired color shades. Can you do it yourself at home?

If you decide to try, then, first of all, you need to take the choice of paint seriously, the paint should not contain ammonia, before bronding it is worth putting your hair in order, trimming split ends, making your hair healthy and natural. The first home step of bronzing is to create a “base”, the base is an even base tone, your hair color is dark, it should be lightened a few tones, or vice versa if you are blond. Color solutions for booking are within the range of coffee, chocolate, brown, golden and light brown, with elements of blond. The “base” is done, you can proceed to the main booking procedure. Note, when choosing a color scheme, an additional shade, it should be remembered that it should differ by 2-3 tones from the main color – the “base” color.

It is necessary to choose not large strands, no matter how uniform they are, it is the asymmetry that will make the final result more natural, in order to add volume, you need to start not from the hair roots. During staining, strictly follow the instructions for this paint and do not hold the paint longer than necessary, otherwise you will get a more contrasting transition between the strands. There are no strict prohibitions and contraindications, there are no armoring at home, with the exception of an allergy to some components of the paint. However, you should not do a “bronde” if your hair is thin, dull, damaged by perm or previous dyeing.

If you have curly hair, do not try to do bronding, since the game will not be visible on curls. You should not use professional paints when you do the bronzing procedure at home, you can overdo it in time and there is a chance of getting scalp burns. Before the booking procedure, think about whether to do it or not, and you are still responsible for the result, and on your own head.

Gentle method, what?

If we compare all the dyeing methods that make a woman irresistible, such as highlighting and coloring, bronding is a more gentle method, due to the fact that natural hair color is used as a basis.

There has always been an age-old dispute between women, who is the best, or rather more beautiful, a blonde or a brunette, or a brown-haired woman? And now we can say the best – “brondinka”.

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