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Luxurious voluminous curls have always been a symbol of femininity and attracted the attention of men. What kind of tricks do not start women to achieve such a result. However, creating a “waterfall” of curls takes a lot of time. Today, the beauty industry offers the best solution to this problem – hair carving. Carving is a long-term styling, the creation of basal volume and curls – all in one procedure.

Perhaps many now remembered the notorious chemistry, so popular with Soviet women. In general, the process of carving is somewhat similar to the process of creating a perm. But the main difference between carving and perm is a careful attitude to hair, absolute safety of use. The composition used for carving, penetrating only the surface layers of the hair, allows you not to destroy their structure. This procedure transforms thin, naughty, volumeless hair.

How is the carving procedure

Carving is the treatment of hair with a special chemical composition. First, the hair is wound on curlers of different sizes, and then a special composition is applied. The use of curlers of different diameters allows you to get more natural, “live” curls.

After a certain time period, the hair is washed with water and dried. As a rule, the procedure takes 1-2 hours. This time depends on the length, thickness of the hair and the professionalism of the master.

If the ends of your hair are split, then in order to avoid a sloppy, disheveled look of the finished long-term styling, the master will offer you a little “refresh” your hair – cut the ends of your hair.

After carving, it is advised to use moisturizing and restorative hair products, as well as special products for curls. They will make your hair look healthy and strong, and your curls will not get tangled.

It is not recommended to dye hair after carving, but if there is an urgent need for it, then dyeing should be done no less than 72 hours after carving. In this case, you need to choose the most gentle coloring compositions.

After carving, physical impact is not recommended. Therefore, after washing your hair, do not rub your hair with a towel, but gently blot it. Do not try to comb wet hair, it is better to spread the hair with your hands, and after it dries, comb it with a wooden comb with sparse teeth. Remember that the first 2-3 days after the carving procedure, it is better not to style your hair with a hair dryer, and forget about curling irons and irons for the next 7 days.

Carving result

The result of carving depends on the type and structure of the hair. On strong, heavy hair, waves form as a result of carving, thinner and softer hair will turn into touching curls. In any case, the result of hair carving will be beautiful voluminous hair.

The effect of the procedure lasts from 1 to 4 months. Duration also depends on the structure of the hair and how they are cared for.

Over time, the hair gradually returns to its original appearance.

Carving is chosen by girls who follow fashion and take care of their hair. The composition used in carving dries the hair somewhat, so girls with an increased fat content of the head have the opportunity, in addition to beautiful hair, to get rid of the problem of oily hair.

On bleached or furnished hair, Carving will last longer – up to 6 months. Thin light hair after carving can turn into tight curls. However, gradually they will come to naught, turning into natural curls. On heavy thick hair, Carving appears in the form of light waves. Although there is a risk that the chemical composition for carving “will not take” such hair. Long heavy hair will develop under its own weight. The ideal length for carving is shoulder length or just below. Although kairving is suitable for hair of any length.


Since the chemical composition dries the hair a little, Carving is not recommended to be used immediately after perming, bleaching and hair modeling. Owners of too dry, falling hair with split ends should first be treated for hair.

For medical reasons, pregnant and lactating mothers are advised to refrain from carving. Despite the safe effect of the composition for carving, it still changes the surface structure of the hair. Therefore, carving should not be abused. It will be optimal to do carving once every 2-3 months.

Types of carving

Depending on the type of hair, their length, as well as the desire of the client, you can get completely different types of curls.

If you wind your hair with small curlers, you will get very curly curls. Large waves can be obtained by using larger diameter curlers.

The advantage of carving is the ability to independently model the styling after the next shampooing, let the hair dry naturally, and you will get very free, “natural” curls and volume. You can style them with a hair dryer or with helium to create the effect of wet hair. If suddenly you miss your straight hair, then you will help to stretch your hair with a hairdryer. Carving, at the same time, will give you a luxurious hair volume.

“Pros” carving

The main and undoubted “plus” of carving is its harmlessness compared to perm. Modern carving compositions have a high degree of protection against brittleness and dryness of hair, even if for some reason you “overexposed” the carving composition.

Carving comes off gradually. You will never have a moment when others notice that your long-term styling is suddenly gone. If we continue to compare carving with a perm, then due to the fact that during carving the hair gradually returns to its original state, so it does not have to be cut off the annoying curls.

Those who still found the era of women with “chemistry” on their heads remember that this hairstyle was more like the result of an electric shock than styling. Carving looks very natural, without any “fluffiness”.

Carving makes daily styling possible in literally five minutes. Most likely, you only need a film (it is better to choose for curly hair) and a hair dryer. Carving greatly reduces the time of morning preparations, so it is suitable for an active, modern woman who takes care of herself in any situation.

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