Hair cauterization

In the race for fashion trends, we increasingly forget about the health of the hair. Styling, coloring, lack of vitamins are not the best way to affect the appearance of our hairstyle. In this regard, now the question of restoration is becoming more and more popular, because every woman dreams of beautiful and well-groomed hair. And one of its more effective ways is cauterization. The word is scary, but the result speaks for itself. Let’s understand this mysterious procedure together.

What’s this?

Cauterization is a procedure for deep restoration and nourishment of your hair. Cauterization allows you to cure all layers of the hair. Split ends, dry, dull hair will be a thing of the past. Cauterization is called bioremediation for a reason, as all preparations used in the procedure are made from natural ingredients.

How is the procedure carried out?

First you need to determine the degree of damage to the hair. Depending on this, hot or cold cauterization is prescribed. I’ll talk about the differences below.

The first or preparatory step is deep cleansing of the hair. Shampoo made from natural ingredients washes not only the scalp, but also penetrates into the inner layer of each hair.

Once the cleansing is completed, you can proceed to the second main stage of cauterization. A regenerating serum consisting of warm bamboo oil is applied to the hair. The hair is dried with a hairdryer and, during hot cauterization, smoothed with a special iron. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate even deeper into the hair structure.

The final step is to protect the hair from further harmful effects. Hair is treated with a special aerosol that “seals” the hair scales. This gives the effect of laminated hair.

Cauterization at home

Now in stores you can buy any means that can replace the procedures provided by experienced craftsmen in salons. Cauterization is no exception. Products are expensive, but not scarce. But before you give preference to procedures at home, think about it. What can replace the state of bliss when you sit and relax, and the master fusses around, creating magic with your hair. Moreover, the cost of the procedure in the salon is not much different from buying products on your own.

If you chose the home option, you should follow the sequence:

  1. Rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo. Remember, the better the hair is cleaned, the deeper the nutrition will be.
  2. Dry your hair with a towel and apply a cautery serum. Important: you need to apply to the entire length, avoiding the roots.
  3. Without rinsing off the solution, dry your hair with a hair dryer. If you choose to use hot cauterization, flat iron your hair.
  4. Rinse your hair without shampoo and dry a little.
  5. Put on a mask. To improve the result, you can put on a shower cap and warm your hair with a hairdryer. The mask must be kept for ten to fifteen minutes, then washed off.
  6. Spray your hair. This will close the cuticles of the hair, remove the split ends.
  7. Your hair is wonderful! You can do the styling and go to please the world.


After cauterization, the hair is healthy, strong, shiny and very beautiful. But in order for the result to please you for a really long time, you need to complete a course of three or four procedures. And in order for your hair to please you and those around you, it is constantly necessary to do cauterization once a month.

The effect of the procedure will be minimal if you dye your hair before or after the procedure. Moreover, after the procedure, you can change your mind about changing your hair color.

To maintain the effect for a longer period, it is recommended to subsequently use a set of additional care products at home: shampoo, mask, lotion and a special aerosol.


It is difficult to talk about the disadvantages of the procedure, which makes us beautiful and healthy. However, there is one downside. As most often happens, minus cauterization in price. On average, you will have to pay about three thousand rubles for the procedure. Considering that only the course brings a significant result, the amount is impressive. A good result is always expensive, so it’s up to you to decide whether to spend money or not.

Lamination or cautery?

Both procedures give the hair a healthy shine and strength. So what are the differences?

Lamination is not a wellness procedure. It carries out protective actions, but if the hair is badly damaged, the effect will be minimal.

Cauterization provides both recovery and protection. In some salons, it is advised to carry out the cauterization procedure first, and fix the result with lamination.

Do I need?

Now salons offer a huge selection of restorative procedures. We have already figured out the features of cautery, its stages, price levels and effect. So how do you know that you need this particular procedure?

If you have split ends and don’t want to cut them, if your hair is dry and dull, cauterization is your salvation. But we must understand that this procedure will not give the hair volume. And if you can not live without hair coloring for more than two weeks, you better choose another procedure. You should also understand that when choosing cauterization, you will have to spend money on the course, otherwise you will waste time and money.

Choose what suits you best and be beautiful!

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